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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak



This page is simply a review of what transpired in the early days after Lindsay’s murder.

We must remember the importance of showing compassion/understanding to all parties involved in this case. As Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved everyone is a suspect. However, not according to Saanich Police who publicly cleared the entire Zailo family in 2010. Not sure how the Saanich Police came to that conclusion as the investigation was just in the preliminary stages at that time, and now 15 years later there are still no arrests. The Zailo’s have continually told mistruths over the years, and unfortunately for them they’ve been caught in those mistruths. In fairness though, maybe we need to cut them some slack, and consider the trauma that they have been through, just maybe they had good reason for all the lies they told.

I mean, who would want to admit that they were close friends with drug traffickers. Better to lie and hope you don’t get caught. Maybe they feared for their own lives because of something they did that could implicate them in some other crime other than Lindsay’s murder? Interesting that the Zailo’s did their utmost to rip Lindsay’s father apart in the Capital Daily News “What the Internet got Wrong article.

How about the other article, “What the Internet got right”

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How is it that the Zailos can point out all Mr. Buziak’s misgivings yet react with anger when people expose their lies. I wonder if Shirley Zailo would feel differently if it was one of her boys who was brutally murdered? Just what would she do in a situation like that. There is no disputing the fact that Zachary Scott Matheson (Ziggy) has always been a close friend of the Zailo family. The question for most of us would be, why would a professional realtor want to be associated with a man connected to organized crime?

Word has it that Shirley’s dogs have been running loose again. However, I guess she can’t keep them locked up all the time- have to let them out of their crates once and awhile. The fact that they are running loose again sends out red flags & it’s clear that someone’s anger has gotten the best of them. The dogs are snarling and frothing at the mouth, and we all know that frothing is not good for dogs, and sometimes a dangerous dog needs to be put down.

I WONDER IF THE FEDS ARE SLOWLY CLOSING IN. Could that be the reason for all this barking?



Someone made a call to the Calgary Police Department alerting them to a drug shipment that was on its way from Victoria to Calgary. Whoever made the late November 2007 call to the Calgary Police wanted drug trafficker Erickson Delalcazar to go down in flames – and they succeeded. The main informant made that call to the Calgary Police for 1 of 3 reasons. 1) They were an honest law-biding citizen who knew that making the call was the right thing to do. 2) They were a competitor who knew that their own business could prosper if the Delalcazar’s were financially hurt, or 3) they were trying to protect someone close to them for reasons suspected, but not yet confirmed.

Just a few short days after Lindsay Buziak’s murder

Ziggy Matheson was chatting it up with a few of his drug cronies in the back yard of his 2768 Claude Road home. Yes, that is the property that was owned by Shirley Zailo at the time of Lindsay’s murder. One of Ziggy’s friends asked him if he knew what had happened to Lindsay. Ziggy responded, “it was a mistake, it should never have happened.” If Ziggy made that statement, then he sure as hell knows exactly what happened to Lindsay. Since when is murder a mistake? Two of the men who heard the comment made by Ziggy told their story to the Saanich Police. One of those men is currently serving time for murder.

At 9:00 p.m. the night of the day that Jason was released from the Saanich Police station, Jason made a call to his friend Christopher Lee Schwartz asking if he could come over. Chris lived on the 4th floor of the same 68 Songhees condo building that Jason and Lindsay lived. Chris said sure, and at 10:00 p.m. Jason was at the guys’ front door. Jason & Chris went to the outside deck, closed the door and did not come back inside for 20 minutes. What the hell was so important that Jason needed to see his drug dealer friend so late at night? Shouldn’t he have been at home mourning the loss of Lindsay?

In 2007, Jason had introduced his drug dealer friend Chris Schwartz to Ziggy Matheson in the hopes that Chris would start buying his cocaine directly from Ziggy instead of getting it from the HA over on the mainland. Chris Schwartz did start buying his cocaine from Ziggy, until him and Ziggy had a falling out. After that, Chris went back to getting his product from the HA on the mainland. Chris had an extensive criminal record dating back to the late 90’s, drug trafficking, thefts assaults etc. so why was Jason even associating with this guy?


Shirley Zailo claims, that other than playing hockey together, her boys were not friends with Ziggy Matheson. However, there are several photos and postings out there that proves otherwise, and people who worked in the Re/Max Westshore office insist that Ziggy used to drop by and visit Shirley on occasion. In fact, shortly after Lindsay’s murder, it was Ziggy & Ryan Zailo who were seen at the Re/Max office packing up & moving things out of Lindsay’s office.

June 23/2022 Lindsay Buziak – A review of Zachary Matheson’s connections to Jason Zailo & his family. – The Murder of Lindsay Buziak (murderondesousa.com)

It sure sounds like Ziggy’s mother Deborah thought they were friends, doesn’t it.

Deborah Matheson Very lovely say hello to the boys (Men) for me

Shirley Zailo Thanks Deb and will do  

Yes, Ziggy Matheson indeed, the same guy who accompanied the Zailos on their 2007/2008 Xmas New Year’s Whistler vacation. I can’t imagine that Ziggy’s presence at Whistler would have impressed Lindsay, who was also included on that trip. If the Zailos were not friends with Ziggy Matheson like Shirley claims, why did they take this well-known drug trafficker on their family vacations? Why did Ryan ask Ziggy to help him move all Lindsay’s belongings from her office? Ziggy, a career criminal, a drug trafficker, a guy who beat his girlfriend Shannon so bad her parents didn’t recognize her when they went to the hospital. A guy who was charged with murder but got off because the other guy chose to take the fall.


