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Leave the gangster life behind RIP Shane Wilson

200+ Gangster quotes about respect, loyalty, life, love and death

Glorifying crime has the heinous effect of normalizing abhorrent behaviour in the minds of young people, something which is terribly unhealthy. People who live in a civil society need to identify a criminal by the acts he commits. It is one thing to be loyal to a friend involved in a life of crime but it is another to accept the bad behavior without trying to help. Never lose sight of what is most important. You, your integrity, honesty and decency and who you are as a human being. Don’t let loyalty override what is most important. Doing the right thing.

Criminals make conscious decisions every day and if harm comes to others because of the bad choices they made, then only they, must bear the consequences of their actions. It is one thing to want to remember a lost one who you cared so deeply about, but it is far more important to remember that he was involved in crime. He committed serious acts of violence, and he hurt a lot of innocent people in the process. Do not glorify the man, because he was not a hero. Shane could have followed a different path in life but he chose not to. While you are out there trying to find ways to rationalize the lifestyle he chose think about the child he left behind, the mother who loved him and the friends that stood by him no matter what.

Maybe my way of thinking is TWISTED but I would like to believe Shane is up there rethinking his life CHOICES and sharing his thoughts with us.


“Don’t make a hero out of me, I do not deserve it. The gangster life I chose to follow was a bad choice and now I’ve paid the ultimate price. You all knew that day would come and so did I. But I couldn’t stop and once I made that life choice there was no turning back. Drugs kill, violence kills, drugs destroy families, violence destroys families, sexual assault destroys the soul and leaves irreparable damage. Is that the legacy any of us want to leave behind? What did we think we were going to accomplish when we set out thinking this was the life for us? We were so young , making bad choices, too young to even care, too young to think far enough ahead of what could happen to us. We lived in the moment, we lived for the thrill, the high, the booze, the women and to hell with whoever got in our way”.

Guys, I’ve made some good friends up here and just like me they saw the light before they got to the gates. We are on a different path up here on the hill, and so far I am really liking it. I never played hockey, threw a basketball, went bowling or watched the Disney Channel, now I am doing all these things which I never had an opportunity to do before. I’ve living the dream, the childhood I never had and I am liking it lots. There are some girls up here I kind of like and I treat them with respect because that is the new path I am on. So far there are no guys up here looking to take me on or start a turf war.

If that happens I will just have to sit them down and tell them that I am not a fighter anymore. I am no longer in the ring. I am simply looking for a peaceful existence where love comes before hate, where trust has a meaning, where friendship means supporting without expecting anything in return. Happiness is there for the taking, reach out and take your share, you are entitled and don’t let anyone tell you differently”.


Avoid the temptation of being a gangster, I can tell you from experience it’s not the life I thought it would be.

“It’s not the crowd you want to play with. They are not your friends, not the type of friends that will always have your back. Gangsters let you in, treat you like family, but you will soon find out they are only your friends as long as you have something to offer. Once you are no longer useful things change. Don’t do the drugs, don’t commit the crime because you will do the time just like I am doing now. You say you love me so I ask you to prove it. Make something better of yourself, look in the mirror and see what a good person you are, or what a good person you can be. Don’t be judged by anyone other than yourself. You have the power to choose your destiny. Make the right choices in life, your future is in your hands. Find your passion and the world will be yours.

Thank you to Robert who wrote a letter about me and posted it on his facebook page. He knew me better than anyone and he was a true friend always there in the good times and the bad. Always trying to steer me in the right direction when I got off track. He loved me unconditionally, he knew my pain, he knew my past yet he always stood by me no matter what. I am going to have a good life up here so you don’t have to worry about me. Worry about yourselves, your loved ones. Live a good life, an honest life, treat people with kindness and respect as you would expect them to treat you. Remember, while people may seem happy on the outside they could be suffering real pain inside. Avoid toxic people, they will only create chaos and confusion and often only want to take you down. When people want to see you fall it is because it makes them feel better about themselves”.

“I hope I can find a friend like Robert up here that I can share my life story with. It would help to ease the burden I have carried with me all these years. I don’t know just when I got off the track in my life, all I know is that since I have arrived up here I am not the same person I was down there. I’m feeling so good so don’t you worry about me. I will check in with you guys from time to time to make sure you are listening to my good advice. Please don’t disappoint me guys, but if you do just know I will always be your friend”

“Please don’t make the same mistakes I did. I am responsible for the choices I made and if I had to live my life over again I would try to do things differently. Please don’t follow in my footsteps, it’s not the path you want to go down. Live a full life, treat family and friends with respect because when you really think about it family and true friends is all that really matters. If you are in pain reach out and ask for help before you fall so deep into that hole of sadness that you can’t crawl back out. How many more of us need to die before we realize the gangster life is a short life, that the cheap thrills and highs are not worth the risks we took to get there. I am gone but I am not far away and I will be watching.”


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