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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

June 18/2023 Lindsay Buziak Murder review. A mix of facts & theories.


In the 15 years since Lindsay Buziak’s murder multiple theories have been talked about, but very little has ever been discussed as to who the main informant might have been, that one person who made the initial call to the Calgary Police in November 2007 and triggered the High Noon Investigation. An investigation that led to the arrest of Erickson Delalcazar and Graham Scott Taylor on January 22 2008, then 10 days later to the murder of Lindsay Buziak. Who is the main informant and what was their motivation for making that call?

If the main informant was in the Zachary Matheson camp we can safely say the motivation was not to assist law enforcement and society. The motive was to eliminate a rival or to divert suspicion from one’s own criminal activities.

The main informant who made the call to the Calgary Police Department in late November 2007,

to inform on the drug shipment heading from Victoria to Calgary was allegedly a woman who worked in the Re/Max office at the time of Lindsay’s murder. That Calgary Bust was the largest ever in the Province of Alberta’s history, 80 kilos of cocaine and $500K in cash, an 8 million dollar loss. (street value)

If anyone asked this woman if she was the main informant, she would likely have said no, and denied any involvement. After all, her identity had been well-protected for 15 long years. If the time ever comes that she comes clean and admits that she is the main informant, she will have such a great story to weave as to why she did it, that many will believe her. But people with critical thinking skills will see right through her storytelling. That call to the Calgary Police in November 2007 was not a genuine desire to assist law enforcement and society – there was an ulterior motive for this woman’s actions.

That same woman made a 2nd call to the Calgary Police in late January 2008, right after Erickson Delalcazar’s arrest. She called to say, “you missed the motherload, it’s it in safe”. This person had to be someone who was very close to someone involved in drug trafficking – and someone who would have inside information about what was going on in the Delalcazar camp.



Informants, and especially criminal informants, can be motivated by many reasons. Many informants are not themselves aware of all of their reasons for providing information, but nonetheless do so. Many informants provide information while under stress, duress, emotion and other life factors that can affect the accuracy or veracity of information provided.

Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and others should be aware of possible motivations so that they can properly approach, assess and verify informants’ information.

Generally, informants’ motivations can be broken down into self-interest, self-preservation and conscience.

A list of possible motivations includes:


  • Financial reward
  • Pre-trial release from custody
  • Withdrawal or dismissal of criminal charges
  • Reduction of sentence
  • Choice of location to serve sentence
  • Elimination of rivals or unwanted criminal associates.
  • Elimination of competitors engaged in criminal activities.
  • Diversion of suspicion from their own criminal activities.
  • Revenge


Fear of harm from others.

Threat of arrest or charges.

Threat of incarceration.

Desire for witness protection program.


Desire to go straight

Guilty conscience

Genuine desire to assist law enforcement and society.


In 2009, after cooperating fully with the Saanich Police Department, the Zailo family was cleared of having any involvement in Lindsay Buziak’s murder. In 2010, shortly after the Dateline show aired, Saanich Police spokesperson Dean Jantzen said, “the Zailo family, which includes Shirley Zailo, Ryan Zailo and Jason Zailo have met with our detectives over the past couple of days of their own free will, and have satisfied every investigative request that our detectives have had of them”

In a 2009 interview, Police Chief Derek Egan cautioned that the silence from the Saanich Police on the file wasn’t a sign they did not have a suspect. He said detectives often keep information close to their chest during an investigation. They might have a strong suspect in mind but need more evidence or witnesses.

Clearing this entire family lent to the premise that the Saanich Police already had suspects in their field of vision, and may even have known the male and female that entered the DeSousa property with Lindsay that night. But without DNA evidence, fingerprints or witness testimony they were unable to make arrests. It was clear that the murderers took great care not to leave evidence at the scene of the crime that could incriminate them.

On the Dateline NBC show which aired September 10 2010 Inspector Rob McColl made this statement.

“This is a criminal conspiracy of some significance and could involve a large amount of money, large amount of drugs. It could be that considerable wrong was done to whoever the financier was. One of the two people at the home could be the mastermind, and the money man”.

McColl’s statement made it abundantly clear that the cops had been on the Calgary Drug Bust theory from day one and were still on it today, and – why after the Dateline showed aired in September 2010, they called an extraordinary news conference to quell rumors about the involvement of the boyfriend and his family.

