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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

June 15/2022 Detective Sgt Chris Horsley and the big cover-up. What is going on here?


Detective Sgt. Chris Horsley, the lead investigator on the Lindsay Buziak murder case, was the police officer who made the decision to publicly clear Jason Zailo in late 2009. Not only did the Saanich Police clear Mr. Zailo, but immediately following the Dateline Dream House Mystery show which aired in September 2010 they called a press conference and cleared his entire family. Credible sources tell us that the Zailo’s were threatening to sue the Saanich Police Department after the show and Saanich buckled under the pressure. It is extremely rare for a police department to clear a suspect so early on in an investigation, and the fact that there were so many holes in Jason Zailo’s story leaves one wondering just what was really going on.

SGT. CHRIS HORSLEY, you have been the lead investigator on this case since the very beginning. You were at the crime scene shortly after the murder, you were the cop who raced onto the tarmac two days after the murder to pick up Lindsay’s sister coming in from out of country. I find it interesting that the Saanich cop you were with that day, Tyra Reid Lamb just happened to be a good friend of Shirley Zailo’s and a cop who worked closely with Shannon Spruyt, Zachary Matheson’s now deceased girlfriend. A multitude of other officers were assigned to Lindsay’s case over the years, but only you were front and centre for 14 years. Right up until the day you retired in February of this year. It just never ceases to amaze me what goes on in Victoria and who’s connected to who.

Sgt. Chris Horsley wrote his thesis on media relations, and has been a media relations officer with the Saanich Police since 1997. Not only that, he has taught media relations to other officers and the private sector. So when publicly speaking about this murder investigation he has the skillset to choose his words wisely, his favorite line being, “what I can say is this”. His twist on words play well to his audience, and in the end we get nothing but “bubble-wrapped hogwash” created by Sgt. Chris Horsley and the powers that be at the Saanich Police Department.

Seemingly, this cop’s expertise lies in media relations and not in homicide investigations.

Comments made by Tyra Reid Lamb on Shirley Zailo’s facebook page. Yes, they are definitely friends.

Tyra Reid Lamb to Shirley Zailo

Gorgeous! !

Love this pic of you!

Are you getting younger ?!!

Well u look dynamite my friend!

SGT. CHRIS HORSLEY, you have repeatedly said that Jason Zailo cooperated with the Saanich Police in every way, and that he took a polygraph and passed. However, officers who were present at the crime scene the night of Lindsay’s murder say that Jason was rude to the cops and that he showed a complete lack of concern for a guy who had just lost the woman he loved. You also made the statement that Jason successfully took part in all your interviews. As Jason has told the police so many lies how can you consider those interviews successful Sgt. Horsley? Is it considered successful when you just show up, regardless of all the lies you told? You take every opportunity you can to support Jason Zailo while so many others cops do not.

You can listen to what Det. Sgt. Chris Horsley had to say about Jason Zailo at 12:41 into this video.

UNSOLVED: Who killed Lindsay Buziak? Realtor believed to be targeted – YouTube


SGT. CHRIS HORSLEY, the police notes obtained through the courts by journalist Zander Sherman clearly state that Lindsay was said to have eaten quickly – wanting to get home to change before meeting her clients at the 1702 DeSousa property. However, this statement does not fit with the facts. Lindsay was talking on the phone with a friend when she entered Sauce – it was 3:00 pm. Jason and Lindsay paid the bill at Sauce at 4:24 pm, then left.

This was a 1.24 hour lunch and that would imply that Lindsay was not feeling rushed at all,

On the Dateline show, host Josh Mankiewicz said that Jason and Lindsay left the restaurant, both going their separate ways. Jason was going to SHC, an auto shop about 5 minutes away, and Lindsay over to the house to meet her big money clients. Josh made no mention of Lindsay going home to change first. It just seems more likely that Lindsay’s intentions were to drive straight over to the DeSousa property when she left the restaurant.

Depending on traffic her approximate time of arrival at DeSousa would be 5:00 pm. It makes no sense that she would need to go home and change, it makes far more sense that she arrived at the restaurant suitably dressed for the appointment. SGT. CHRIS HORSLEY, Jason Zailo is the only person that could have told you that Lindsay went home to change, so what corroborating evidence to you have to support this?

The only way the police could be certain that Lindsay went home to change is if the clothing she was wearing at the crime scene was different from the clothing she was wearing at the restaurant, or if the police have a witness that saw Lindsay arriving or leaving her 68 Songhees condo building in that small window of time between 4:35 pm and 4:50 pm. There were no security cameras at the front entrance to her building in 2008 so there would be no camera footage. Is your only evidence Jason Zailo’s word, or was the server at Sauce able to remember what Lindsay was wearing which would back up Jason’s story that Lindsay went home to change?

Sgt. Chris HORSLEY, the police files say, The man who Lindsay met at the house was wearing a “classy” brown jacket that probably fell below his waist, according to Zailo. Once again sir, everything is according to Zailo. The Saanich Police supposedly had two outside witnesses that saw the couple greeting Lindsay, so why are the police notes only referring to what Jason Zailo saw, and no mention of what the two witnesses saw? There is no reference as to when the police notes were written but I’ll assume it was shortly after the murder. How is it that Jason is giving you a fairly good description of the man he saw, but on the Dateline show in 2010 Jason said he only saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door? It’s statements like this sir, that leave us saying, what the hell is going on here.

Sgt. Chris Horsley, Zander Sherman said that reading the police documents gives the impression that the sound of Zailo’s vehicle prompted the couple to abandon their plan of leaving out the front door and instead flee out the back, as police have said they did.  Yet you sir, told the press that the man & woman were standing outside the front door, saw Jason turn into the cul-de-sac, then quickly turned and went back in. Which is it Sgt. Horsley, was it the sound of Jason’s vehicle that scared them back into the house and straight out the back, or was it that they saw Jason’s vehicle pull into the cul-de-sac when they were standing outside the front door?

SGT. CHRIS HORSLEY, the police notes state that while Lindsay was getting ready for the showing, Zailo went to SHC Autographx, an auto shop five minutes from Sauce. The owners had apparently hired Buziak to help sell a property, and Zailo seems to have gone there to present an offer.  Sgt. Horsley, one minute you have Jason Zailo listing a property at SHC, then you have him presenting an offer, just what the heck is going on here. In 2017 you spoke on CHEK News and said that Jason was going to the DeSousa property because he had real estate papers for Lindsay to sign.

There were no real estate documents for Lindsay to sign that night sir, in fact, there was nothing Lindsay needed to sign that night. Why, because there was no deal that Lindsay and Jason were working on that night. Either you lied in order to protect Jason Zailo or you believed Jason’s story and ran with it. One thing is for certain, you were sloppy in your police work, and you did not interview people that should have been interviewed. If you had you would have known that Jason’s story was in fact, a lie. Sgt. Horsley, a hard-working detective/investigator who really cared about solving a murder would have done that, you chose not to.

DETECTIVE SGT. CHRIS HORSLEY, you have about the same number of holes in your stories as Jason has in his. Your stories both match up so well, it’s almost as if the two of you got together and planned what you were going to say.

Sgt. HORSLEY, if you refer to the page dated April 26/2022 you will see there were 32 questions I asked you that day. At that time, I asked that you respond, but as of today’s date, you have failed to comply with my request. Today, I am asking more questions of you, and if you do not reply it only leaves the public wondering what you are hiding. Once again, my email address is below, and I look forward to hearing from you.


EXCLUSIVE: Unsealed police documents reveal previously unknown details about the death of Lindsay Buziak – Capital Daily

Email Address: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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