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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Oct 7/2023 Netflix Movie Reptile depicts parallels to Lindsay Buziak’s 2008 murder.

we’ve been told that his new Netflix movie is strictly fiction but after watching the movie from start to finish 3 times I am cONVINCED THAT THIS STORYLINE IS BASED ON LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDER.

For those of us who have been close to Lindsay’s case right from the very start and know some of the most intricate details, it’s hard to imagine that all these parallels are simply coincidental. The plot elements of the script draw too many noticeable parallels, and it appears that the Reptile producers may have been doing a deep dive into Lindsay’s case behind the scenes for a very long time, and privy to a lot of personal information that many are not. It is most interesting to note that the entire victim’s family has been left out of the story line, and the emphasis has been placed on the husband Will, his mother, Summer’s ex-boyfriend Sam, and a corrupt police department. Then again, there is the off chance the movie is purely fictional.

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First let me say, I just spent 3 days in Victoria visiting good friends I hadn’t seen in several months,

all of these friends closely connected to Lindsay’s murder. Not only that, but 4 people whom I had been communicating with for months had agreed to meet me in person and share their stories. I had no idea if they would even show up, and if they did, I could have been meeting people straight off the kook farm. As fate would have it, every one of these individuals turned out to highly credible, well-respected members of the community, people who just wanted to tell me what they knew. I can only share a little of what I was told but be assured I came away from those coffee/lunches with good solid information that helped me put a few more pieces of the puzzle together.

I first met with two ladies who told me that they were 2 of 3 friends who had been shopping at Mayfair Mall late Sunday morning, the day after Lindsay’s murder.

As these ladies were walking through the mall, they spotted Jason Zailo in the distance. He was loaded down with shopping bags like he had just been on a shopping spree & looking happy like a guy who didn’t have a care in the world. When he spotted them, he put his head down and his entire demeanor changed. They left the mall in shock, trying to understand why a guy whose girlfriend was just murdered less than 24 hours earlier was not home grieving, rather than out on a shopping spree. The event had played on their mind for years.

I told the women that they were not crazy and what they had seen was likely very real. What these girls did not know, was that Jason’s mother had picked him up at the police station that morning, then drove over to Lindsay’s mother’s house where a small group of Lindsay’s friends had congregated. During that visit, Jason’s mother, knowing her son’s condo was not accessible for the next 48 hours told him to take her car and go buy himself some clothes. These girls felt such a sense of relief just knowing that what they had seen that day was real, though still wondering why he would need so much stuff if he was only locked out for such a short time.

I met with a gentleman who I found to be most credible, a man whose family is well respected in the community and, a family who has lived there for several years. He was a wealth of knowledge/information and for now I will take that no further. This guy has always taken a strong interest in Lindsay’s case and will continue to do so.

I met with another woman during this time who told me an unbelievable story,

but one that fit like the proverbial glove. It’s a long story and one that I am not prepared to share in detail at this time, but one that makes perfect sense. In my opinion, based on what I’ve learned over time, there was only one person that gave the police the description of the dress, and that was Jason Zailo. Remember what Sgt. Chris Horsley said on Dateline. “We had two witnesses, one of them who was able to describe the woman in the colorful dress. On Dateline, Jason told Josh that he saw two shadows through the frosted glass in the front door. Jason’s friend Cohen backed up Jason’s story and has never veered from it after all these years.

I am now convinced that Jason is the only person that ever gave the police a description of the woman at the Desousa home the night of the murder, “a woman in the colorful dress, and a man in a 2-tone brown jacket hanging just below the waistline.” What about the 2nd witness, a man, a credible neighbor who told the police, that as he was driving by the DeSousa home on his way home from work, he saw the man in a long coat, but that he didn’t get a good look at the woman. Why did the Saanich Police choose to believe Jason’s story so quickly and ignore the neighbors’s long coat story? So much easier to hide a knife under a long coat don’t you think?

On Dateline, Jason said, when he was talking to Lindsay at 5:30 that night, Lindsay said, “I’ve got to go, the Mexicans are here. Jason also told journalist Zander Sherman of the Capital Daily News that on the Saturday morning of the murder a woman with a strong accent had called their land line looking for Lindsay. Lindsay was not home at the time. Why then, in police reports do the Saanich Police refer to the couple that was seen at the house as Caucasian?


WHAT IF The description that Jason gave THE POLICE of both the man & woman WAS FABRICATED? (allegedly)

If not right in the beginning, perhaps months later in order to deflect the investigation and take it in another direction. What if it turns out that the woman in the composite drawing was someone known to Jason? What if he gave her name to the cops, telling them he believed she was the woman they were looking for and that she was Mexican? Is that why the cops were knocking on her door right after the composite drawing went public?

