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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

AVNEET DHANOWA – blames the victim

Avneet Dhanowa

Below are comments made on a blog back in 2016. The poster’s name is Avneet Dhanowa. Anyone reading Aveneet’s post at that time was undoubtedly shocked and disgusted just as I was. This man ended his post with the word integrity which was a poor choice of words considering integrity is something Avneet does not have. Avneet does not appear to have a criminal record of any kind, in fact he is a business man with a university degree – which leaves the question, why are some of his closest friends criminals who have been convicted of drug traffickers, assaults, threats etc. Avneet is delusional if he believes the majority of society follow his way of thinking. Who is he referring to when he uses the word OUR? Our guys have kept the streets clean of them?

Avneet says that if you hang around drug dealers then you are part of the problem – I guess that means he is part of the problem. He admits that his friends distribute the drugs that come into this country while at the same time excusing their actions. Let’s not rule out the possibility that Avneet is referring to himself when he speaks of private business owners and corporations. What if it is Avneet bringing the drugs into this country and when he refers to “OUR” guys he is talking about the guys working for him? He talks about the Vancouver gangs being 100 x worse than the island. Well Avneet, didn’t Shane Wilson get taken out in a hail of bullets in a drive-by shooting just recently? Was he one of the “OUR” guys you speak of?

Avneet, have you been in to speak with the Saanich Police? You say in your post that Lindsay was extorting a drug dealer with major connections. Either you have first hand knowledge that needs to be shared with law enforcement or your “OUR” boys – fed you a line of crap. Avneet, you need to speak with the Saanich police and clear this matter up. Lindsay Buziak was extorting no one and your remarks are insulting to her memory and to her family. Avneet, the harsh reality I see here is that you have chosen to blame the victim for what happened to her. You are a cold heartless human being sir – you are the one who does not see the big picture.

Like you say – drugs are a major problem in this country, but what you do not say is that “YOUR” boys are a major part of the problem. When your friends Vid, Erickson Delalcazar, Shane Wilson etc, sell cocaine they are contributing to the decay of our society. Just ask the thousands of people who have lost a child, a brother, a spouse to drug addiction or an overdose. Go downtown Avneet and watch the guys shooting up in the streets – then come back and tell me that “YOUR” boys are not part of the problem.

Avneet, you are ill-informed and your way of thinking is a major part of the problem.

Make that call to the Saanich Police today. You need to tell them where you heard that Lindsay Buziak was trying to extort a drug dealer with major connections. Your information could be most helpful to their investigation.

Avneet Dhanowa says:

AUGUST 17, 2016 AT 1:22 PM

The loss of innocent life is always unfortunate and sad; however, there are no innocents in this game. If you snort coke recreation-ally (largest user base of coke), you’re part of the problem. If you date or hang out with drug dealers, and you live off their proceeds of crime, then you’re part of the problem. Yeah, you could do away with Vid and the gang, only to have their replacements ready and willing to take over, and they could be far worse. Our guys have kept the Vancouver gangs off our streets, who are 100 times worse than these guys. Is that what you want? Drive by’s and shootings? These guys have the kept the streets clean of them. Who else is going to stop them? The people on this forum? Please. The war on drugs is a failure; it’s best to try and control/regulate it then to try and prohibit it; street level dealers don’t bring drugs into the country, Vid and his gang don’t bring drugs into the country; they allegedly distribute them when it arrives in the country.

The people that bring coke into the country are private business owners, corporations and white collar folks, but I don’t see anyone chasing after them, you all want to blame the local boogeyman. Lindsay was no innocent either. She dated drug dealers and enjoyed the lavish lifestyle it provided. This was no ‘innocent’ life, as her father and others would have you believe. She was money hungry, and a gold digger. Plain and simple. So, what do you think would happen to someone that tries to extort a drug dealer with major connections? I suspect the same thing would happen when you try an extort and important politician or business man. Also, extortion is illegal.

I noticed that no one is talking about that, because it’s a harsh reality, and people will take the simple way out instead of looking at the bigger picture. Parent’s need to teach their kids that money isn’t everything. Parent’s need to teach their kids that material possessions are not important. Parent’s should make their kids get part time jobs. They should regulate their spending money, and know where its going. But no one wants to do that, right? There are consumers that have created the demand and the market for illegal substances, educate your children. Lindsay’s parents forgot to teach their daughter one vital thing, integrity

Email Address: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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