During that first week after Lindsay’s murder, Ovidio Acevedo (Vid) a member of the Delalcazar crew was on the warpath, on the hunt for the Zailos. Ziggy Matheson quickly stepped in and took control, making phone calls in an attempt to gather his crew for a meeting. Ziggy needed to come up with a plan to protect the Zailos from Vid and the Delalcazars. Two of the men who got the call from Ziggy refused to attend the meeting, knowing it would not be in their best interest to get caught in the middle of the war that was about to ensue. What happened after that is unknown.

It was just a week prior to Lindsay’s murder that the largest cocaine bust in Alberta’s history happened, and the people involved suffered a tremendous 8M loss. Erickson Delalcazar was arrested, charged and held without bail. Why was Vid on the warpath? Did he come to learn that someone in the Zailo family was responsible for ratting them out and it wasn’t Lindsay like him & the Delalcazar brothers had been told?

Had Lindsay been set us as the scapegoat and needlessly murdered?

Sadly, if they did learn that they had been had and that Lindsay was not the informant, there wasn’t a damn thing they could do about it. Their every move was being watched by the Saanich Police and they knew it. They could not risk making a move on anyone, would need to use extreme self-control and contain their rage. Another reason for Vid’s anger may have been that they had no involvement in Lindsay’s murder, but someone had set them up to make it look like they had.

However, if Cirilo Bautista Lopez was the one who called the hit, and there’s a strong possibility that he was, then Vid and the Delalcazars are smack in the middle of it all. It’s very possible that there was so much pressure coming down from the cartel that the Delalcazar brothers/Vid had to join forces with another family in order to convince the cartel that Lindsay was the informant. The families conspired together, the cartel believed it, then Cirilo called the hit.

Lindsay was not the informant

Her friends were her friends, and never in a million years would she have ratted them out. It’s possible that Lindsay was in the wrong place at the wrong time, saw the shipment of cocaine that was about to be transported to Calgary, and said something to Jason about it, trusting that he would not say anything. Now we have the information in the hands of the Zailos. The pieces of the puzzle maybe be slowly coming together.


In 2009, after cooperating fully with the Saanich Police Department, Jason Zailo was cleared of having any involvement in Lindsay Buziak’s murder.


During the Dateline show Jason Zailo told Josh Markiewicz that he had seen two shadows through the frosted glass in the front door. Interesting, because Jason told the police that he had seen the man standing outside the door then turn around and go back in. Jason also told Josh that him & Lindsay were very happy together and that there was no truth to the rumors that Lindsay was leaving him.

Shirley Zailo told Josh Markiewicz that she had gone for a long walk and out for dinner with Lindsay the night before the murder. It was at that time, she said, that Lindsay confided in her that she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff. All Lindsay’s friends insist that she was not afraid of Matt.


In 2010, shortly after the Dateline show aired, Saanich Police spokesperson Dean Jantzen said, “the Zailo family, which includes Shirley Zailo, Ryan Zailo and Jason Zailo have met with our detectives over the past couple of days of their own free will, and have satisfied every investigative request that our detectives have had of them” In a 2009 interview, Police Chief Derek Egan cautioned that the silence from the Saanich Police on the file wasn’t a sign they did not have a suspect. He said detectives often keep information close to their chest during an investigation. They might have a strong suspect in mind but need more evidence or witnesses.


When Matheson was busted in 2013 in Shirley’s rental house at 2768 Claude Road, Shirley Zailo made a statement to CHEK News saying, “my family has no connection to the man that lives in that house”. Wow, how did she ever think she could get away with telling a lie like that? Even after that bust Shirley left her tenant Ziggy living in the property. Not only that, but she also still continued to entertain Ziggy at her home at Shawnigan Lake and on Haida Drive. Years later, when questioned by journalist Zander Sherman, she said:

Shirley says by her recollection the question that was asked of her suggested a level of closeness that she still denies, though she admits to knowing Ziggy and acknowledges that her sons do too.  

2016 STATEMENT MADE BY CAROL MALONEY (Shirley Zailo’s sister)

I have a sister and 2 nephews in the business and have sat back and watched them all become very rich indulging in this unbelievable misconduct. Please, everyone who reads this Petition, please sign it….. 3,147 signatures are still needed!Canadian Real Estate Association: Tell Canadian regulators to stop real estate corruption and shadow flipping! – Sign the Petition!


Langford man sentenced for drug trafficking

CHEK NEWS Posted: Apr. 3, 2017  

40-year-old Zachary Scott Matheson sentenced for drug trafficking today on charges stemming from a major drug seizure almost four years ago. Zachary Scott Matheson, also known as Ziggy Matheson, was charged after police seized hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of cocaine, crystal meth, and ecstasy from a Langford home in June 2013. Last December, Matheson was convicted on four trafficking charges. A co-accused man earlier pleaded guilty and was given a two-and-a-half-year sentence. During sentencing this morning, the judge said Matheson was the drug operation’s mastermind and as a result his sentence needed to be longer.   Matheson was sentenced to five years in prison. Prior to Matheson’s arrest in 2013, he had been in and out of jail 7 times.


A former cop/now writer met for coffee with two friends, both retired RCMP officers like himself. It turns out that one of those cops was the informant’s handler, the informant being the person who made the November 2007 call to the Calgary Police to tell them about the drug shipment heading their way. The identity of the informant is still unclear but that day the former cop/writer Garry was told that the informant was a woman who worked in the same office as Jason at the time of Lindsay’s murder and still worked in the same office/business today.

The handler also said that the informant was brazen enough to have made a 2nd call to the Calgary Police after the bust, which triggered the 2nd cocaine search at the Hawthorne stash house. What is most disturbing, is the fact that this cop/handler who disclosed highly confidential information currently works for the BC Government in their criminal investigations department. The informant/handler also made it clear that Rianne was not the informant.

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