In Jason’s interview with Zander Sherman of the Capital Daily News, Zander asks Jason’s about the description of the couple he gave to the police, the interview where Jason tells Zander that he only saw the back of the man.  Jason described the jacket worn by the male as classy in style likely below the man’s waist and being brown in color but not one sold color of brown.  Zander asks, do you remember that description?  More than a decade later Jason says he no longer recalls the citing, pausing again for several moments before answering.

Simon Fraser criminologist Robert Gordon said, “if a police department is going to release a sketch of a suspect in a police investigation, it is usually done as quickly as possible.” “If they’ve been sitting on the sketch, there is some doubt that has to be cast over the value of the image. The belated release of the sketch suggests two possible situations. The police don’t have a suspect at all, or they have an inside track on who that was and didn’t want to spoil that.” Who knows, it’s very possible the Saanich Police had another reason for holding back the composite drawing.

On the Dateline NBC show which aired September 16/2010, Chris Horsley said, “we actually had one witness who was able to describe the dress the woman was wearing.


On Dateline, Jason said, when he was talking to Lindsay at 5:30 that night, Lindsay said, “I’ve got to go, the Mexicans are here. Jason also told journalist Zander Sherman of the Capital Daily News that on the Saturday morning of the murder a woman with a strong accent had called their land line looking for Lindsay. Lindsay was not home at the time. Why then, in police reports do the Saanich Police refer to the couple that was seen at the house as Caucasian?

Who killed Lindsay Buziak? Realtor’s murder believed to be targeted hit | Truecrimedaily.com


In the movie, the cops talk about the 70K commission that was never paid out directly to Summer. Turns out her commission went into an investment company White Fish (W6) which was situated somewhere in the Bahamas. The Cayman Islands maybe? If so, what exactly was this person doing down there> I wonder if the husband Will Grady had connections to anyone down there. At one time, the Cayman Islands was known to be the #1 capital in the world to launder money. While it no longer rates as #1, it is still up there in the top 5.

In the movie, locker room scene, Summer is telling her friend about the eerie dreams she has been having. The friend says, “maybe you are afraid of getting caught.” Later the cops talk about Summer having an affair with her ex-boyfriend Sam Gifford, and Will tells the cops he knew all about it. In Lindsay’s case it’s very possible that she was having an affair with Matt, and a good chance that Jason knew all about it. Matt & Lindsay were still in love, right to the very end, no doubt about it.

In the movie, Will Grady is shown stopping at a local business to sign papers, and as he pulls out of the business parking lot, he is heard saying to his passenger, “do you mind if we make a stop first.” Passenger responds in a whisper. “All good.”

In Lindsay’s case, Jason stopped by SHC Autographx, prior to heading to DeSousa Place, along with his friend Cohen in the passenger seat. Jason tells the police that him & Lindsay were working on a real estate deal together and he needed to get a contract signed by one of the owners, then take the contract to Lindsay to sign. That story turned out to be false, as there was nothing Lindsay needed to sign that night.

In the movie, it shows the victim Summer lying on the floor of the master bedroom, apparently stabbed 33 times. In Lindsay’s case, she too was found lying on the floor of the master bedroom stabbed multiple times.

In the movie, a cop is seen interviewing a woman at the murder house. She tells the cop that she saw a man walking into the house. When he asks her where she lives, she appears to be pointing across the street. Interesting, because Jason actually tells the Saanich Police that he saw the man entering the home on Desousa Place, another one of his stories that changed over time.

In the movie, the cops said that Summer had no insurance policy, in Lindsay’s case there was no evidence to support that Lindsay had ever taken out an insurance policy.

In the movie, Will gives a swab/sample of his DNA. In Lindsay’s case it was rumored that Jason refused to give his DNA. However, it makes sense that Jason gave his DNA at the police station the night of the murder, he would have known that if he refused, the cops would find DNA at his condo, which had been sealed off/shut down for the next 48 hours.

In the movie, husband Will tells the cops that his wife Summer always took her laptop when she left home. In Lindsay’s case Jason tells the cops that him & Lindsay shared a laptop. At the request of the Saanich Police Jason says he willingly gave it to them.

In the movie, the cops discuss a $70K real estate commission that Summer was owed but never paid out. Will’s mother said Summer’s money went into an investment company and was to be paid out to the family. Jason’s mother, the family matriarch said all Lindsay’s commissions were paid out to Lindsay’s mother after her death.

In the movie, Summer’s black high heels were sitting on the floor in the front foyer. When Jason looked through the frosted glass windows in the front door, he saw Lindsay’s high heels laying on the tile in the front foyer.

In the movie, the police suggest that Summer’s phone pinged at 4:40, the afternoon of the murder. She had made a stop, that stop being at a home she had sold 14 months earlier. Not seeing a parallel to Lindsay’s murder here, but there just might be one.

In the movie, the cops say that Summer made a call to the FBI to report drug activity but that she never contacted her own local police department. That would suggest that Summer did not trust the local cops. In Lindsay’s case we know that she was not the informant who called the cops. The informant in the Calgary drug bust is still alive and still has an RCMP handler for protection.

