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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak


For whatever reason, the Capital Daily News chose to hire an out-of-province journalist, namely Zander Sherman to do a deep dive into who the players might be that conspired to murder young realtor Lindsay Buziak, then write a story about his findings.

Zander was a young man who has lived his entire life in Ontario and knew very little about the people of Vancouver Island, and in particular the people of Saanich. Yes, he did his due diligence in the courts fighting to have redacted files released, and yes, he garnished fresh information from police files. Unfortunately, the material just wasn’t good enough to make headline news, and certainly there was little information that we hadn’t already heard before. After waiting 15 long years for answers, the community was once again left disappointed and confused, wondering if Lindsay Buziak’s murder would ever be solved.

Yes, Zander was right that there was a great deal of misinformation out there on the internet. However, he failed to take into account all the factual information that was out there. Let’s get real, if it wasn’t for blogs, and bloggers who were doing their utmost to keep Lindsay’s case alive, the case would likely have gone cold years ago. And while Zander felt compelled to lay all the blame on Lindsay’s father and a few bloggers in particular, let’s not forget that lots of that false misinformation out there stemmed from the continual lies told by people who were doing everything in there power to deflect, in order to ensure that Lindsay’s murder would never be solved. The Zailo’s and the Saanich Police must take some responsibility for the place we find ourselves in today.

Zander spent a considerable amount of time putting these podcasts together, and at times it was clear that he did not believe everything that Jason was telling him in those interviews. If Jason and his mother know absolutely nothing about what happened to Lindsay, why do they continue to tell half truths, lies and go out of their way to deflect. When you lie it is very difficult to remember what you said later. As long as this deception continues we may never know who conspired to murder Lindsay and who actually carried out this horrific unspeakable crime. The silence by the Saanich Police is most disturbing and why they couldn’t do a press conference at this time and release a little more information leaves people to wonder just what is really going on.

This blog already has two pages of contradictory statements made by Jason Zailo and his mother, now I have found a quite a few more false statements in these podcast interviews that I would like to point out. To read all the misleading statements, refer to these two pages.

QUESTIONS FOR JASON ZAILO – The Murder of Lindsay Buziak (murderondesousa.com)

April 2021 WHAT IS JASON’S MOTHER COVERING UP? – The Murder of Lindsay Buziak (murderondesousa.com)


Zander Sherman:

Continuing for  now from the February 6th interview summary I read Jason the rest of what police said he told them.  Zailo thought that Buziak had sent the woman an email regarding some of the properties they could look at.  Zailo knew that the woman was looking for something  in the 1-1.2 million dollar range, that it had to be vacant and a new home.  Zailo stated that when he got home from work on Thursday, Buziak told him that she had spoken to the woman again and that she and her husband were coming over on Saturday to view homes.  Buziak stated that the woman was coming for sure and that her husband may or may not be coming. 

My response: This is the first time we have ever heard that the property had to be brand new and vacant, and the first time we’ve heard that the woman’s husband may not be accompanying his wife. This is odd, because over the years several newspaper articles stated that the man had called Lindsay on the Saturday morning to say his wife could not make it and he would be coming alone. The source of this information is unknown and the Saanich Police claim there was never a call from the man to say he was coming alone. Lindsay’s friends support what the police said, that Lindsay never said anything to them about getting a call from a man to say he would be coming alone.

In a police interview Jason said that as he turned off Torquay into DeSousa Place he saw a man enter the front door of the residence, then close the door. He describes the man’s jacket as classy, below the man’s waste and being brown in color and not one sold color of brown.

When Zander Sherman questions Jason on this statement, Jason says he no longer recalls the citing.

On Dateline in September 2010 Jason told the host Josh Mankiewicz that as he turned into the cul-de-sac he saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door. Cohen Oatman told the police the same story.

My response

One witness (EI) who was on his way home from work that evening, told the police that as he drove by on Torquay, he glanced over and saw Lindsay greeting the couple in the driveway. He described the man as wearing a “long coat” but he was not able to describe the woman. So the witness describes the coat as long, while Jason calls it a jacket just below the man’s waist. It kind of sounds like the police took Jason’s word for the description of what the man was wearing. It makes you wonder if Jason was the one, and only one, that gave the police a description of what the woman was wearing.

