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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Oct 22/2023 Lindsay Buziak’s murder – a conspiracy of epic proportions

Lindsay’s murder was a conspiracy of epic proportions with the main players deeply entrenched in a web of deceit.  

Someone believed they could leverage the scenario to their own advantage, but in time came to realize they were in way over their head with no way out.  He/she now had a large target on their back and couldn’t afford to make one mistake. If they gave up who was at the top someone would die, and the top dog would know this.  The only recourse was to keep his/her mouth shut. From the very start of the investigation the cops should have been looking deep into this person’s every move in the months leading up to Lindsay’s murder, but sadly, that never happened.

Didn’t this family vacation in Mexico every year – and what other countries did they visit around the time Lindsay’s murder was being planned? If the money was flowing freely around the time of Lindsay’s murder it was coming from somewhere, and he/she was probably being paid well for their role in this murder for hire. They were working for someone very powerful ……. just who was it. It had to be someone so powerful that they have been able to avoid detection for all these years, and to do that they’d have to have some major connections.

For Lindsay to be such a liability she would have to have seen something that would have taken some powerful people down.  Is there a powerful family in the Saanich/Victoria community that used this person to launder large amounts of cash and do back door real estate transactions.  Whoever it was would have to have known this person for a very long time because it takes years to build up that kind of trust.  There has to have been a powerful family in Victoria pulling the strings.”

We’ve been told many times by the Saanich Police that the planning of Lindsay’s murder began in late November 2007,

the same time the burner phone was purchased in Vancouver, and the same time that a Victoria realtor contacted the Calgary Police to rat out the cocaine shipment heading their way. As the 8M Calgary drug bust did not happen until late January 2008, The Delalcazars had no reason to want Lindsay dead or to be planning Lindsay’s murder in late November 07. As far as they knew, she had done them no wrong. A lot of time, thought & energy went into planning this crime.

If the above scenario is true, it is consistent with someone who is trying to bring down a rival drug gang and further see themselves as immunized from identification. The informant might have thought that her informer’s immunity extended to Lindsay, or not. But either way, it would have been reckless to disclose anything with respect to Lindsay, but it may have been necessary to make the information valuable to the RCMP. We know that Lindsay was not the informant, but it doesn’t mean that she did not inform to the Zailos – and we don’t know if the RCMP would have owed Lindsay any duty of protection in this scenario.

The scenario is also consistent with someone trying to throw someone else under the bust, for whatever reason, be it vindictiveness or to cast suspicion elsewhere. Either way, recklessness or intentional, it worked insofar as the informant has never been exposed and with the passage of time her risk was probably reduced. The informant’s identity would have been covered by absolute privilege, and that would make it impossible for the Saanich Police to link her to any conspiracy without other independent evidence. The informant would know this and the RCMP were acting in a manner that is consistent with protecting their informant. That said, the RCMP may very well regret this deal with hindsight knowledge.

It took the perfect setting, the perfect alibi and the perfect get-a-way, all orchestrated by one mastermind who needed Lindsay dead and could not afford to make one mistake.

It makes far more sense that the original plan was to rat out the Delalcazar group to the cops in Calgary. Then, all the planners had to do was sit back and wait for the big bust to happen. The minute the bust went down, the conspirators put their plan into action, leaving just enough time after the bust that the cops would never suspect their involvement. Deflection!

If the above scenario is true, it is consistent with someone who is trying to bring down a rival drug gang and further see themselves as immunized from identification. The informant might have thought that her informer’s immunity extended to Lindsay, or not. But either way, it would have been reckless to disclose anything with respect to Lindsay, but it may have been necessary to make the information valuable to the RCMP.

“Let’s wait until one week after the bust.” Leaves us just enough time to create the illusion that Lindsay was killed because she had ratted out the drug bust.”

Well, anyone who knew Lindsay knew that was something she would never have done. It’s even possible that the planners had encouraged Lindsay’s visit to Calgary just before Xmas 2007, another ideal diversion when the cops came calling. Put the blame on Lindsay, she was in Calgary visiting her father and visited a member of the Delalcazar family while she was there. But did she really? There has never been any evidence to prove that one way or the other. Oh, yes, the perfect plan.

There was a lot of pre-planning that went on in this murder for hire, an artfully designed plan carried out by a squeaky tight group, who as family members, would be guaranteed never to talk. Have Lindsay murdered, then when all hell breaks loose, deflect the investigation away from themselves and point the finger directly at the people involved in the Calgary Drug Bust. A brilliant plan indeed which would have taken some creative devious minds to concoct. Set up the Delalcazar group to get busted, then misdirect the entire investigation by feeding the cops false information.

Always follow the money. People involved in financial crimes and fraud do it through smurfing and other forms of money laundering.