To suggest that a realtor who worked in the Re/Max office conspired to have Lindsay Buziak murdered inside a Re/Max listed property was a far reach, but certainly not impossible. There was some circumstantial evidence to suggest that this realtor may have had some involvement in the planning of Lindsay’s murder, then there was the highly suspicious behavior of Jason Zailo in the 24-hours leading up to the murder.

Jason arrived at the DeSousa home accompanied by his friend, Cohen Oatman, just minutes after the murder, so clearly Jason is not the one who murdered Lindsay. Jason’s mother Shirley claimed she was at her home on Haida Drive at the time of the murder. Ryan Zailo was 20 kilometers away at a friend’s home, and his alibi is supported by people that were with him. On the surface, no member of this family had a clear motive to want Lindsay dead, therefore the police focused on the Calgary Drug Bust, but at the same time considered that there could be some connection to the Zailo family.


The Saanich Police were convinced that Lindsay’s murder was connected to to the Calgary Drug Bust, and for that reason their full concentration was spent in Calgary that first year. It all began in late November 2007 – when someone in Victoria picked up the phone, contacted the Calgary Police Department and told them about the shipment of drugs heading to Calgary. That lead to a year long investigation, with two arrests made in January 2008, and another 12 arrests made later that year. Whoever made that November call was either someone on the inside of the operation, or someone on the outside who had been told about the operation by an insider.


Whoever made the late November 2007 call to the Calgary Police wanted Erickson Delalcazar to go down in flames – and they succeeded. After the Calgary Bust the Delalcazars, Vid Acevedo, Medardo Rivas Franco, Miguel Rivas Franco & Leo Beltran were left scrambling to recover from their huge financial loss and the Delalcazars were no longer drug kingpins in Victoria.

The main informant made that call to the Calgary Police for one of two reasons. 1) They were an honest law-biding citizen who knew that making the call was the right thing to do – 2) they were a competitor who knew that their own business could prosper if the Delalcazar’s were hurt financially, or 3) there were trying to protect someone close to them for reasons not yet known.


Lindsay’s best friend Rianne worked inside the Re/Max office as a part-time receptionist, and the fact that Rianne spoke fluent Spanish, and had been dating Vid Acevedo around the time of the murder made her the perfect scapegoat. If someone inside that Re/Max office wanted to lead the police in the direction of the Calgary Drug Bust, all they had to do was point the finger at Rianne. They might even had told the cops that Rianne had access to the real estate files, therefore could have accessed the DeSousa file. That story however did not hold water, as the manager, support staff and realtors all had access.

Sgt. Chris Horsley said in a press statement that people were being woken up in their beds in the middle of the night and asked who they had talked to. That meant that the people who lost money in the Calgary Drug Bust were out for blood – determined to find out who the person was that ratted them out. What if, right after the Calgary Drug bust went down, the informant who allegedly worked in that office told Rianne that Lindsay was the informant – in the hopes that Rianne would run back to Vid with the information?

As Vid hated Lindsay, this is all it would have taken for him to believe that Lindsay was the informant. Rianne was an innocent victim who may have been set up by the informant who wanted to take the heat off of herself , and with what the informant knew about Rianne, she, and the others involved, had everything they needed to throw Rianne under the bus. Someone lured Lindsay to the DeSousa house that night and that person was not Rianne.

Let’s not forget that Rianne was the maid of honour at Vid’s sister’s wedding, a ceremony which took place in Las Vegas August 2008. If Rianne believed for one moment that the guys connected to the January 2008 Calgary drug bust had anything to do with Lindsay’s murder, she would never have played a part in Vid’s sister’s wedding. She believed then that someone in the Zailo family was responsible for Lindsay’s murder, whether she still believes that today is another story.

Few people know where Rianne is, she has kept a very low profile over the last few years. Who can blame her, she was labelled a person of interest in Lindsay’s murder years ago, harrassed by the cops, and left with few people she could trust, relying on her own instincts for survival. Rianne still has friends out there but chooses to keep her distance. There was one bb friend that Rianne had, however, believing that friend had betrayed her, Rianne cut all ties. Truth is, there was someone out there who wanted to divide them, break their friendship and that person was successful in doing just that. Sometimes it’s best not to believe everything we hear/read, better to ask questions before we jump to conclusions.


ON CRIME WATCH DAILY:  “She received a cold call out of the blue from clients requesting to purchase a house over the weekend,” said Saanich Police Sgt. Chris Horsley.