To this day, Cohen Oatman insists he never saw anyone standing outside the front door. With misleading statements like this it’s not hard to see why the internet got some things wrong. Interesting too, that while Cohen Oatman left Victoria to live in Squamish a few years ago, he continues to hang his mortgage broker’s license at Jason’s office in Victoria.

Jason to Zander Sherman

Jason says he left their condo on Friday evening at 7:30 pm to play hockey and that his mother later tells him that Lindsay remained on the phone for 20 minutes.

My response In police statements it says that Shirley arrived at the condo shortly after 7:00 and walked in to find Lindsay on the phone. Jason said he didn’t leave the condo to play hockey until 7:30. If that’s the case, why would he need his mother to tell him what time Lindsay got off the phone, as supposedly he hadn’t left for his hockey game yet.. He also said he couldn’t remember if Lindsay was talking on her cell phone or their home phone. So many contradictions made by Jason & his mother. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore.

Zander Sherman  Jason says Lindsay had taken a portion of the locbox normally containing the keys into the house with her, which prevented him from being able to get in.  When I spoke to Jason’s mother Shirley, she told me Jason had called her she then had called the listing agent to get the access code for the garage.  She called Jason back and Jason tried the access code and it didn’t work.

My response

What is Jason trying to say? A realtor uses their keycard to open the locbox. They then take the key out of the container it is in and use it to enter the house. Sometimes they take the container in with them but not usually. Regardless, it is highly unusual for an owner to leave more than one key in the container. So, Jason would not have found a 2nd key even if Lindsay had left the container in the locbox. Lindsay’s car was in the driveway, so clearly she was in the house. Why would Jason even think to check the loc box. LINDSAY HAD THE KEY! Give it up Jason, your stories are so ridiculously unbelievable.

Jason Zailo to Zander Sherman

And then we moved the vehicle from one place to another place, more clear so she could see that I was there, I think. And then again, no calls no text, no nothing.  And then I said to Cohen let’s go like let’s just go inside because we were waiting you know, we were waiting outside for a few minutes.

My response

Jason, you were parked across from the DeSousa house, then you moved your vehicle out on to Torquay. Lindsay would have no view whatsoever of you or your vehicle when you were parked on Torquay. You parked on the side of the 1702 DeSousa property, in a spot that was blocked by bushes, and not visible from any window of the home. You best not do anymore interviews Jason.

Jason to Zander Sherman

So, I had a client at SHC and Lindsay actually had a client buying their condo. I went to SHC to present the new offer from Lindsay’s client.

My response

Jason, if you are talking about Nada Azouri’s condo, it was not listed until February 4th. She is not an owner of SHC, she was the girlfriend/now wife of the owner Joe Semren. If this was Lindsay’s buyer as you say, did she not want to present her own offer? There was no contract that Lindsay needed to sign that night, nothing that could not have waited until the next morning.

Zander Sherman In the February 6th interview between Jason and the police I see a reference to the late lunch Jason and Lindsay had at a restaurant called Sauce.  So, then it says that Zailo and Buziak met for lunch at Sauce at approximately 3:30 pm.  Zailo stated that Buziak was rushing to eat because she had to go back home and get ready to show the home.

My response

This is interesting because Zande claims they met for lunch at 3:30 and in another instance he says 3:00. I believe the actual time was 3:00 because Lindsay was actually talking to a friend on the phone when she walked through the door at Sauce, and the friend recalls the time to be just a few minutes after 3:00. Jason says Lindsay ate quickly as she was rushing to go back home and change. Lindsay and Jason paid the bill at Sauce at 4:24, and by any time standard I would call that one hell of a long lunch.

Zander Sherman Police interviewed Joe De Sousa, who was selling the home and whose family owned and was developing the De Sousa Place cul-de-sac. De Sousa told police he had been inside the house prior to the showing on Feb. 2, had checked the doors and windows, and had even ventured into the primary bedroom and ensuite. He said he saw “nothing out of place.” De Sousa provided elimination fingerprints and footprints, and gave police informed consent to enter the property, according to court documents.

My Response

I wonder if it was common place for Joe Desousa to check every room in the house prior to locking up each day? If it was just the master bedroom and ensuite he checked on, and no other room in the house, I’d find that suspicious. I wonder if the Saanich Police confronted Joe DeSousa after finding his footprints in the master bedroom and on the stairs leading to the upper level.

