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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

June 7/2021 Lindsay Buziak – Witnesses who described the 2 suspects at the 1702 DeSousa house.

1702 DeSousa Place Saanich

When you take the time to review/critic police statements, newspaper articles and witness statements the optics are clear. Jason Zailo was the main source of information for most everything the Saanich Police know. Jason was cleared as a suspect in 2009 based on video surveillance, cellphone records and other investigative details. How can the police clear Jason Zailo when his stories are full of holes and so much of what he told them was lies.

After scrutinizing several documents, it is hard to miss the discrepancies between what the police said and what the truth is. From the day Lindsay was murdered on February 2nd 2008 until now, 13 years later Jason has lied so many times it is questionable if he can even remember all the lies he told.  Once you have lied once there is no going back. The shocking part is, the Saanich Police don’t seem to care that Jason led them down the garden path and made them look like fools.   A separate page covers all the lies Jason has told over the years.  (Questions for Jason Zailo)


Sgt. Chris Horsley said, “Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo was the source for much of what police know about the killing. Zailo arrived at the house at 5:45. He told police he saw two figures through the smoke glass in the window of the front door.” That story would later change.


Jason Zailo tells police he drives up to the house at 5:45, and then he tells them that he may have actually seen the murderers: a tall Caucasian man, and a blonde woman wearing a colorful dress.  “The killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave, and he turned into the cul-de-sac and interrupted them leaving,” said Sgt. Horsley. “If he had been five seconds later he would have driven right into the suspects walking out here into the driveway. Instead, he tells police the couple turned around and closed the door.  “And his assumption is these are the clients and the showing is just starting as the door closes,” said Horsley. “He then parks outside because he is waiting for the showing to end.”

UNSOLVED: Who killed Lindsay Buziak? Realtor believed to be targeted – YouTube

WELL, IT CERTAINLY sounds like JasoN was the one who gave the Saanich Police the description of the dress.


Det. Sgt. Chris Horsley said that Zailo was going to the DeSousa house because he had real estate documents for Lindsay to sign. This was not the truth because there was no documents for Lindsay to sign. (see news story below) it also says Lindsay was not apprehensive about the showing. The Saanich Police website now says Lindsay was apprehensive about the showing so I believe this information is current and correct.

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At approximately 5:30 pm Lindsay met the unknown female and male at the home on DeSousa. Lindsay advised friends and family that she was nervous about the showing and therefore her boyfriend arranged to attend the house shortly after her.  Her boyfriend arrived at the residence, along with a friend at approximately 5:45 pm and observed a male entering and closing the front door.  The male was described as well dressed approximately 6 feet tall with dark hair.  Believing the showing had just begun her boyfriend waited outside for Lindsay to complete her showing. 

Not seeing movement inside the house, her boyfriend sent a text message to Lindsay to check on her and did not receive a response.  Concerned that something had happened, her boyfriend and his friend went to the front door of the residence and found it locked.  Her boyfriend placed a call to 911 and actively began trying to find a way into the home.  Prior to police attendance, entry was gained into the home where they found Lindsay had been fatally stabbed in an upstairs bedroom.  The male and female Lindsay met with have not yet been identified nor have any arrests been made in relation to this crime.

Lindsay Buziak Investigation (saanichpolice.ca)

NOTE: This is the same story Jason told when interviewed on Dateline NBC in NoVEMBER 2010.

The timing when Jason’s story changes is uncertain because in 2017 on Crime Watch Daily Sgt. Chris Horsley actually says that Jason saw the man standing outside, and when Jason and Cohen turned into the cul-de-sac the couple turned and went back inside the house. That makes for a good story if Jason is to convince the police that the reason he didn’t go into the house is because he thought the showing was just starting.

At 10:00 pm the night following Lindsay’s murder Jason Zailo went to visit his friend Chris Schwartz at his 68 Songhees Road condo.

Jason went there for the sole purpose of asking Chris if he thought the boys from Van (Hells Angels) could have murdered Lindsay. Then he asked his friend Chris if he thought the Angels would be coming for him next. If Jason suspected the HA were going to be at the DeSousa house that night it would explain why he did everything in his power to stay away from the house as long as possible – and why he did not go in when arrived.

It is possible that Jason deliberately gave an inaccurate description of the man he saw at the house. He may have felt it was in his best interest not to let the police know who he thought it could be, and he sure wouldn’t want to upset the HA if he thought they could be coming for him next. It could be the same reason Jason lied to the Saanich Police telling them the reason he was going to the DeSousa house was because he had real estate documents for Lindsay to sign. That lie was later exposed too because there was nothing for Lindsay to sign that night.

Jason and Cohen Oatman are considered the first two witnesses. 

They were present at the crime scene when the police arrived.  Both were taken to the Saanich Police Department in separate vehicles.  Jason was arrested and released the next morning. Jason and Cohen came from the direction of KENMORE, they turned South onto Torquay Drive, then right onto DeSousa Place. This means that Jason would have a good view of the front door of the DeSousa house as he entered the cul-de-sac, his friend Cohen on the passenger side not so much. Jason parked his Range Rover on DeSousa for the first ten minutes, then he drove out onto Torquay and parked in the pull-thru space beside the DeSousa property for another 10 minutes. Jason texted Lindsay at 5:38 while she was inside showing the house. She did not respond.

It is unclear how Jason finally found his way to the DeSousa location. He had spoken to Lindsay on the phone at 5:30 just as he was leaving SHC Autographx but did not ask her for directions at that time. Nor did he ask her for directions when they were having lunch at Sauce just a short time earlier. Jason ends that 5:30 call from Lindsay then calls his brother Ryan to ask him for directions as apparently he could not find the address using his GPS.

