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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak


Saanich Police Department - 760 Vernon Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 2W6, Canada

These days I find myself pondering why the Saanich Police Department has chosen to get involved in a legal battle with the Capital News in an effort to keep them from getting access to more of their files on the Lindsay Buziak case. The costs both financially and man hours (spent redacting files) has to be substantial. Are the Saanich Police trying to protect the public – or is there something else going on here? This homicide investigation has dragged on for nearly 13 years – and if the Saanich Police know who the killers are, isn’t it time for further disclosures?


I have no doubt that the majority of the public believe the Saanich Police worked this case with integrity and true grit, but maybe somewhere along the way in their investigation they were side-tracked and something went wrong. It is important to remember that the Saanich Police were never working this case alone. The Victoria Police Department, RCMP, Home Land Security and other agencies were also involved. Therefore, blame for this 13-year unsolved murder does not lie solely with one agency.

In 2009 the Zailo family was cleared of any involvement in this murder based primarily on the fact that they passed lie detection tests and co-operated fully. One of the theories about why they would have been cleared so early was that they needed to be protected. They probably appeared to be a fairly normal family who made a living selling real estate and brokering mortgages. Still, in order to be cleared the police must have thought they knew who the murderer(s) were and therefore the Zailos could be cleared of involvement in the murder.  At that time the strong connection between that family and Ziggy Matheson may not have been known. Now that those connections are known, have the Zailos been cleared of all criminal activity?


How could the Delalcazar/Vid crime group possible know that the main informant was a woman? When the Calgary Drug Bust went down in late January 2008, all hell broke loose. People lost a lot of money, and the people that lost the drugs were on a witch-hunt, dragging people out of their beds in the middle of the night for questioning, desperate to know who had ratted them out. LINDSAY BUZIAK was not one of those people. The informant could have been one of the Vid/Delalcazar family members, or a close friend in their inner circle, but they chose to target Lindsay. Why? Someone had to point them in Lindsay’s direction, and whoever it was, decided it was better to throw Lindsay under the bus than get run over by the bus themselves.

The main informant, who was very likely a realtor had the most to lose, the most to fear, because in November 2007, she was audaciously bold enough to call the Calgary Police Department to rat out the drug shipment headed to Calgary. Now, no longer feeling so bold, fear and paranoia, and one’s need for self-preservation would kick in. Did the main informant set Lindsay up to be “the scapegoat of convenience” to take the heat off herself? If so, who took the message to the Delalcazar group that Lindsay was the informant/rat. Ziggy?

We know that Lindsay was NOT the informant – but that Lindsay was sold as the informant after the fact. It is very possible that the “real informant” learned that Beltran and his group had correctly identified the informant as someone living in Victoria. The “real informant” scared and not wanting to be identified acted quickly, getting a message to Beltran’s group telling them that Lindsay was the informant. Hence Lindsay was murdered!

At the time Lindsay was murdered, the main informant was working in the Re/Max Camosun Westshore office and she was still working in that same office in 2018 when an RCMP officer did the risk assessment. The risk assessment was to determine whether the informant’s life was in jeopardy or not. Clearly the main informant was still alive in 2018, so of course it could not have been Lindsay. It was determined the main informant was in no danger as the killers were too far removed.

As a realtor, I know who was working in that office in 2008, and who was still working there in 2018. DON’T FORGET, Rianne Gracia quit her job at Re/Max the day after her dear friend Lindsay was murdered – and she certainly never went back. In her own words, Rianne said, “the Zailo’s are pure evil”. Rianne is in NO WAY suspected of being the main informant. The main informant likely still works in that Re/Max Westshore office today, and this is where the focus should lie. The question remains, why was that call to the Calgary Police November 2007 ever made?


I know we often name individual officers who have been the public face of this case, like Saanich Police Sgts. Ross Poulton, Scott Green, Rob McColl, Craig Sampson, Chris Horsley Phil MacDonald, Damian Kowalewich but not so much the lesser known Saanich Police names like Constable Heather Barkley, Sgt. Barry McLachlan and Sgt. Tyra Reid/Lamb.  But has anyone ever heard of Constable Adriano Di Nella RCMP Serious Crimes, Winston Yep and CONSTABLE SHERRY GABOURY-WIGLEY RCMP. All these officers have had some involvement in this case.

