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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak


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If Shirley Zailo was the main informant who contacted the Calgary Police and ratted out the Vid/Delalcazar drug shipment headed to Calgary in November 2007, does that mean that the Saanich Police knew she was the informant? No, not necessarily. It could be that the RCMP never shared that information with Saanich. If Shirley was given police protection on the 1st Lindsay Buziak Memorial Walk in 2011 it could be that in the minds of the Saanich Police, she was an upstanding citizen who did the honorable thing in reporting the drug shipment heading to Calgary. 

However, if Saanich did not know that Shirley was the main informant she may have been given protection for the simple reason that her and her family looked very guilty after appearing on the Dateline NBC show which aired in November 2010. And all eyes were on them and the show left them looking very guilty. What the police probably did not know at that time was that Shirley and her son Jason were seemingly deeply involved with drugs and money laundering, and that Jason’s two closest friends Ziggy Matheson and Chris Schwartz, both had ties to the Hells Angels.

If this was true it would seem that Shirley was playing the Saanich Police and at the same time she and her son seemed to be involved in illegal activities and were tied to a criminal organization, a group of very shady people.  Shirley Zailo was fairly high profile at that time working out of the Re/Max Westshore office so the Zailo name should have been familiar to the police.

If Shirley pointed the police in the direction of the Calgary Drug Bust after Lindsay’s murder it could have taken the heat off her and her connections to the underworld. All Shirley had to do was tell the police that Lindsay had gone to visit her dad in Calgary in mid December and that her plans were to meet up with Erickson Delalcazar while she was there. She may have been leading them down a series of blind alleys in order to deflect suspicion from herself and/or her son.

Jason first introduced Lindsay to his mother in early 2007.   Lindsay was smart, had a huge personality and Shirley might have guessed she was going to be successful.  Whatever the Zailos were into at that time they probably thought that because Lindsay’s previous boyfriend was associated with the Delalcazars Lindsay might not be so innocent and that she just might fall in line with their practices.  That way of thinking may have got them into trouble because Lindsay hated drug dealers and would never have gotten involved in anything illegal. Remember what Lindsay’s ex Matt MacDuff said on Dateline. “Lindsay was the cleanest girl you would ever want to know. She worked so hard to get her license and she would never do anything to lose it”.

In late August 2007 Lindsay left her job marketing luxury townhomeS at the “Lookout” in Colwood and started working in Shirley’s Re/Max Camosun Westshore office.  In November Lindsay told close friends she wanted out  and was leaving Jason as soon as a few deals closed.  Lindsay had apparently seen something she shouldn’t have seen and at that time may have realized she was getting in too deep and wanted no part of what was going on.   However the Zailos were still taking Lindsay on trips and giving her expensive gifts but apparently that was not working. Lindsay was still determined to get out as soon as she could.

Was Shirley Zailo concerned about Lindsay leaving Jason?  Was what Lindsay saw that she shouldn’t have seen so damaging that it could put Shirley and/or her son behind bars – or at least destroy their credibility in business?   In their eyes Lindsay might have been a serious liability and Shirley might have thought to herself, “why don’t I call the Calgary Police and rat out the Delalcazars drug shipment heading to Calgary then sit back and let things play out.”.

In that context it may have seemed like a brilliant maneuver to manipulate the Saanich Police in order to keep their attention off any nefarious dealings.  Later on Shirley may have felt she had gotten in too deep and if anyone was to find out she was the informant she could become  a target.  If Lindsay ever turned against the Zailos and decided to talk to the police their lives as they once knew it could be over.  Maybe the family sat down together and decided they couldn’t risk Lindsay talking.

Don’t forget that on the Dateline NBC Dreamhouse Mystery show which aired in November 2010, the experts LA Prosecutor Alan Jackson, Homicide Investigator Dwayne Stanton, and Crime Investigator Yolanda McCleary all agreed that Lindsay was targeted in a scheme well thought out and artfully designed. The experts believed that whoever planned Lindsay’s murder was someone she knew, someone who was very close to her, someone in the same business, and possibly in the same office.

How clever it would have seemed if someone were able to kill two birds with one stone by taking out both  the competition and the threat of exposure to themselves all at the same time.

Within weeks of Lindsay’s murder, Jason was already out there on the dating scene. There was no mourning, no waiting period, no calling Lindsay’s dad to see if there was anything he could do. There was just nothing! Back in 2006/07/08 Jason hung out with drug dealers and other unsavory characters and today things have not really changed. In fact two of Jason’s closest friends have just had some serious allegations made against them and it has been all over the news.

Time has shown that the Zailo’s are not honest people and they have been lying for 13 years in order to keep the truth from being exposed. After Lindsay’s murder her ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff stepped up to the plate and did everything possible to help Lindsay’s dad figure out who could be responsible for Lindsay’s murder. He attended the Lindsay Memorial Walks when he could and so did his parents, brother & sister-in-law. Matt’s family cared about Lindsay and they showed it in many different ways. The Zailo family on the other hand made no effort whatsoever to do the right thing, they just moved on with their lives and never looked back.

Who you choose to associate with tells a lot about your character, or lack thereof.

Jason’s good friends Bowman Rutledge and Andy Rogers will get what’s coming to them and let’s hope the same happens to Jason Zailo one day soon. The “Fitness Academy” gym these guys frequent should ban them. The restaurants they frequented have already banned them indefinitely and the Victoria Golf Course banned Andy Rogers and refused his membership application.

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