“The lady phoned and said ‘We need to have a house set up,’ some fairly specific parameters: it needed to be immediately move-in ready, and had to be 15-20 minutes from downtown. They were looking at a home in the million-dollar range. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD19yzLHtRk

Rianne would never have given the 1702 DeSousa address to Vid, it is more likely that the informant suggested to Lindsay that she show the DeSousa property to her clients. The buyer’s only goal was to lure Lindsay to the DeSousa house that night, then murder her, and someone on the inside of the Re/Max office was there to make sure the operation went smoothly.

After Lindsay’s murder, Rianne spent years telling anyone who would listen that she quit her job because she was afraid of the Zailo’s, yet she would never say why. She said, “When I was told about Lindsay’s death, I knew the Zailos had killed her – before I was even told how she died. The Zailo’s are pure evil.” Rianne refused to-co-operate with the police, even denied their request for a polygraph? Rianne’s hate/anger towards the Saanich Police may have been justified, because what if the informant  was feeding the Saanich Police false information about Rianne, confident that her status in the community would make her story believable.


but she has no explanation as to why. Rianne spent years telling anyone who would listen that the Zailo’s were evil, but never offered anything further. After the Calgary Drug bust, the “alleged” head of the operation Leo Beltran was on the warpath and determined to find who ratted the group out – and that’s when the witch-hunt began.

Was Rianne one of the women who was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night? Did Rianne know that Vid was in charge of the drug shipment headed to Calgary prior to the bust – or did she find out after the fact? Someone was going to die, and you can be sure Rianne did not want to be that person – and who could blame her. One very good reason for her silence all these years.

Rianne loved Lindsay and she would never have told Vid that Lindsay had ratted them out. Vid hated Lindsay, so if he was told that she was the informant he would have believed it. The person who devised the plan to lure Lindsay to the DeSousa house that night was no doubt the the same person who worked in the Re/Max office and directly or indirectly made certain that the 1702 DeSousa house was the 1st home Lindsay showed. That would not be Rianne, it was more apt to have been the main informant.


Thee Calgary Drug bust group did not know who the main informant was, but they may have been tipped off that it was someone from the Re/Max office. Lindsay worked in the Re/Max office and she had visited her dad in Calgary in December. Someone could easily have pointed the finger at Lindsay. If Rianne knew anything, she was in a situation where the smartest thing for her to do was keep her mouth shut. Erickson was denied bail on February 1st so he was not one of the guys out there looking to find the informant.


Jason knew that Lindsay was planning on leaving him and so did his mother. “If” Lindsay really did see something she shouldn’t have, it could have been money laundering within the Zailo/Ziggy Matheson camp, and that seemingly may have been motive enough to have Lindsay killed. It is well known that criminal organizations eliminate those who become a serious threat to them. At the end of November 2007 the main informant called the Calgary Police to tell them about the drugs enroute to Calgary. Clearly, the informant had a reason for making that call, but what the reason was we will likely never know.

What if, the informant was setting up a murder opportunity? Have the Delalcazar’s busted, then after the bust goes down, have Lindsay murdered and blame it on the people involved in the Calgary Drug bust. After all, those guys were sure to want retribution against whoever ratted them out.

Erickson Delalcazar was busted in Calgary on January 22nd 2008 just like the main informant and her group had counted on.  Once that bust went down the group was scrambling to find out who ratted them out – waking people up in the middle of the night and putting the fear of god into them. Now all the informant’s group had to do was to put out the word that Lindsay was the one who ratted them out. Someone called a hit on Lindsay and she was murdered. Could that have been the reason that Vid Acevedo/Delalcazar’s were on the warpath right after Lindsay’s murder? Did they realize that they had been set up by the informant and her group.


It was said that Cirilo Lopez was the guy who called the hit. He was high up in the ranks of the organization and he was the uncle of the Delalcazar brothers. Cirilo was very protective of his nephews and may have wanted retribution, especially if he was one of the ones who had financed that drug shipment to Calgary. Once Lindsay was gone she was no longer a threat to the informant’s business. Now, the “alleged” informant told the Saanich Police that Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff was good friends with the Delalcazar brothers and that Lindsay was friends with that group. She told the police that Lindsay’s good friend Rianne was the receptionist in her office and that Rianne was probably the person who fed the new 1702 DeSousa listing into the computer system. If that is what happened, the plan was brilliant.


Perhaps the Saanich Police knew that Rianne was going out with Vid Acevedo at the time of the murder but if they didn’t you can be sure the informant would have told them. Of course the Saanich detectives took the word of this well-respected realtor in the community It was most interesting that a realtor in that Re/Max office went on Dateline NBC and told the world that Lindsay was afraid of her ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff when everyone knew it wasn’t true. Now that is a real deflection.


