The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Murder on Desousa Owner Profile

I had been a licensed realtor in the Province of British Columbia for several years, and at the time of Lindsay’s murder, I was working at one of the Re/Max offices in British Columbia. I had the greatest respect for the company at that time and still do today. A great deal of the information I have posted on this site comes from my knowledge of real estate. In regards to the addresses, dates, and sale information that is posted on this site this information is correct, and I can verify it.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this site is accurate. However, as we all know 100% accuracy is not always possible.

As for Lindsay’s friend Rianne who worked In the Re/Max office I can say with certainly that she did make the statements that have been talked about on this site. I know, because the things she said, were said directly to me. I got to know Rianne personally, liked her and believed in her. But she always appeared very troubled.

Today I am still left wondering, why did she said the things she did. Did she honestly believe the Zailo’s were pure evil, did she know something about them, or was she trying to take the heat off the real conspirators? Vid, the Delalcazars, and a few others maybe? Is Rianne an innocent victim of circumstance? This young lady has key information that could help solve this murder, but she chooses to remain silent, and she has always refused to take a polygraph. Obviously, she may feel that her life would be in danger if she ever talked to the police. And that is exactly what the conspirators counted on. That was the message they sent.

I deplore drugs, I deplore drug traffickers, but most of all I deplore liars.

Our streets are filled with homeless people (lost souls) many of them drug addicts, many of them suffering from mental illnesses brought on by long term drug use. Tent cities going up everywhere and no remedies anywhere in site. I doubt whether there is a person out there that can say their family has not been touched by mental illness or drug addiction.

What I find most disturbing, is that the losers who traffic the narcotics will look you in the eye and tell you it is just another job and if they don’t do it someone else will? Remember too, they do not pay taxes in our country. The Delalcazars, Vid Acevedo, and Zachary Matheson are all violent offenders, with no morals, no values, and no regrets. Look at Erickson Delalcazar. He served his time in Calgary, and when released he immediately hit the streets of Victoria to sell drugs again.  It’s the only life they know. Erickson was arrested/charged in 2017 with his good friend Edgar Acevedo (Vid). Like always, the drug trafficking charges against them were stayed.

Lindsay Buziak is dead, and these low-life drug traffickers do not care one damn bit that she is gone. For them – it was just the cost of doing business.

For these above reasons, over the last ten years I have acted as an administrator on two other separate sites before activating this one on September 17/2020.  Obviously, there have been many theories out there, and over time as new information comes forward, theories and ideas change.   It came to a point where I felt my opinions, which were not necessarily shared by others, had some validity, so I decided to venture out on my own. The opinions on this site are my own, but not necessary facts. Because as we all know, many of the facts still remain unknown.


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