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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

May 23/2022 Could this lawsuit brought on by Shirley Zailo have been avoided?

Since Shirley Zailo filed this recent lawsuit against Lindsay Buziak’s father she has brought more attention to herself than she likely ever imagined possible.

If, in her mind, she believed that the public would be on her side, she was mistaken. This lawsuit has created a media frensy, with the majority of the public showing their support for Lindsay’s father Jeff. If Shirley Zailo and her family are innocent and played no part in Lindsay Buziak’s murder, then certainly we can empathize. The question here is – why has this woman waited 14 years to sue him when he is doing the same thing today he has been doing on his website for years – seeking the truth. If Jason Zailo and his mother had sat down with Jeff years ago and answered some of his questions, this situation may never have escalated to the point it is today.

This is like a 3-ring circus where the clowns have been sent out to distract from what’s really going on. Look over here not over there.

Lindsay’s father’s website is not what started these rumors. First came the Dateline NBC Dream House Mystery show which aired September 2010. The Zailo’s were painted in a very bad light on the show, and the lies they told did not help the situation. There were millions of viewers that night, and the majority felt the Zailo’s were guilty. Mr. Buziak had no control over the show and no control of what happened after. One week after the show aired the Saanich Police cleared the Zailos of having any involvement In Lindsay’s murder. That was likely due to the negative publicity the show had brought upon them.

If you go to UTube there are all kinds of sites on the topic of Lindsay Buziak’s murder. Crimewatch Daily, just to name one. Reading the comments on many of these sites it is clear that most of the people posting have not done a lot of research, and their opinions are based on what they viewed on the Dateline show. Wikipedia, Unsolved Murders, Gangsters Out, What the Hell just Happened in Victoria, Vibrant Victoria, and of course Facebook. Everyone has an opinion, and that opinion is not exclusive to people reading comments on the Lindsay Buziak website.

There is a multitude of posters on several different sites posting negative remarks about Jason Zailo and his mother so is it right to sue just three people when there are so many others doing the exact same thing? And many of these posters are not even aware that the Lindsay blog exits. Many of the posters on UTube are Americans who have only seen the Dateline re-runs, the Dr. Phil show and other US carriers. There are other ways to end this madness and a lawsuit is more apt to inflame the situation further.

Lindsay’s father has been relentless in his journey to find justice for his daughter, and he has never waivered.

Is his behavior that of a normal person? Probably not, but what parent would ever be seen as normal after their child was brutally murdered. Until we have a child of our own viciously murdered we have no right to judge his actions. Statistics show that many parents who lose a child to murder turn to drugs/alcohol. Others commit suicide, while others slip into a deep depression. And most of these parents divorce. Could this situation have been resolved years ago. Yes, it certainly could have. If the two parties had sat down across a table and got everything out in the open perhaps there would have been no need for a lawsuit.


*When Jeff Buziak arrived in Victoria the day after his daughter’s murder he called Jason Zailo. He asked Jason who was at the DeSousa house with him. Jason told him he was alone. Jeff would later learn from someone else that Jason was with a friend.

**He wanted to know why, on the 2010 Dateline show Jason lied when he said everything was fine between Lindsay and him. Lindsay’s friends all said she was planning on leaving him.

***He wanted to know why Shirley Zailo on the 2010 Dateline show told millions of viewers that Lindsay was afraid of her ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff. Lindsay’s friends all debunked that story.

****He wanted to know why, the night after Lindsay’s murder Jason went to visit his drug dealer friend Chris Schwartz to ask him if he thought “the boys from Van” (HA) were coming for him next.

*****He wanted to know why Jason said on Dateline that he saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door window, then a few years later retracted that story and said he actually saw the couple standing outside.

******He wanted to know why Jason told the Saanich Police that he was going to the DeSousa house because he had real estate documents for Lindsay to sign when it wasn’t true.

*******He wanted to know why Shirley Zailo threatened two of Lindsay’s friends on the day of the funeral and told them to keep their mouths shut. A statement those girls are prepared to back up.

********He wanted to know why Shirley called Lindsay’s friend Nikki the morning after the murder using an accent, then hung up. Shirley claims she thought she was calling her office administrator and it was a simple mistake. That story didn’t wash.

Imagine the frustration of any parent desperately looking for answers and being stonewalled every which way. Yes, this all could have been resolved years ago if some good hard truths had been laid out on the table.

Might Shirley Zailo have been better off to hire a reputation cleaner rather than a lawyer?

“The legal process as painful and expensive as it is, often does no better. Suing somebody, whether for defamation or invasion of privacy doesn’t always fix the problem – the information is still out there. Worse, legal action can exacerbate the damage. You’re putting into a public document and filing with the court the very allegations you don’t want exposed.

Cleaning up your image doesn’t come cheap. A serious campaign can cost between $10-20K or more and will usually run for at least four to eight months. There is a suite of tactics to dilute or outright remove unwanted content. They have methods of contacting satisfied customers and encouraging them to leave positive reviews to bump up start rated averages.

They are also able to tweak Wikipedia entries, and can be relentless about deleting puffery. Appeals can be filed to major internet players like Facebook, Google and Twitter in order to hide a damaging link or critical comments. If it’s a damaging story in the mainstream press, staff might provide the publication with research that prompts a correction or clarification. If that’s not enough, there’s the nuclear option – disappearing the content entirely”.


“This bizarre online economy exists primarily because of SECTION 30 of the US Communications Decency Act. Passed in 1996, it protects internet companies such as Google and others from liability when something illegal is posted by others on their sites. Without that law, platforms would be overwhelmed by the need to vet the vast quantity of user-generated content they depend on. Because so many of these websites are hosted in the US, and because borders mean so little on the internet, and because it’s hard to get one country’s law enforced in another”.


The police know it would not be beneficial to the case to sue Jeff, the grieving father, and perhaps their hands are tied because of Section 230. The only gain for the Zailo family to sue Lindsay’s father is for financial gain, because this lawsuit is not going to do anything to clear their reputation – in fact it’s only made things worse.

Email Address: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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