In the movie, just a few nights after Summer’s murder the cops show Summer’s husband hanging out in a bar having drinks with a few women. In Lindsay’s murder, there were rumors that Jason was out in the club scene a few nights after her murder. Those rumors turned out to be fact.

In the movie, the cops mention a 1990 Buick Lesabre, and a Chrysler Imperial that had possible connections to Summer’s murder. Well, in Lindsay’s case we certainly know who owned a Chrysler Imperial.

In the movie, there were hints that Summer’s husband Will, and her ex-boyfriend Sam worked together.

In the movie, the couple is seen inside the foyer. Summer was about to show them around when the man turns and immediately goes straight up the stairs. In Lindsay’s case, we don’t know what happened, but I suspect a very similar scene. “Sgt Chris Horsley said in the press,” we know they toured the main level of the house first then went upstairs. I don’t believe that story for a minute.

Lindsay opened the locbox at 5:30 pm. She greets the couple in the driveway, chats for a moment, then unlocks the front door and enters the home. Then she stops to remove her shoes. If Lindsay was dead at 5:38 – 5:42 as per the coroner’s report, she was dead within 8-10 minutes of opening the lockbox, which makes it far more likely they never toured the main floor but went directly to the upper level first.

In the movie, the best part, and at the very end, the cops are seen racing across the golf course in a golf cart heading towards Will, who is just about to lift his club and take a shot. He looks up and sees them coming, and the movie ends. In Lindsay’s case, her partner Jason was an avid golfer who spent much of his time on the golf course. Just another intriguing connection.

I found many more parallels throughout this movie, but these are the ones that most captured my interest.


Who Was Ultimately Responsible For Summer’s Murder

While it is never revealed exactly who stabbed Summer to death, it is heavily implied that Will Grady was the person who called for her vicious murder to silence her once and for all. There is a flashback about 94 minutes into the movie that revisits Will finding Summer’s body in the empty home, but with some key differences that suggest Will’s involvement exceeded calling on someone to do the deed. 

When Will discovers the scene the first time around, Summer is already dead on the floor, but when we go back to that moment later on, she is still breathing and on the verge of dying when her boyfriend enters the room. With Will having been upset with Summer for not attending his presentation the night before, as well as his fear she was going to blow up the entire operation, there’s a case to be made for him killing her in such a gruesome manner.

Another theory is that Will had Wally or Marty do the deed due to their connections with the White Fish scheme and possibility that one of them was with him the night he confronted Eli Phillips about the case. Regardless, Will is the one who was ultimately responsible for the killing, no matter if he plunged the knife into her or not, as he’s arrested in the closing moments of Reptile


LATER SGT. CHRIS HORSLEY Would say, “Zailo went to the house because he had real estate documents for LINDSAY to sign”.

He later retracted that statement, saying “Mr. Zailo was going to the house because his girlfriend was apprehensive about meeting the couple alone.” Horsley said “Jason actually saw the couple, a Caucasian man and a blonde woman wearing a colorful dress. The door was open, and the witnesses actually observed the male suspect exiting the house”. The killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave, and Jason turned into the cul-de-sac and interrupted them leaving. The couple turned around and closed the door.

JASON told the Capital Daily News that Lindsay was supposed to leave for a stagette in Vancouver right after the showing.

On the Friday night before the murder Jason says he offered to do the showing so Lindsay could go to her girlfriend’s stag in Vancouver, and that he offered to show the 2-3 homes for Lindsay so she could go. Jason’s mother Shirley also claims she made that same offer. However, during a CHEK News interview Lindsay’s friend Andrea said that Lindsay was supposed to be at her birthday party that night but never showed up. There is no way Lindsay had was going to the mainland that night. This couple had been a referral to her, she would never have passed them off to Jason. Lindsay had 3 homes to show her clients that evening, the first one being 1702 DeSousa Place.

Let’s say she finished up the showings that evening at about 8:00-8:30?

What if the clients wanted to write an offer? Then you could add another 2 hours? It’s off season and the last ferry to Tsawwassen was 9:00 pm. It is highly unlikely that Lindsay finished up with her clients and made it out on the 9:00 pm ferry. If she was lucky enough to have accomplished that, she still had a 90-minute ferry ride, then a 45- minute ride into Vancouver, and an arrival time at the party shortly after midnight. What was Lindsay going to do, party all night, race back to catch the first ferry back to the island the next morning exhausted. Lindsay knew it was not likely the couple would buy the 1st house they saw. She would have been well prepared to spend another few days with them if that’s what it took. She had no intentions of turning the showings over to Jason, and he knew that when he made the offer.

As for Andrea’s birthday party that evening, was this not a couple’s event? If so, why did Jason have a 10:15 scheduled hockey game at Pearkes Arena that night?

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