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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

June 23/2022 Lindsay Buziak – A review of Zachary Matheson’s connections to Jason Zailo & his family.

We know that at the time of Lindsay’s murder Zachary Matheson (Ziggy) was a close friend of the Zailo family and likely would have done anything for them.

Zachary Matheson & Ryan Zailo

Zachary Matheson & his brother Jimmy LePine

The Saanich Police have always wanted us to believe that Lindsay Buziak’s murder was connected to the Calgary Drug bust which went down in January 2008. If their theory is correct then why, after 14 years have there been no arrests? Why have they not been able to solve this murder? Where is the evidence to support their theory, other than – after the bust people were being woken up in their beds and asked, “who did you tell”? Well, if that is all the evidence they have it’s no damn wonder this case has not been solved. This group of thugs did not have the intelligence to orchestrate and carry out a murder such as this.

There is a clever mastermind behind Lindsay’s murder, someone who wanted her dead for a reason we are not yet privy to. Why have the Saanich Police spent years ignoring the evidence that we all see so clearly? Ziggy Matheson’s connection to the Zailo family is well documented, and Ziggy’s extensive criminal record was no secret to any of them. Shirley Zailo friended Zachary Matheson and his mother when they arrived in Victoria from Toronto in 1996. She rented a home to Ziggy Matheson for several years, knowing the guy had no legitimate means of income other than selling narcotics and breeding pitbulls.

Shirley Zailo’s sons Jason and Ryan often hung out at Ziggy’s 2768 Claude Road house and seemingly their mother Shirley had no issue with it. The boys would watch hockey games at Ziggy’s place and drink beer. Zachary Matheson was five years older than Jason and seven years older than Ryan, yet the Zailo boys had Ziggy on a pedestal thinking he was the coolest guy ever. When Matheson was busted in 2013 in Shirley’s rental house, Shirley Zailo made a statement to CHEK News saying, “my family has no connection to the man that lives in that house”. Wow, how did she ever think she would get away with fabricating a story like that. Even after that bust Shirley left her tenant Ziggy living in the property. Not only that she still entertained Ziggy at her home at Shawnigan Lake and on Haida Drive.

Zachary Matheson was a juvenile offender who had criminal charges for narcotics, robbery and assaults dating back to 1991 while he was living in Toronto.

When he moved to British Columbia he carried on his drug trafficking career. Matheson had been admitted to the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre 6 times between 1997-2000, mostly for drug trafficking offenses. He was known to be violent and a guy with an short fuse. On February 29/2000, a local gang member by the name of Kevin Black was murdered. Zachary Matheson and Dave Niebergall were jointly charged with 2nd degree murder. That charge formed Count 1 of the indictment.

On the same indictment Mr. Matheson was charged with Count 2, assault with a weapon of his ex-girlfriend Shannon Spruyt, and Count 3, using a firearm while comitting the assault. Shannon was there in the condo when her new boyfriend Kevin Black was murdered. After he was dead, Matheson took it upon himself to beat Shannon Spruyt with the butt end of his gun, beating her so badly that her parents did not recognize her when they went to the hospital to see her the next day.

The Crown’s theory is that this was a rip off perpetrated by Ms. Spruyt on her former boyfriend and that Matheson and Niebergall went to her apartment intending to recover the drugs and exact revenge upon Ms. Spruyt and her new boyfriend Kevin Back. On February 9th 2001 David Niebergall plead guilty to the 2nd degree murder of Kevin Black and he was sentenced to life with no eligibility for parole for 10 years. Apparently the evidence was much stronger against Niebergall, than it was Matheson. Niebergall entered a guilty plea in exchange for a stay of proceeding against Matheson.

During the time that Matheson was inside it was discovered that he was contacting witnesses and threatening them, telling them to keep their mouths shut. Shannon Spruyt was one of those witnesses, and she would have been a witness at Niebergall’s trial and at Matheson’s trial on the assault charge. Unfortunately Shannon Spruyt died of an drug overdose in 2001, so that is likely why the assault charges against Matheson were dropped. No witness, no trial. Even though the coroner’s report found Shannon’s death accidental, her parents always believed that Zachary Matheson had her hot dozed.

Zachary Matheson had a lot of connections on the mainland and he was known to get his product from that side of the water. Most likely from the HA who he was known to be affiliated with. Angela Araujo had been a major drug trafficker on the island for years, and she was one of Ziggy’s Matheson’s ex girlfriends. She had connections to all the local thug drug traffickers in Victoria. Jarrod Nicol, Asif Kahn, Neil Grandmaison, Victor Camara, Jason Conrad, Mike Oulton and a multitude of others. Angela was known to be real tough and not a person you’d ever want to mess with.

In 2005 Angela was convicted of drug trafficking, served one year and was released in early 2007. Upon her release she went to the mainland and purchased two businesses, Hot Wheels Auto Brokers and Triple Crown Apparel. She owned a condo at the time, then in 2010 she bought a home in Langford. She still owns that home today. Ziggy always stayed connected to Angela Araujo/Ferreira and isn’t it interesting that Angela spoke fluent Spanish/Portuguese just like the woman who called Lindsay to set up the appointment to view the home on DeSousa Place. And Angela just happened to live in the Vancouver area where the calls to Lindsay originated.

We must remember that Zachary Matheson was good friends with the entire zailo family and still is today. In 2007, It was Jason Zailo who introduced his drug dealer friend Chris Schwartz to Ziggy Matheson in the hopes that Chris would start buying his cocaine directly from Ziggy instead of getting it from the HA on the mainland. And that is exactly what Chris Schwartz did, until him and Ziggy had a falling out. It was then that he went back to getting his product from the HA on the mainland.

IN 2017 ZACHARY MATHESON was convicted of trafficking in narcotics and was sentenced to 6 years. He was released in 2019, after serving just two years. Matheson has maintained his friendship with the Zailo family and is still on Ryan Zailo’s facebook friend’s list. Sadly enough, Zachary’s brother Jimmy LePine died from an accidental overdose in November 2018, during the time Ziggy was in prison. So many young people dying of drug overdoses but it seems to do nothing to deter the drug traffickers from selling their poison.

Jason Zailo takes a witness to the crime scene.

Jason Zailo lies to the police about his reason for going to the DeSousa property.

Jason Zailo is 15 minutes late, then sits in his car and waits for another 20 minutes before going to the front door.

Jason Zailo tells Dateline that he sees shadows through the frosted glass in the front door, but later changes his story and says he saw the couple standing outside the door, and was even able to describe to the police what they were wearing.

Why are the Saanich Police so protective of the Zailo family and their close friend Zachary Matheson?

Why in hell would Jason Zailo and his family associate with a know criminal like Zachary Matheson unless they were involved with Matheson on a business level?

Why do the Saanich Police continue to steer us towards the Calgary Drug Bust when all the evidence points in another direction?

Why did the Saanich Police clear Jason Zailo in late 2009, then clear the entire Zailo family 4 days after the Dateline Show aired in September 2010?

Where was Shirley Zailo at the time Lindsay was being murdered? The Saanich Police have refused to disclose that information.

Where was Zachary Matheson at the time Lindsay was being murdered? The Saanich Police have refused to disclose that information?

Where was Paul Bergshoeff at the time Lindsay was being murdered? The Saanich Police have refused to disclose that information.

LINDSAY BUZIAK SAW SOMETHING SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE SEEN and it was during the time she was with Jason Zailo.


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