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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Exciting news in the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation


On March 17, 2021, Justice Robert Punnett of the BC Supreme Court dismissed a motion by Capital Daily to grant its legal team access to unredacted court documents relating to the Saanich Police Department’s (SPD) investigation into the 2008 unsolved murder of realtor Lindsay Buziak. The substantive Application should be resolved and only then, if ordered, any Sealed Material released. THE motion of the applicant is dismissed.

2021 BCSC 479 Capital City News Group Ltd. v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia (bccourts.ca)

This past week the media has certainly done their due diligence by bringing this great news to the public’s intention – and with it a renewed hope that Lindsay’s murder will be solved.

FBI joins investigation into murder of Victoria Realtor Lindsay Buziak | CTV News

Tech advancements create new leads in cold-case murder of B.C. real estate agent | CBC News

FBI assisting with Lindsay Buziak murder case 13 years after brutal killing (cheknews.ca)



Police re-opening the investigation into the murder of Lindsay Buziak (iheartradio.ca)

Police re-opening the investigation into the murder of Lindsay Buziak

What is being done to solve the homicide of Victoria real estate agent Lindsay Buziak? Constable Markus Anastasiades, spokesperson, Saanich Police Department, joined Al to discuss re-opening the case.

Not only is the Saanich Police Department working with the FBI they have a new investigative team reviewing the case.

Clearly this speaks to the integrity of the department and their strong desire to want to see this case solved. I sincerely hope that the people out there on social media sites will get behind the Saanich Police, and show them the support they so rightfully deserve.

The police are asking anyone with information to come forward, and for that to happen people need to stop fearing the police and instead put their trust in them. Stop fearing the CONSPIRATORS, it is that fear that the conspirators have counted on these past 13 years. That smallest piece of information that you might hold, could just be the final piece of the puzzle that the Saanich Police need to finally make arrests and bring closure to the Buziak family.

Sgt. Detective Damian Kowalewich is now the lead investigator on the Lindsay case. Constable Jaz Dhaliwal and Cst Aaron Murray are two long term career investigators that are now actively working this case on a full-time basis, and and there are others. I have heard nothing but good things about these detectives.

As for Sgt. Damian Kowalewich anyone who knows him personally will tell you he is a man of integrity, a guy that can be trusted, a hard working individual who wants nothing more than to see this case solved. If you have the smallest bit of information go have a talk with one of these guys. They will listen and they will take you seriously.

It is hard to read into what Constable Markus Anastasiades is saying, but his statement does leave us with renewed hope that with new DNA technology and the development of new leads, the Saanich Police may be close to a breakthrough. When Jason Zailo held Lindsay’s body, and attempted to do CPR he polluted the crime scene with his DNA making it difficult to differentiate who was there. Jason’s DNA dominated all others on Lindsay’s body because of the way he handled her. Was Jason’s actions in that upstairs bedroom a deliberate contamination of the crime scene and if so for what reason? One look at Lindsay’s body should have told Jason that she was DEAD. Why would he even consider performing CPR on someone laying there with multiple stab wounds and a slit throat? Something is just off here!

I wonder if Jason Zailo had ever been in the DeSousa home prior to the night of the murder?

The 1702 DeSousa property had been on and off the market for nearly a year, but the last two times it was listed was with the Re/Max Camosun office. If the two listing realtors had an office tour for their new listing (a common practice) then Jason could have been on that tour. If forensics found Jason’s DNA in any room other than the rooms he had entered the night of the murder, this would be very telling.

It would mean he knew the area and interior layout of the home because he had been there before. That would mean that there would have been no need for Jason to call his brother or Lindsay to ask for directions when he left SHC at 5:30. It is possible that people have come forward and told the police that Jason had been in that house before.

On another topic why would Jason even think to call 911 when finding the front door locked? There was no reason for concern as a 20-minute real estate showing is not unusual. It may be that Lindsay did not want to be distracted from showing her clients around the house. If she was in the basement with the clients- chances are she would not have heard the knocking at the front door. So many things Jason did that night do not add up and the only reason he might call 911 is if he suspected or knew that something was going to happen to Lindsay in that house.

Perhaps the Saanich Police and the FBI are reviewing the 911 tapes too.


My name is Constable Markus Anastasiades and I am the public communication officer with the Saanich Police Department. I am here today to update you on our efforts in the investigation into the murder of Lindsay Buziak. Our tight knit community wants to understand what happened to Lindsay 13 years ago as we are all connected to what happens in this area. To find those answers we have established a task force comprised of new investigators who are taking a fresh look at the case. The task force has obtained the assistance from the FBI and continued support from the RCMP. Both agencies have provided valuable assistance in the development of new leads and forensic evidence.

Lindsay was an ambitious 24-year old described by her family and friends as popular, caring and determined to become successful in her career as a licensed real estate agent. On February 2nd/2008 shortly after 5:30 p.m. Lindsay was murdered in a vacant home located at 1702 DeSousa Place in Saanich. Lindsay had gone to the home for the purpose of showing it to potential buyers who are still unidentified. Lindsay met the unidentified individuals outside the home at approximately 5:30 p.m. Shortly thereafter she was fatally stabbed in the upstairs bedroom of the home. Her boyfriend entered the vacant home shortly after her murder and called police.

The new investigating team is exanimating all possible suspects.

Investigators continue to follow up on every tip and lead we receive. Investigators are reviewing and retesting evidence – including evidence from the crime scene – as well as digital evidence. Technology not available at the time of the crime has allowed us to develop new investigative leads, as many of you have likely seen in the media. Lately advancements in fields such as genealogy and DNA analysis has led to the resolution in many other cases. Investigators are out conducting interviews relating to this case. We thank those people who have already been interviewed as we anticipate speaking with you again and appreciate your patience.

For those who have not engaged with us previously we know there is likely information that has not been shared. We believe people familiar with the circumstances surrounding this case remain in our community. This is sometimes the case that people who may have knowledge INITIALLY do not come forward to to their close relationships with those who may have been involved or out of concern for their reputation and standing in the community. We recognize relationships change over time as do people and their perspectives.

It is not too late to come forward.

Further, there are times when people knowingly are brought into a situation by the person or persons responsible. Rest assured we have the ability to filter out innocent people and those whose roles in the events were inadvertent.

We ask that members of the community think back to Saturday February 2nd 2008. Please visit the Saanich Police website – or call our information line at 250-475-4356 or toll free 1-888-980-1919 to provide any information you may have no matter how small it may seem.

Saanich police update on Lindsay Buziak murder | CTV News

EMAIL ADDRESS: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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