Zander Sherman to Shirley

Can you tell me how much Lindsay would have made on the sale of a 1M house.

Shirley to Zander Sherman

It depends but probably around 3% or 30K.

Zander Sherman to Shirley

It sounds like a sizeable amount of money


My Response

Did Shirley misunderstand the question? Zander asked her how much Lindsay would have made on the sale of a 1M property, not what the total commission would have been on the sale of the home. The listing & selling agent split the commission 50/50. The Re/Max office then takes their share. Lindsay was likely on a 60/40 split, 60% going to Lindsay. The property was listed at $949,000 so let’s assume a $900,000 selling price. I calculate Lindsay’s commission to be approximately $7500. A seasoned realtor could do a quick calculation and come with the right answer. Why would Shirley want people to believe that Lindsay was going to make $30,000 from the sale of that property?

Zander Sherman

Shirley says she’s considered lawsuits in the past but was told that online defamation is defamation is difficult to litigate.  Shirley says her business has also been affected.

My response In 2013 Shirley travelled to the Porsche Dealership in downtown Vancouver. She purchased a 2010 Porsche Turbo, and paid the full asking price of $137,500. I’ve known a lot of highly successful realtors in my day but never one that paid that kind of money for a vehicle. I don’t see any financial suffering going on here.

In the Casefile episode the host claims that Shirley was the landlady of someone named Zachary Scott Matheson, also known as Ziggy who was arrested in 2013 and later convicted on multiple counts of drug related offences.   

Zander Sherman  Sometime after her tenant’s arrest Shirley distanced herself from Ziggy and the case file again mentions.  After some digging, I find an archived copy of a CHEK News article from 2016 that says Shirley denies knowing about Ziggy’s drug activity and says her family has no ties to Ziggy, though Shirley isn’t quoted directly.

Zander Sherman to Shirley You claimed publicly that you nor your family had any association to Ziggy Matheson.

Shirley to Zander Sherman  Well, I did do that except for it was the way it was said. 

Shirley says by her recollection the question that was asked of her suggested a level of closeness that she still denies, though she admits to knowing Ziggy and acknowledges that her sons do too.

Shirley to Zander Sherman Jason and him good friends?  No, they’re not, they weren’t.  They hardly …yeh, they were pleasant to each other but they weren’t best friends – like Ryan played hockey with him.  And no, I don’t have any involvement with him, yes he’s my tenant but I don’t have any involvement with him.  I didn’t go out for coffee with him, and I didn’t go for dinners with him. Ziggy’s mother Deborah Matheson was good friends with Shirley Zailo. Read facebook interaction below.

Deborah Matheson Very lovely say hello to the boys (Men) for me

Shirley Zailo Thanks Deb and will do

My Response Shirley failed to mention that Ziggy Matheson had lived in her rental property for a few years, and that other than breeding Pitbulls, he never worked at a real job. Did Shirley not question why this guy never had a job?. In December 2007, Shirley took her family, including Lindsay, on a Xmas New Years vacation to Whistler. Ziggy Matheson was included on that family vacation with them. Shirley was also close friends with Ziggy’s mother Deborah Matheson. It certainly sounds like he was a close family friend to me. Sources confirm that Ziggy would stop by the Re/Max office for coffee, but perhaps Ziggy was just stopping by to pay his rent.

Shirley is obfuscating the truth by being evasive and unclear in her responses.

THERE ARE JUST SO MANY DISCREPENCIES IN THESE PODCAST STATEMENTS I just don’t have the will and energy to post all of them right now.

The fact of the matter is that while Zander Sherman & the Capital Daily News went out of their way to lay blame on the bloggers and Lindsay’s father they failed to do a deep dive into the fabricated stories and misleading information that came from members of the Zailo family.

My conclusion is that the resulting story is biased and somewhat misleading. While it may be very beneficial to Shirley Zailo’s case against Jeff Buziak and the two bloggers on his site, it also minimizes and/or completely omits the factual information that has arisen over the previous years. It essentially ignores the ‘elephant in the room’

This story seems to have no other purpose than to pave the way to Shirley’s advantage in her lawsuit.

Email Address: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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