Sgt. Tyra Reid/Lamb was assigned to this murder investigation from the onset,

and she was one of the officers who followed Rianne Gracia around, often showing up at her place of work unannounced. Clearly, for some unknown reason, Rianne was a person of interest. Rianne would leave her workplace at the end of a day, only to find Tyra leaning up against her vehicle waiting to talk to her – something Rianne found very unsettling.

This is referred to as police intimidation, but who knows, it is possible their actions seemed justified at that time. It has been 13 years now and Rianne has never fully cooperated with the Saanich Police, the reason being – she just never trusted them. If she shared what she knew/thought to be the truth and they did not believe her, then her mistrust of the police is warranted.

SGT. TYRA REID/LAMB was assigned to another case back in 2000.

On February 29/2000, Zachary Matheson beat his ex-girlfriend Shannon Spruyt with the butt end of a gun until she was black and blue and he and David Niebergall were both accused of shooting and killing Shannon’s new boyfriend, Kevin Black in front of her the same night. Shannon’s own parents did not even recognize their daughter when they went to the hospital to see her.

On Count 2) Matheson was charged with assault, Count 3) assault with a weapon. The assault charge against Matheson was later dropped because Shannon died the following year. A dead victim, a dead witness – no trial. The coroner ruled her death accidental but some people believe that Matheson hot-dosed her. Sgt. Tyra Reid/Lamb was Shannon Spruyt’s support person for several months after the attack, so she would be fully aware of how dangerous Zachary Matheson was.


and I can only imagine the information that Tyra may have shared about the Buziak case with Shirley. Or the false information Shirley may have given to Tyra. Not sure why Tyra would choose to be friends with a woman like Shirley, considering Shirley is closely tied to Zachary Matheson – an accused murderer, drug trafficker, with a long history of assaults.

SGT. BARRY MCLACHLAN WAS THE ACTING STAFF SERGEANT   at the time he retired from the Saanich Police Department in late January 2008. In 2013, he entered into a relationship with Shirley Zailo, and the two of them lived together for about two years. Then, for whatever reason, the relationship ended. Barry may have been retired, but one thing is certain, he would still have close friends inside the Department and would be privy to critical information about the case. One of his good friends was Sgt. Tyra Reid.

Can you just imagine the information this trusting retired officer Barry McLachlan may have shared with Shirley during those two years?  And McLachlan and Tyra were good friends too. This ingenious devious mastermind would stop at nothing to get inside information about the case. This way Shirley would know just how close the police were getting. She played everyone, police officers still actively working the case, two retired officers, and maybe even her own sons. All the while having a good laugh at what fools they all were. If it were to ever come out that Barry McLachlan shared confidential information about this case with Shirley Zailo, the case could be seriously compromised. And what would happen then?

Interestingly, CONSTABLE SHERRY ANNE GABOURY-WIGLEY is the officer that did the risk assessment on the main informant (Calgary Drug Bust) in 2017. What a curious connection! GABOURY-WIGLEY has worked with Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit CFSEU in several undercover drug operations dating back 20 years.  I have attached the links to some of the cases she was involved in. However, there is no mention of Sherry Gaboury-Wigley in Zachary Matheson’s trial transcripts.

THE INFORMANT that RCMP Constable Gaboury-Wigley did the risk assessment on is a woman who worked in the Re/Max Camosun Westshore office when Lindsay was murdered, and I believe still works there today. So clearly, the Calgary Drug Bust is connected to Lindsay Buziak’s murder – otherwise, why the need for the informant risk assessment? The main informant knows why Lindsay was murdered, and who knows, she may even have some involvement. Why are the police so determined to protect this woman?

Apparently, CONSTABLE GABOURY-WIGLEY was one of the RCMP officers involved in the Zachary Scott Matheson drug investigation in 2013 (likely undercover) – at least she was present at Zachary Matheson’s trial in February 2016..

I only know this because I was also present at that trial and I met her due to circumstances that are outlined in a letter I wrote to Crown Counsel which I will copy below.


Some informers are model citizens, others not so much so.

Some act in the public interest while others may be driven by motives that are wholly unsavory. The identity of an informer is protected by a strong privilege, and it is an investigator’s professional obligation to protect the informant’s identity. But there are times that an obligation to protect is ignored, for whatever reason.

