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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

What was Jason up to the night after Lindsay was murdered?



Everyone who saw Jason that day (February 2) said he showed no emotion, shed no tears, and did not breakdown whilst everyone one else was in a state of shock and confusion. While we all react to trauma in different ways grieving is a process that everyone needs to go through. But apparently not so much Jason. Jason showed up at Lindsay’s mom’s house the morning he left the police station, and some of Lindsay’s friends were already there when he arrived. After that his whereabouts that day are unclear except for confirmation that he visited his friend Christopher Schwartz at 10:00 pm that evening. He arrived just 15-20 minutes after calling Chris’s house to ask if he could come over. If Jason made a point of visiting Chris surely he made contact with his drug dealer/beater/ murderer friend Zachary Scott Matheson too..

It would be interesting to know if the Saanich Police were hot on Jason’s trail that day and in the days following.

After all, he had to be the prime suspect at that time. Jason had a solid alibi for his whereabouts for the time of the murder but as for the planning or having knowledge of the crime itself he had to be a serious person of interest. If the police were tracking Jason’s every move you would think they would know where he went and who he visited that day. But if the Saanich Police were not tracking Jason, then they would have no way of knowing that Jason visited Ziggy Matheson and Chris Schwartz that day. It is feasible that the police were not aware of Jason’s connections to these two criminals at the time Lindsay was murdered. If they had tracked Jason the minute he left the station that day maybe they would have learned just who Jason Zailo really was.

I just can’t get past why Jason found it so important to visit Chris Schwartz at 10:00 pm that night and why he needed to talk to him for 20 minutes in private out on the deck. Supposedly Jason went up there wanting to know if the boys from Van (Hells Angels) murdered Lindsay and if they were coming for him next? Since the person inside the suite was not privy to the conversation that was taking place on the deck we may never know what the discussion was really about. Jason Zailo is a known liar and Chris Schwartz has a lengthy criminal record therefore neither of them can be believed.

Or, did Jason know in all likelihood that his movements were being watched in the days following the murder.  Could this visit to Chris Schwartz’s condo be deliberate to give the appearance that he didn’t know anything and was seeking answers.  Perhaps he wasn’t scared/rattled at all. And isn’t it strange that he went to Chris to ask questions rather than Ziggy.  It certainly would have established some distance between Jason and Ziggy.

It is a known fact that jason zailo and chris schwartz had been associates for a few years and that Jason had introduced Chris to Zachary Matheson. Shortly after the introduction, Chris started using Zachary (Ziggy) as his supplier for cocaine. When the two had a falling out Chris went back to getting his product from the HA on the mainland.

While Lindsay’s friends and family were broken down and grieving Jason was out there desperate to talk to his criminal associates. Have the Saanich Police questioned Chris Schwartz since learning that him and Jason met up that night, or have they ignored this friendship like they have ignored so many other things?

There is no photo anywhere to be found of Chris Schwartz so we do not know what he looks like. I would like to know where Chris Schwartz was the night Lindsay was murdered. Was Jason wondering where Chris was the night of the murder or did Jason “know” where Chris was that night? Interesting that Jason saw the need to visit two friends who had connections to the HA.

From the night Lindsay was murdered Jason has lied.

Not only has he lied, he has changed his story many times. Were the Saanich Police not suspicious of all the lies Jason told? Did they not investigate to determine whether Jason was lying or telling the truth? It is not standard protocol for a police department to clear someone in a murder investigation until arrests have been made but for some reason in 2009, just one year after the murder the Saanich Police abruptly cleared Jason Zailo and his entire family of having any involvement in Lindsay Buziak’s murder.

As was to be expected, clearing this entire family brought shock and disbelief to an entire community and left more questions than answers. How do you clear a suspect when their story is full of holes and lies? And how does someone who has lied pass a polygraph? All the circumstantial evidence in this case points directly at Jason Zailo, and while that may not be enough for an arrest it is definitely a reason to question why the Saanich Police are still saying he is innocent and making him out to be a victim.

Is it not considered an obstruction of justice when someone perjures themselves in a murder investigation?

What did the Saanich Police do when they found out that Jason had lied to them about why he was going to the DeSousa property that night?

What did the Saanich Police think when Jason told them that his relationship with Lindsay was great, when everyone else was saying it wasn’t? Why in god’s name are they protecting this guy and why would they publicly clear him? Why are they not charging him with obstruction of justice? Why are they not charging his mother with obstruction of justice? As far as I know it is considered a crime to lie to the police.

The reason this case has not been solved is because Jason Zailo and his mother played the Saanich Police from day one sent them on a wild goose chase to Calgary Alberta all for the purpose of taking the heat off themselves. I don’t doubt for a moment that the suspects the Saanich Police were chasing in Calgary are involved in Lindsay’s murder, but remember this is a 2-part story and the Zailo’s are the main characters in Part 1. The main conspirators were right under the nose of the Saanich Police yet here we are 13 years later and nothing is being done about it.

I have to wonder if there is a higher power who has been in control all this time. Allegedly, the Zailo’s played some kind of role in this murder, and whether they did it of their own volition or whether they were ordered to do what they did by a group of individuals who hold a lot of power in Victoria we do not know. The secrecy that lurks in every corner of this investigation is mind blowing. Either the Saanich Police are protecting someone very powerful in the community or they know exactly who the conspirators are but don’t yet have the evidence to arrest.

Is it possible we will see advancement in the case now that fresh eyes and the FBI have been brought in? Or was this recent announcement made by the Saanich Police on February 1, just another Public Relations strategy to appease the masses. As for myself, I am seeing this as a sincere gesture on the part of the Saanich Police Department and I hope that in the very near future they will make arrests and put an end to this madness once and for all.

WHY WAS JASON ZAILO, A mortgage broker and realtor at the time of lindsay’s murder involved with CHRISTOPHER SCHWARTZ?

Is it possible the Hells Angels are involved in this murder? It is not likely, as the HA don’t usually stab people to death. But then again you just never know.

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