We know someone made a call to the Calgary Police and ratted out the Delalcazar’s, and that right after Lindsay’s murder Zachary Matheson called a meeting of his close associates to formulate a plan to protect the Zailos from Edgar Ovidio Acevedo (Vid). One of those associates Zachary called was his good buddy Steef de frel. Steef and Jason used to work out at the gym together. Today, Steef is a full patch HA member and is on Shirley Zailo’s facebook friend’s list.

Why would the Zailos’ need protection from Vid? Was Vid concerned that Jason recognized the killer at the 1702 DeSousa house or did Vid realize that someone in the Re/Max office had set them up to take the fall in Calgary. If Zachary Matheson and the Zailos were not close friends, why would Zachary jump in to protect the Zailos from Vid? If Zachary Matheson knew about the Delalcazar’s drug shipment headed to Calgary who else in his circle knew?


Rianne would know, but it makes more sense that she found out after the bust. It is well known that drug dealers/gangsters keep their business to themselves and don’t share with girlfriends. On the off chance that Rianne did know about the shipment going to Calgary prior to the bust, she could have shared that information with a friend – and that friend would have been Lindsay. However, that theory does not wash, because we know that Lindsay was not the informant. The theory that makes far more sense is that the main informant was deeply entrenched in the Zachary Matheson camp and their source was an insider within the Delalcazar camp.


were arrested in the High Noon Operation but not until late summer 2008. Both were charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Alycia received seven years and served 3. The police said, “there is a large group of people that have first-hand knowledge about what happened but they are not talking. Who was that large group of people the police were talking about?


In the fall of 2015 two police officers knocked at at Rianne Garcia’s door. One was a Saanich police officer, and the other was an RCMP Serious Crimes officer from the mainland. Rianne was taken by surprise and not happy about their unexpected visit. She denied them entry but agreed to meet with them at the Victoria police station. Rianne knew she had no choice but to co-operate, because if she did not they could show up at her place of employment like they had done previously.

She experienced their intimidation tactics first-hand – the cops were tracking her every move after Lindsay’s murder. They showed up at her workplace and other places she went. it. Did the well-respected Zailo family tell he Saanich Police that Rianne was involved in Lindsay’s murder – and if so, did the Saanich Police believe it?


Rianne was unemployed for a long time after. She needed time to recover from the trauma of losing such a close friend. Later, she went from one job to another, then in 2015 she landed a good position with the government. However, the stress of that new job was too much for her, and she was compelled to take another leave of absence. This was not the first time Rianne had lost a close friend, and no young person should have to deal with such tragedy in their young life. Rianne wasn’t trusting anyone at that time and she had filed harassment complaints against individuals who reached out to her wanting to talk. Just imagine if she has been telling the truth all along and that she had been set her up by the conspirators.


Speculation about Jason Zailo’s involvement in Lindsay’s murder has never ended. But remember, he was cleared by the Saanich Police, and was no long a suspect. However, here we are 15 years later and many people are still convinced that Jason played a role in Lindsay’s murder. Things could have been so different – but unfortunately Jason’s lies and actions have left a trail of suspicion behind him.

Jason acquired his real estate license in 2005 and his mortgage broker’s license in 2007. He was 26 years old.  It is unclear what Jason did for a living prior to 2007 . Jason sold 3 homes in 2007 and 2 in 2008. Not enough income to even make a living – yet his attire and the vehicles he drove portrayed him as a realtor bringing in 300K a year. It’s been said by many that Jason was very lazy and relied on his mother for everything. He never paid his taxes on time and had registered CRA judgements against him. Every year he let his mortgage broker’s license lapse – always doing a late renewal. Jason needed constant babysitting and the girlfriends he lived with were always very accommodating and would do his work for him.

Perhaps this is the reason Jason never owned property up until a few years ago. He made very little money until he got his Dominion Lending franchise up and running, so probably would not have qualified for a mortgage in the early years. He always drove luxury vehicles even though their is no paperwork to support that he could afford the payments on the vehicles he owned/leased.

Jason did not like real estate, and perhaps that is why he was not successful in the business. In early 2009 Jason purchased a Dominion Lending Franchise.  In fairness, a Dominion Lending franchise can be purchased for a mere $25,000. However, the operating costs of the business the 1st few years can be costly – and I would suspect that leasing space at Upton is very dear. You would need to have some savings tucked away to start up and maintain a business like that the first few years. If it was Jason’s mother Shirley who put up the money for the franchise it would come as no surprise.