Officers that deal with informants are referred to as handlers. I suspect that the Calgary Drug Bust main informant, was given a handler/protection right after Lindsay’s murder. The delicate balance between handler notes, intelligence, and protection of the informant’s identity is critical.  Although practices vary slightly amongst police agencies, most dictate that all intelligence derived from a confidential informant be reproduced in the handler notes, and those notes are then carefully guarded – and disclosure, even to other members of the police force, is severely restricted. Under that protocol, only non-identifying information from the handler notes will be downloaded into source debriefing reports.

ON FEBRUARY 1ST/2016 I ATTENDED THE TRIAL OF ZACHARY SCOTT MATHESON. Below is my experience and how I dealt with the situation.

Good Morning XXXXXXX, (Crown Counsel)

I would like to refer back to an event that took place on February 1st 2016,  in the 3rd floor hallway just outside Courtroom 302 Victoria Supreme Court where the trial of Mr. Zachary Scott Matheson was proceeding.    As I sat on the bench in the hall during a recess, Zachary Matheson, the accused, quickly took a picture of me then smiled. I had just happened to turn my head in his direction and he was right there with his cell phone taking a picture.  

 In the courtroom Mr. Matheson made a point  of glancing back at me on numerous occasions as did his lawyer Mr. Bradley L. Hickford.   With less than a handful of spectators in the courtroom that morning, anyone of us were an easy target of intimidation.   On the Wednesday during recess I brought this to your attention as you sat on the bench in the hall beside Constable Shawn Paul and Constable Sherry Gaboury Wigley from the Combined Forces Unit.  Tess Van Straaten from CHEK NEWS   was also standing there and heard my concerns.   The two officers both stated that pictures are not allowed to be taken anywhere inside a courthouse.  

I appreciate the fact that you took my concerns seriously and spoke with Zachary Matheson’s counsel.   Back in court, I witnessed Mr. Hickford speaking with his client, whereby Zachary Matheson turned around and pointed directly at me, and said aloud, “her in the fourth row.” I was unable to attend the trial on the Thursday but I was told that Zachary Matheson and his lawyer were no longer using their staring intimidation tactics.  However, Zachary Matheson was still walking around with his cell phone in his hand in the hall and in the courtroom.    Since when does an accused of a serious crime have the right to go around staring people down and taking their picture.  This is a violation of my rights and my identity has now been seriously compromised.  It is clearly evident that Zachary Scott Matheson was trying to figure out who I was and most likely forwarded my picture onto others.  

Zachary is a very dangerous person with a lengthy history of violence, drugs etc.  If any threat should come to me or any member of my family, I want it on record of what transpired that day.   I am not filing a formal complaint because then I would have to give my real name which I have no intentions of doing.   Sad, when innocent people have to find a way to protect themselves from the likes of criminals like Mr. Matheson.  I am simply making you aware of my concerns in this matter and will be putting this letter in the hands of my personal lawyer and a few others in the event that Mr. Matheson sets out to retaliate.     I am most grateful that Tess Van Straaten from CHEK NEWS spoke about this incident in her newscast, which I must say was extremely well done.  


Court Spectator

From:  xxxxxxxx (Crown Counsel)

Sent: Monday, February 15, 2016 12:26 PM

To: ‘court spectator’ 

Subject: RE: The trial of Zachary Scott Matheson 

Good Afternoon, 

I have forwarded your email to some of the police officers in charge of the Matheson case so that they will be aware of your concern. 

Also, I should mention that Mr. Matheson approached me in the hallway of the courthouse a few days after you raised your complaint and made a few comments to me about your complaint:

He told me that he did not take any photos in the courthouse, but that he understood why someone might have mistakenly believed that he had. He said that he was in the hallway of the courthouse looking at a document on his phone which someone had emailed to him. He said that his eyesight is not very good, so he was holding the phone up close to his face and using the pinch-to-zoom gesture to enlarge the document.

He said that he then noticed someone in the hallway who was in front of him in the path of his phone and who was looking at him as if he had done something wrong. He said he thought you might have been that person. He said that he understood why you might have thought that he was taking photos of you given the way that he was holding the phone up and using the pinch-to-zoom gesture. He apologized for the misunderstanding and insisted that he would never take photos of people inside the courthouse. 