It’s done to avoid triggering financial institutions to file reports required by law, avoiding detection at all costs. Offshore accounts are often set up in another country and it would be a taunting task for law enforcement to track these accounts, however if that had been done right from the very beginning, they may have gotten the evidence to prove his/her involvement in this conspiracy to murder Lindsay.” None of this was ever done because the police were too busy chasing the ghosts in Calgary, never dreaming that the evidence was right under their nose in their own community.

In 2008, the Saanich Police had us all believing that the Delalcazars were responsible for Lindsay Buziak’s murder.

We all fed into that theory very nicely, and why not. Shouldn’t we trust that our local police department knew what they were doing? In fact, Insp. Rob McColl and Sgt. Chris Horsley appeared on Dateline November 2010 and once again pointed the finger at the people involved in the Calgary Drug bust. One week after the Dateline show aired, the Saanich Police made a press statement in which they announced that they had cleared the entire Zailo family of having any involvement whatsoever in Lindsay Buziak’s murder. Yet, just one week prior to the Dateline show the Saanich Police came forward saying they had reached a brick wall and were desperate for help. So, one week they are desperate for help and the next week they are clearing the people who many believed could be involved in the murder.

ON DATELINE, McColl actually said, “it could be that the mastermind and the killer were one and the same person.


Today I do not believe for one minute that the Delalcazars or Vid had the power or the intelligence to pull off such an elaborate scheme to commit murder. It’s possible that their Uncle Cirilo Lopez called the hit but for sure Cirilo would never have trusted his loser nephews to find their way to the crime scene. Vid Acevedo & Erickson Delalcazar are nothing but local drug dealers who have never even had a real job. They pimp out woman, then beat them when they step out of line, and this has been going on for years long before and long after Lindsay was murdered.

They laugh at our pathetic justice system and are frequent fliers in the courts knowing that each and every time they go before a judge their charges will be dropped/stayed, because the women they beat are too afraid to testify against them. They are pathetic losers, but their involvement in this particular does not even seem in the realm of possibility.

If you can see past the Delalcazars and the drug connection things become much clearer. This heinous crime may have been strictly personal, someone filled with enough anger, jealously and rage that they wanted Lindsay dead at any cost. Or it could very well involve real estate, money laundering, and fraud and that can surely be a recipe for murder. With that came the necessity to shut Lindsay up before she destroyed their entire empire with what she knew.


What if the SDP has got the identity of the true killers wrong. All the drug-related tangents would suggest this possibility and, accordingly, made a colossal and irreversible error in investigatory judgment by prematurely clearing the Zailos. Many unanswered questions remain about Jason’s behavior and comments, Shirley’s comments, and, in any event, everyone closely tied to a crime remains a suspect until the killer(s) is/are identified, or the Saanich Police cleared the Zailos as part of a bigger coverup from the onset. We have no evidence of any coverup and can only speculate in this regard.



Was there really a new team of investigators brought onto the scene in February 2021 like the press release stated? Were the cops doing another round of interviews like the Saanich Police claimed? If so, what have they accomplished so far and why have we not seen arrests? Was this new promise of advanced DNA technology simply a way of appeasing the public, because I think the public has tired of the appeasement process. Just when will all these dead-end promises come to an end, after all it has been 2 1/2 years now, and still nothing.

In a press release dated January 31/2021, File #08-2682 Const. Markus Anastasiades made this statement.

“A new team of investigators has been working with the FBI to re-examine the murder of Lindsay Buziak, who was stabbed to death while showing an empty home in a Saanich cul-de-sac in February 2/2008. Investigators are reviewing and retesting evidence, including items from the crime scene as well as digital evidence. Technology not available at the time of the crime has allowed up to develop new investigative leads.” Investigators Police in Saanich, B.C., say advancements in technology, including DNA analysis, have helped create new leads in the unsolved murder case of a real estate agent killed during a showing more than 10 years ago.

As many of you have likely seen in the media lately, advancements in fields such as genealogy and DNA analysis has led to resolution in many other cases,” he continued. On Sunday, police said technology developed since Buziak’s death has highlighted additional leads and forensic evidence. New advances in forensic DNA technology have led to major breakthroughs in cold cases, particularly in the United States. Genetic genealogy — a new technique in which DNA samples are used to find relatives of suspects and then the suspects themselves — has led police to dozens of killers in recent years.

It’s one thing to know that the Saanich Police were unable to solve this crime, but to learn that the RCMP and the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit has not been able to solve it either is most disheartening. It really has me believing that for some unknown reason law enforcement does not want Lindsay’s murder solved. And there lies the big question? Who is so powerful that they have been able to block this investigation from the very start.


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