The plaintiff won the case, but in the process he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of the deal. Non-disclosure agreements are a way to protect confidential information meant to be kept under wraps. So we will never know the amount the plaintiff sued for or the amount he was awarded. What is most interesting, is that when Jason pulled up to the Duncan Court house in his truck, he was accompanied by his mother Shirley Zailo.

Not in a separate vehicle but in the passenger seat of Jason’s truck. Why would a 33-year old guy need to bring his mother with him? Why, because, whenever Jason is in trouble his mother is right there to bail him out. Jason has been living the high live since Lindsay’s murder – he has built a few homes up on Bear Mountain, and just recently moved into his new 2M dollar property.

For a few years Jason loved touring around in his sleek black Audi 8. (130G) It made him look like the big man around town. In time, he gave up his Audi 8, and is driving his new truck, a Ford 150 2019 Raptor. When Jason is not golfing you will find him hanging out with the “in crowd” at JACK’S PLACE – the clubhouse on Bear Mountain. 



Access to Jason and Lindsay’s 68 Songhees Place condo had been sealed off right after the murder. Jason stayed at his mother’s house on Haida Drive during that time. This meant that Jason would have a 25 minute drive just to get to Chris’s condo that night of the day he was released from the police station. You would think his mother would question why Jason was going to visit Chris Schwartz so late at night. (10:00 pm) or maybe she knew he was going to visit Schwartz and the reason for that visit.


After Lindsay’s murder the realtor scuttlebutt in Victoria was that Jason owed a lot of money to drug dealers, and if this was true, it could explain why Jason was in such a hurry to see Chris Schwartz. Maybe Jason thought it was the HA who murdered Lindsay, and that might explain why he did everything he could to stay away from the DeSousa property that fateful night. Or, Jason knew in all likelihood his movements were being watched by the Saanich Police in the days following the murder. So his visit to Chris that night could have been deliberate to give the appearance he didn’t know anything and was looking for answers. Just maybe Jason wasn’t scared at all. We do know that when Jason was greeted at Chris’s door he showed no emotion, and was cold as ice like nothing had happened. He was not acting like a man who had just lost his girlfriend to murder.

Jason’s cumulative behavior in the days leading up to Lindsay’s murder and his actions that night at the DeSousa property were bizarre and it was difficult to believe that he did not suspect that something was going to happen in the house that night. So many people have said that Jason is stupid and could never have pulled off an elaborate scheme like this. But no one is saying that Jason played any part in Lindsay’s murder, only that he might have known that something was going to happen there that night.




It is highly unlikely that the Zailo’s would be connected to the Calgary drug shipment as some have suggested. The Mexicans supplied the Delalcazar group, and the Hells Angels supplied Zachary Matheson. Leopoldo (Leo) Beltran had all the connections to the Mexican cartel and the Delalcazar’s took their orders from Leo Beltran.

The main informant’s loyalty was to Zachary Matheson, and Zachary’s supplier was the Hells Angels. The informant would not have consorted with the Delalcazar’s/Mexicans. At times the Delalcazar’s and Matheson were friends, that is evidenced by pictures posted on the web. However, when it comes to money, drug dealers will always be competitors.


ZACHARY SCOTT MATHESON had a juvenile record in Toronto Ontario for assaults, thefts, and drug trafficking.  When he moved to Victoria in the mid 90’s, he picked up where he left off in Toronto.   This career drug-dealing criminal moved up the ranks and became one of Vancouver Island’s most prominent drug traffickers.  In February 2001, Zachary Matheson was charged with the murder of Kevin Black. The charges were later dropped. Not because Zachary Matheson was innocent, but because his co-accused David Niebergall took the fall.

During the attack on Kevin Black, Zachary attacked his ex-girlfriend Shannon with the butt end of a revolver, leaving her hospitalized and severely injured. For that offense, he was charged with assault, and using a firearm while committed the assault. There was never a trial, or a conviction, because in 2001 his ex-girlfriend Shannon died of an overdose. The death was ruled an accidental overdose with no foul play suspected.


was arrested for trafficking in narcotics, and in 2014, he was charged with 4 counts of possession of cocaine, ecstasy & methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking. Zachary was running a marijuana grow operation at the 2768 Claude Road address, but the cocaine, ecstasy, and methamphetamine operation was run out of the stash house just a block away, at #306 2788 Peatt Road. Zachary had 3 grow licenses registered against the Claude Road property. One of the licenses was registered in his mother’s name “Deborah Matheson”.

