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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Nov 19/2023 Lindsay Buziak’s murder & the dark secrets that surround this case.


Someone she knew, someone close to her, perhaps in the same type of business.

Lindsay’s murder was scripted to a tee, with elements of planning.

She was directed to an empty house, leading to an absence of evidence and indicates intelligence and planning.

Familiarity, money was used as a lure. The purchase of the phone also indicates planning.

The way it was scripted was high risk. To commit a pre-planned murder on an island is risky. A psychopath planned and committed this murder.

A normal person would be distraught. What was going on in Lindsay’s life 6-8 weeks before her murder?


The main informant who worked in the Re/Max office in Victoria made a call to the Calgary Police in late November 2007 and ratted out the cocaine shipment headed from Victoria to Calgary. This triggered “Operation High Noon”. Saanich Police have always said that Lindsay Buziak was not the informant but that it was possible she heard or saw something that put her life in danger. It would have to have been something far more serious than seeing drugs to put this girl’s life in danger, and there are lots of people who know exactly what that was.

Lindsay travelled to Calgary Dec 14/15/16 2007, to spend time with a few friends and to visit with her father. One of the two evenings she went out Lindsay met up with an old Victoria friend Mitch Hathorn, another night a group of friends of Erickson Delalcazar. She knew all these guys from Victoria, so it’s no surprise she would want to connect with them to say hello. Another friend of Lindsay’s from the island happened to be in attendance at that same function.

Lindsay loved Matt and wanted him back. Interesting that when Lindsay returned from Calgary, she was confiding in girlfriends that she was leaving Jason in the New Year and seemed excited about it too. But then, for reasons unknown Lindsay softened and decided to give it another try with Jason. I suspect that Matt told Lindsay that their relationship was over, and he was not leaving Kathryn for her. I’d say that’s the real reason Lindsay decided to give her relationship with Jason another try. Rejection can be a heartbreaking experience, and it could explain why Lindsay was having a breakdown over Matt just a few days before she was murdered.

Lindsay got involved with the wrong crowd in her teens, and some say she found the life exciting. Lindsay met Matt MacDuff when she was 18 years old, and they dated for 5 years. During that time Lindsay would buy burner phones for Matt and his friends, so they were able to toss their old phones every few weeks. Lindsay loved the nice things Matt was able to buy her through his drug dealing lifestyle. Lindsay even took a trip to Edmonton with Matt MacDuff & Jas Bains, the guy who was charged with drug trafficking. He was known as the island’s Mr. Big. Jas was running from the law and Lindsay would have known that.

Remember what Jeff posted on his blog on April 26/2017.

Jeff Buziak says: APRIL 26, 2017, I have spent the last two days being seriously attacked by Malcolm MacDuff. He is now ranting he is flying out to Calgary to confront me and inform everyone I work with that I’m a sex tourist because I’ve gone to Thailand and told him about the nightlife in Bangkok should you wish to participate. Thailand offers that peace and tranquility provided by the beautiful people, the scenery and their Buddhism. I love the country, the people and will return again.

Malcolm responded with,” you were a horrible father, a cheat, a deceiver a liar, a loser and a sex tourist.”

You see, Malcolm, a good family man with children of his own, was disgusted by Jeff’s Thailand stories and wanted nothing to do with him. Jeff very proudly shared his Thai sex stories with many others, so you can be damn sure these people would be willing to back up what Malcolm has said. These repugnant proclivities are not acceptable in any civilized society today.

In April 2017, Jeff said, on his blog “Lindsay had her phone tapped and was investigated because of Malcolm’s best friend Jas Bains and drugs at the legislature.” They had Lindsay running around buying burner phones so they could toss theirs in the garbage every few days. God they even showed up at my place with Jas Bains when he was in hiding in Alberta. I knew something was not right but didn’t find out until later when Lindsay confessed and apologized.”

Do I believe Matt had anything to do with Lindsay’s murder?

No, I don’t, but I suspect both Matt & Jeff know exactly who did. Matt & Lindsay’s dad have always believed that the Zailo’s played a part in Lindsay’s murder. That tells me they know far more than they are willing to say. Why is that? It’s most interesting that when Lindsay returned from her Calgary trip just before Christmas 2007, friends say she had softened and decided to give her relationship with Jason another chance. So, what changed between the time she left for Calgary with plans to leave Jason and when she returned home deciding to give it another try? Someone or something that happened at that party changed Lindsay’s mind!

Thanks to law enforcement, Erickson Delalcazar was taken down in a drug bust January 22, 2008, and Mitch Hathorn was busted in June 2008. Neither bust was connected but both men knew each other.

The crime phone used to contact Lindsay was purchased 3-6 weeks before her murder from a local seven-eleven convenience store in downtown Vancouver. Cell tower hits confirm the phone was activated 24 hours prior to her murder. According to a Capital Daily News Story, the Saanich Police determined the name of at least one person in possession of a fictitiously registered pre-paid phone allegedly used to facilitate illegal activity in a covert manner though nothing in the public records indicated whether police considered this person a suspect in Buziak’s murder or ruled him out. Why the identity of this person has never been disclosed is unknown.


Staff Sergeant Bossley was lead investigator (a.k.a. the “Team Boss”) on a joint Calgary City Police and RCMP Investigation named “Operation High Noon” into suspected cocaine trafficking between British Columbia and Alberta. The investigation was conducted by the Drug Undercover Street Team (“DUST”) from November 2007 to December 2008.

Officers had been working on the investigation for two months, which matches the time the main informant called the Calgary Police telling them about the shipment heading their way. About 9:00 pm January 22/20008 Tuesday police witnessed what they believed was a drug connection between 2 vehicles in the back alley of the 300 block of Hawthorne Drive NW Calgary. That led them to a house in the 300 block of Hawthorne where cash, weapons, cocaine was located. A large safe was found and confiscated in the home’s garage. The safe was not opened until the Monday January 28. “We were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, said Staff Seargeant Darren Cave.”

The main informant who ratted out Erickson Delalcazar in November 2007 not only took Erickson down but also the other financial investors who had put up money hoping to make a substantial profit in a very short time. If the informant was aware of who the other investors were when making that call, then she was not just focused on destroying just one person but taking them all out in one clean sweep.


That one deadly call is the reason Lindsay Buziak is no longer with us today! Was this a play made by one criminal organization in order to shut down another?

Fast-living executives and middle-class people who get high at parties

are partly to blame for driving the drug trade and increasing gang activity, Alberta’s solicitor general said Thursday.  The province’s booming economy has fuelled an appetite for illegal drugs among executives in Alberta’s office towers. Well-off Albertans who use illegal drugs are just as guilty of contributing to the problem as the street gangs who sell them, he said. “We know that there’s people in the upper-middle-class and middle-class jobs who are using these drugs,” solicitor general Lindsay said in an interview.

“But they don’t relate to the fact that by the use of their drugs — whether it’s crack, cocaine or even marijuana – it contributes to the gang and the organized crime activity that we see on the streets.” The solicitor general was responding to recent pressure from police chiefs in Edmonton and Calgary for more government money to recruit hundreds of new police officers. But hiring more police alone won’t break the crime cycle, he said. What’s also needed is for Albertans to stop buying drugs to feed their addictions.

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