I appreciate that you might not believe his explanation. Still, for what it’s worth, I thought I should mention it to you. 


xxxxxxxxx Crown Counsel


Posted By: Tess van Straatenon: February 03, 2016In: CHEK, News, Top Stories

WATCH: Zachary Matheson is on trial after one of the largest drug busts in Vancouver Island history

Zachary Scott Matheson had nothing to say as he left the Victoria courthouse on the first day of his drug trial.

The 38-year-old Langford man is charged in connection with one of the biggest drug busts on Vancouver Island in years.

More than half a million dollars worth of drugs including cocaine, crystal meth, bags of marijuana, ecstasy pills and the date rape drug GHB were seized in June of 2013.

Matheson and Ali Arash Ziaee of Saanich were arrested and police described both as ‘high level drug traffickers’ with long criminal records and ties to organized crime.

“These two have a significant history of violence including past charges for robbery and for assault and they were identified by CFSEU B.C. as being two of our highest priority targets on the South Island,” Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit said at the time.

Police searched several properties in the raid, including a home in the 2700-block of Claude Road in Langford where marijuana was being grown just meters from a daycare.

The home was owned by real estate agent Shirley Zailo — she was thrown into the spotlight after the horrific murder of Lindsay Buziak, who was dating her son, Jason. Jason Zailo was questioned by Saanich Police before being cleared in the killing.

After the drug bust, Zailo told CHEK News she had no knowledge of drug activity and said the tenant had no ties to her family.

With the trial only just getting underway, both the crown and the defense declined to comment on the case but a member of the public gallery raised a potentially serious concern. She alleges the defendant was taking pictures of her and others in the hallway outside the courtroom in what she believes may be an effort to intimidate her. The Crown brought the issue to the defense, who promised to talk to his client.

Zachary Matheson — who goes by the nickname Ziggy — is being tried by judge alone. His co-accused, Ali Arash Ziaee, pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in a few months.



Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence 181919-1-K 1

01-Nov-2018 CCC – 272(2)(b) sexual assault with weapon\threats\bodily harm Commit ZIAEE, ARASH Ali Victoria BC

181919-1-K 2 01-Oct-2018 CCC – 272(2)(b) sexual assault with weapon\threats\bodily harm Commit ZIAEE, ARASH Ali Victoria BC

181919-1-K 3 01-Apr-2019 CCC – 272(2)(b) sexual assault with weapon\threats\bodily harm Commit ZIAEE, ARASH Ali Victoria BC

181919-1-K 4 02-May-2019 CCC – 272(2)(b) sexual assault with weapon\threats\bodily harm Commit ZIAEE, ARASH Ali Victoria BC

181919-1-K 5 01-Oct-2018 CCC – 264.1(1) Uttering threats Commit ZIAEE, ARASH Ali Victoria BC

Ali Ziaee can be reached at 778-533-7397 or at ali.boombazillian@gmail.com



Zachary Matheson and Ali Ziaee were arrested June 6/013, but no charges were laid against either party until 2015.

At the time of their arrest Matheson was a tenant living at 2768 Claude Road in Langford, a property owned by Re/Max Camosun Westshore Realtor/Manager Shirley Zailo. Matheson hired well-known criminal defense lawyers Bradley L. Hickford and Richard Neary, lawyers who often represent accused drug dealers and murderers. 23 year old Ali Ziaee, was also represented by Hickford and Neary.

The financial cost to have Hickford and Neary represent these accused, from start to finish, could exceed 100K, maybe 200K. This begs the question, did Zachary Matheson have a substantial amount of drug money stashed away to cover his legal costs? Was he perhaps the “real” owner of the 2768 Claude Road property, and did he use the proceeds of the sale of that property for his defense? Or, did someone else finance Zachary Matheson and Ali Ziaee’s defense?

The night that Lindsay was murdered, Jason Zailo was taken to the police station for questioning, then kept overnight. His mother Shirley Zailo immediately retained criminal defense lawyer Bradley Hickford to represent her son. The up-front retainer alone would set a client back 10G. Is it a coincidence that Brad Hickford was the same lawyer that Zachary Matheson hired to represent him when he was arrested on drug charges in 2013?

COURT TRANSCRIPTS – Zachary Scott Matheson


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