Was Ryan able to give Jason the directions to the DeSousa house. If not, is that the reason Jason was texting Lindsay at 5:38? The statement on the Saanich Police website says that when Jason did not see movement inside the house he texted Lindsay to check on her. According to the newspaper article below this was approximately 10 minutes later, but if Jason had just watched the couple turn back and go inside at 5:45 and thought the showing was just starting why would he need to text her again 10 minutes later? When Jason arrives at the house he chooses to sit outside claiming he did not to be the meddling boyfriend, yet he has no problem texting/interrupting her when she is inside the home with her clients.

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4429 Torquay


The 3rd witness is Roland and his vehicle can be seen in the picture above. Apparently Roland was able to get a glimpse of the man at the house but he was not able to see the woman clearly.  This means the man had to be standing on the Torquay side to the left of his female partner.  Roland said, “I saw the man in the long coat.” Roland was heading home from work when he saw Lindsay greeting the couple.  He lives at the 4400 block of Torquay Drive which means he would have been heading South past the murder house.  As Lindsay opened the loc-box at 5:29 we can place Roland driving by about 1-2 minutes later.   As Roland has lived in the area for several years and been operating his business for over 30 years it is safe to say Roland was most reliable and telling the truth.

WHY DID ROLAND SAY THE MAN WAS WEARING A LONG COAT and Sgt. Chris Horsley say the man was wearing a jacket? Why the discrepancy? Was Jason Zailo the source who told the Saanich Police that the man was wearing a jacket or was there another witness that backed up Jason’s statement?

THE Crime Stopper’s re-enactment IN THIS VIDEO clearly shows the man wearing a long coat.

Family Offers $100K to solve Lindsay Buziak’s Murder – YouTube

4320 Torquay


Daryl and his family lived directly across the street in a heritage home at 4320 Torquay. His family moved from the area July 2008. Nothing suspicious about the move as Daryl had his property listed in 2007 and it did not sell at that time. Daryl’s statement isn’t very telling so it’s hard to say what he saw prior to crossing the street over to DeSousa. If the lights were on as he said – it was likely around 5:35 pm. It’s hard to know if he saw the couple at all because if he saw them going into the house he would have known the lights were on. I have to wonder if Daryl saw Jason and Cohen arrive, and watched where they parked. Was he a witness to say he saw Jason’s vehicle parked in the pull-thru on Torquay?

Why would Daryl Clegg think that the DeSousa home had new furnishings? Did Daryl or his wife see a furniture truck/delivery van parked on Torquay or in front of the DeSousa house in previous days? That would certainly be a clue if it was the case.


One neighbor told CTV News that he walked up to the home Saturday night to see the new furnishings — but turned away when he saw the lights on. “The scary thing is that had I gone any further, I could have walked in and the murderer could have been there, who knows,” said Daryl Clegg.



Apparently there was a woman walking her dog at the time Lindsay was greeting the couple. She may be the witness that described the dress the woman was wearing. Very little has been said about her and her identity remains a mystery.


The couple was described as well-dressed, the man wearing a light-medium colored jacket, and the woman possibly wearing a black designer skirt or dress patterned with thick white and red swirls.

The Saanich Police had a sketch of the man and woman shortly after the murder but chose to sit on it for nearly a year.

FEBRUARY 4/2009 VICTORIA Times Colonist

Sgt. John Price released a sketch yesterday. Both were described as well-dressed, man wearing a light to medium colored jacket and the woman possibly wearing a black designed shirt or dress patterned with thick white and red swirls. Description through several witnesses.

When asked why police didn’t release the information sooner, Sgt. Price said police wanted to ensure that it met with all our investigative needs. It was relevant to the case now because police wanted to take advantage of the resurgence of interest in the case, referring to media coverage about the anniversary of Buziak’s death. They wanted renewed media interest in the case to maximize public exposure. This makes no sense at all.

Simon Fraser Criminologist Robert Gordon said, “police usually release a sketch as quickly as possible in criminal investigations. If they have been sitting on this sketch there is some doubt that has to be cast over the value of the image. Gordon said, the belated release of the sketch suggests two possible situations: The police don’t have a suspect at all or they have an “inside track on who that was and didn’t want to spoil that.”

It’s very possible that the Saanich Police believed they were close to making an arrest. Jason Zailo, their main source of information would have convinced the police that the killer and conspirators were involved in the Calgary Drug Bust and him and his mother Shirley Zailo would have set up Lindsay’s friend Rianne up in the process. The Dateline panel of experts said that Lindsay was specifically targeted and the murder was artfully designed. No amateurs that planned this murder and it sure as hell was not the guys involved in the Calgary drug bust that came up with well-rehearsed plan. Yes, they could be part of the conspiracy to murder Lindsay but they did not act alone.

That begs the question, who chose the dress/skirt that the woman wore to the house that night? The woman herself or the person who took part in luring Lindsay to the house? Without a doubt the colorful dress was chosen to draw attention away from the woman’s face and apparently it worked. It could have been chosen for another reason too – to make Lindsay feel comfortable as Lindsay liked to dress in fancy attire.

REWARD: A month after the killing the family considered putting up a reward, but police told them they had sufficient information and there was no need to do so. Once again, all the information the Saanich Police had at that time came from Jason Zailo or his mother. On February 3/2010 the family offered a $100,000 reward but it was only good for 6 months.


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