At trial, the courts said, “Zachary Matheson was highly intelligent and therefore had mastered a very sophisticated drug operation”.  Mr. Matheson had been in and out of jail 7 times prior to this latest drug charge. Matheson was referred to as a high-level drug trafficker well-known for his criminal associations on the island and linked to people in organized crime groups. Why did the Zailo’s associate with this man and then deny that they knew him?


At the time of Matheson’s arrest he was living at 2768 Claude Road in Langford, a home owned by local prominent realtor Shirley Zailo. Shirley also owned the home next door at 2762 Claude Road and at one time that property was rented to Zachary’s drug associate, Ali Ziaee. The stash house at #306 2778 Peatt Road where Ziggy was arrested was just a block away from his residence at 2768 Claude Road.

When asked by CHEK NEWS about her Claude Road tenant, Shirley Zailo responded, “MY FAMILY HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE MAN THAT LIVES IN THE HOME.” That statement was untrue. Zachary was a long term tenant, and Ziggy and his mother Deborah had been friends with the Zailo family for years. Credible sources say that Matheson used to come by the Re/Max office to visit with Shirley, and they would sit and have coffee in her office. Not only that, but when the Zailo family went on holidays they often took Ziggy with them. The Zailo family and Lindsay went to Whistler on a family get-a-way over Christmas/New Years in 2007/2008. And who else was on that trip with them? Zachary Matheson.

Ryan Zailo has always had Ziggy Matheson on his Facebook friend’s list and still does today. Matheson has been Ryan’s close friend for years, he played hockey with the Zailo boys – and was an invited guest at the Zailo home on a number of occasions, even after he was arrested for drug trafficking in 2013. Shirley claims her family had no connections to the man that lived in the Claude Road house, yet she DID NOT evict Zachary Matheson who had just been arrested on a narcotics charge.

Zachary Scott Matheson’s arrest bought Shirley Zailo a great deal of negative attention but she still stood by his side. She was a realtor and manager of a well-respected real estate company and you would think the first thing she would have done is give her drug-trafficking tenant legal notice to vacate the premises. Instead, she allowed him to continue living there. There is a strong possibility that Zachary Matheson was the owner of the 2768 Claude Road home even though Shirley Zailo’s name was on the title.

ZACHARY MATHESON never had a legitimate source of income in his entire life. He ran a CASH only business selling drugs and breeding pittbulls. Shirley Zailo & her sons knew what Zachary Matheson did for a living. Matheson was released from jail in late 2019. after serving 1/3 of his 5 year sentence. He has a wife and 2 small children, and currently lives in the Victoria area.



needs someone to launder their dirty money. One realtor, one mortgage broker, one bank appraiser, who is willing to take the risk for a share of the profits is all it takes. Lawyers often encounter the proceeds of crime and money laundering, and can unwittingly facilitate the money laundering process by acting as a nominee, conducting financial and commercial transactions, incorporating companies, handling real property transfers or merely by receiving cash.




When Matheson’s mother Deborah Matheson moved back to Ontario in 2017, she said to Shirley on Facebook, “Take care of our boys Shirley.”   When Ziggy’s brother Jimmy passed away in 2018, the Zailo’s offered their condolences.  Jimmy had an extensive criminal history for drug offenses, assaults, breaking and entering etc. Shirley Zailo continued her friendship with Zachary Scott Matheson after his arrest, and made no attempt to evict him from her 2768 Claude Road property. IT IS HARD NOT TO COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT THEY WERE ALL IN BUSINESS TOGETHER.

Deborah Matheson Very lovely say hello to the boys (Men) for me💝😊Shirley Zailo Thanks Deb and will do


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When Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz asked Jason about his relationship with Lindsay, Jason said there were no problems between them – everything was fine. This was contradictory to what Lindsay’s friends said in an interview with Vancouver Island’s A Channel News.


Lindsay’s girlfriends said that Lindsay had been talking about breaking up with Jason Zailo a few months before her death. Clearly though, Lindsay had changed her mind and decided to give her relationship with Jason another try. Lindsay really wanted to be with her old boyfriend Matt, but he had recently announced his engagement to another girl. He had moved on and Lindsay was heartbroken.

Shirley Zailo told Josh that the night before Lindsay was murdered, her and Lindsay had gone for a walk together, and that Lindsay shared with her that she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend Matt. Everyone knows that Lindsay was not afraid of Matt. This statement was made by a mother trying to protect her son by putting the heat on the old boyfriend.


one morning after the murder. She said that the call was accidental, and that she had meant to call her receptionist Niki in the Re/Max office. If Jason put Nikki’s number in Shirley’s phone as she claims why wouldn’t he put in her last name too? Niki in the office spells her name with one k, while Lindsay’s friend Nikki spelled her name with two k’s, and let’s not forget, the receptionist Niki had worked in the Re/Max officer for nearly 20 years. Shirley would know her number by memory or at least had it on speed dial. Shirley’s story is not believable.

Josh MANKIEWICZ asked Jason: “There are people that say you and Lindsay were having problems”. Jason replied, “there is no truth to that whatsoever”. All Jason had to do was admit that him and Lindsay had problems in the past but that they had worked things out.

Lies have a bad habit of following you around, and in this case the lies have followed Jason and his mother for 15 years


SHAWNIGAN LAKE PROPERTY Shirley Zailo purchased the Shawnigan Lake property in the spring of 2007, and the title showed it was registered in her name She did NOT buy it for Jason and Lindsay as has been posted all over social media. She bought it for her own personal use, and for her family to enjoy, and she still owns that property today. Jason & Lindsay lived at Shawnigan Lake for a few short months, then relocated back to Victoria to be closer to work. Jason & Lindsay rented a condo at #218 68 Songhees Road. That brand new high-end luxury condo was purchased by Ryan Zailo in 2007, and the title showed it was registered in his name. However, Shirley Zailo has always claimed that the Songhees condo belonged to her.


Shirley Zailo registered a PRIVATE MORTGAGE against the Songhees condo, and Shirley was the mortgage holder. The timing is suspect and the reason for her doing that is unknown. That same property sold in late 2019, and at the time of sale it was still in Ryan’s name. A luxury real estate property purchased by a guy only 23 years old in 2007.


Rumors that Jason Zailo refused to give his DNA to the police prior to leaving the Saanich Police Station are false. Det. Chris Horsley stated, “Jason Zailo was under intense scrutiny and was co-operative in every way.” Saanich Police spokesperson Dean Jantzen stated, “Jason Zailo, Shirley Zailo, and Ryan Zailo met with our detectives over the past couple of days of their own free will, voluntarily, and have satisfied every investigative request that our detectives have had of them”


There was much speculation as to why Jason was going to the Desousa property that evening. Some say he was supposed to be there to watch over Lindsay. Jason’s story is that he and Lindsay were working on a “real estate” deal together, and that time was of the essence. He claimed he had to go to SHC first to pick up documents, then deliver the documents to Lindsay at the Desousa property. This story was fabricated. Lindsay and Jason were NOT working on a deal together. Jason was supposed to be at the house at 5:30 because Lindsay had asked him to be there. Unfortunately, he arrived 15 minutes late. Either Jason did not see the importance of being there on time, or he avoided being at the DeSousa home at 5:30 for another reason.

Why didn’t Lindsay just follow Jason over to SHC, grab the signed contract, then head over to 1702 DeSousa for the 5:30 showing?

Why did Jason need to spent an hour at SHC? He didn’t leave the SHC premises until 5:30. How long does it take to pick up a signed contract? Jason Zailo’s actions that night were irresponsible, cowardly or downright deliberate, and which one would depend on the real reason Jason did not show up at the DeSousa house at 5:30 like he had promised Lindsay he would.

Why didn’t Jason follow Lindsay to the DeSousa property in his own vehicle, stay for the 5:30 showing then go to meet his clients at SHC? Jason was friends with the owners of SHC, and sold Joe Semren a home in October 2007. If they were friends, why didn’t Jason just ask them to stop by Sauce with the signed contract? That way Lindsay would have the contract in hand, and Jason could have followed her over to the house to keep watch. Even if time was of the essence, a few hours or an overnight delay was not likely to kill the deal. So why not just wait until the next morning.


After leaving SAUCE with Lindsay at 4:30 Jason went to SHC Autographx for one reason. He was trying to list Nada Azouri’s condo – Nada was the girlfriend of owner Joe Semren. Now his wife. Lindsay played no part in that listing and even if she had she would not have needed to sign anything that night. The listing agreement for Nada’s condo at 2747 Quadra was actually signed on February 4th, so how could Lindsay have a buyer for the property when Jason hadn’t even listed the property yet? The real reason Jason was supposed to be at the house was because Lindsay was worried and had asked him to be there.

Why call your brother to get directions to the DeSousa house when you already knew where it was?

Why did Jason need to take Cohen Oatman with him that evening? Jason was not playing hockey until 10:10, so what were the 2 going to be doing between 6:00 and 10:00 pm?

Why didn’t Jason hop that fence and be the 1st person in the house? Why send your friend in first? What was Jason so afraid of?


For some reason Jason did everything he could to avoid being at the Desousa property at 5:30 that evening. Did he take Cohen Oatman along with him because he feared for his own life? Did he think the Hells Angels were after him? Lindsay did not know the name of the client she was meeting. She was meeting a couple she had never met before, in an empty house, in a quiet cu-de-sac with unoccupied new homes. Jason should have found this very suspicious.

Even if Lindsay had insisted on going alone, a responsible boyfriend, realtor/mortgage broker would have stepped in and said. “No, you are not going alone”. Jason’s mother Shirley Zailo should have known this was a high-risk situation Lindsay was walking into and she should have made certain that Lindsay did not go alone.


and which one would depend on the real reason Jason did not show up at the DeSousa house at 5:30 like he had promised Lindsay he would. He may have suspected that someone was coming for him and not Lindsay. If he feared for his own life it would explain why he asked Cohen Oatman to go with him. Either Cohen is an innocent guy or he was more involved than we know. If this were all true, Jason likely paid his debt right after Lindsay’s murder. Or his mother did. Fact is, the boys from Vancouver would never have killed Lindsay over a small drug debt.

If Shirley was aware of Jason’s drug debts, she may have been seriously concerned when Lindsay got the call to show 1702 DeSousa Place. She may have believed it was her son who was in danger. and not Lindsay. So she instructs Jason not to go anywhere near that house. Were they thinking that if Jason was not there Lindsay would be fine? But, what if the boys from Van were actually targeting Lindsay?

Then again, what if it was the main informant who was concerned when Lindsay got the call to show the DeSousa property? After all, the main informant made that November call and ratted out the Delalcazar crime group. This person would have good reason to be afraid, and they would have been very suspicious of an after-dark showing in a vacant house. The identity of the main informant is being protected because they may be a key witness if this case ever gets to trial. Who is the main informant?


10 Year Remembrance of Lindsay Buziak Murder

On February 2, 2008, local realtor Lindsay Buziak was murdered in the Gordon Head area of Saanich, British Columbia.  Since this date, investigators from the Saanich Police have worked diligently to identify, apprehend, and prosecute those responsible. As the investigation approaches the 10-year milestone since Lindsay’s murder, the Saanich Police wish to reaffirm their organizational commitment as they work towards justice for Lindsay Buziak and her family and friends.

The murder investigation conducted by the Saanich Police was subject to a review by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices (OISP), which reaffirmed the investigational processes being undertaken by Saanich Police. As with all police agencies across Canada, the standards of Major Case Management (MCM) provide a strict framework relating to the manner and structure of the police investigational team. Saanich Police participated in Strategic Advisory Groups with other homicide officers from across the Province including members of IHIT from the lower mainland. All of these steps were undertaken to ensure the highest level of investigational standards were being met.


Saanich Police have worked tirelessly with the RCMP and Victoria Police in partnerships to achieve success. After 10-years of work, we regret that success has not been achieved to date in our investigation. As with other pre-planned and targeted murders, the perpetrators and/or conspirators have taken steps to avoid apprehension by police.  We believe multiple persons have personal and first-hand knowledge regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak and have withheld this information from police. As with all criminal offences in British Columbia, the standard of Crown Counsel charge approval must be met. Saanich Police are continuing to work towards success in this investigation, and the case remains active and ongoing as we move towards a successful conclusion to this investigation.


Everything Shirley and Jason did in the 48 hours leading up to Lindsay’s murder suggests that both of them knew what was going to happen to Lindsay once she stepped inside that house.

The Saanich Police have been focused on the people involved in the Calgary Drug Bust since Day 1, therefore it is highly probable that this is the group who conspired to murder Lindsay. But never forget – someone picked up the phone, called the Calgary Police and ratted out the drugs heading to Calgary. The two events intersect and that is the connection between “the main informant” and the Calgary Drug Bust. Understandably, the identify of the main informant has been well-protected for a number of reasons. But think about this – if the main informant had not made that November 2007 call to the Calgary Police Department – chances are Lindsay Buziak would still be alive. The main informant should seriously consider tightening up her security right about now.

EMAIL ADDRESS: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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