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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Shirley Zailo was given police protection.

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The 2011 Lindsay Buziak Memorial Walk for JustiCE

Pay close attention to the woman (Saanich Police officer) in the white coat, purple scarf and sunglasses walking with Shirley – carefully watching her surrounding the entire walk, then when reaching the walk’s final destination this police officer stands with her back against the glass window at Saanich City Hall. A serious look, no smile, just discretely scanning the crowd the entire time. Notice the Saanich police officers who are standing in front of the group at the far back left corner- the Zailos are standing behind them. Clearly, the Saanich Police were on the walk to protect the Zailos.


We know that shortly after Lindsay’s murder Zachary Matheson called a meeting – because he needed to find a way to protect the Zailos from Edgar Acevedo (Vid). What we do not know, is why Shirley needed protecting. Edgar Acevedo (Vid) did not know who the rat was prior to Lindsay’s murder, because if he had, he would not have set Lindsay up to be the scapegoat. But if Vid and the Delalcazars found out weeks later who the real rat was it could be the reason Edgar Acevedo (Vid) was on the hunt for Shirley Zailo. Were Vid and the Delalcazars still considered a threat to Shirley in 2011? Is that the reason for the Zailos needing protection on the walk, or was it because their appearance on the Dateline NBC show which aired in November 2010 did not go well for them?

Is Shirley Zailo the main informant? Is she is the woman who made that call to the Calgary Police Department in November 2007 to tip them off about the Delalcazar’s drug shipment headed to Calgary? We know that the informant was a woman who worked in the Re/Max Westshore office at the time of Lindsay’s murder and she still works in that office today. And we know that an RCMP officer did a risk assessment on the main informant in 2017. That leaves only a handful of possibilities but only one person who had the connections to a drug trafficker that might have known about that shipment heading to Calgary.

Shirley has not denied or admitted to these allegations which begs the question – is she the woman who made the call or isn’t she? If someone was questioning whether I made that call and I did not do it, I would be screaming “it wasn’t me” to the rooftops – because the life of the main informant could be at risk – and there are likely people out there who will want to set things right. If that call had never been made to the Calgary Police Department in November 2007 Lindsay Buziak would still be alive today. In fairness though, it is possible that the person who made that call could never have imagined that things could have gone so wrong.


The Saanich Police made false statements to the press – the question is, was this done for strategic purposes or were the Saanich Police bamboozled by Shirley and Jason Zailo. In other words, were Shirley & Jason Zailo given a free pass right from the start? The Saanich Police publicly stated that Lindsay was not apprehensive about the showing – but everyone else said she was. It was only Jason Zailo and his mother who told the Saanich Police that Lindsay was not at all worried about the showing that evening. The police also told the press that Jason was going to the DeSousa house because he had real estate papers for Lindsay to sign. That was false information too and any experienced homicide detective who had done his due diligence would have known that there was not an ounce of truth to Jason’s story. It is common knowledge that the police often put out false information on purpose so it is very possible that this is what has happened here.


Shirley Zailo needs to pick up the phone, contact the Saanich Police and come clean with what she knows. If Shirley has nothing to hide then why not?


Are you the MAIN INFORMANT who made the call to the Calgary Police Department in November 2007? If so why did you do it? Why did you lie on Dateline and say that Lindsay told you she was afraid of Matt MacDuff?

What was so important that Jason had to go straight up to see Chris Schwartz at his 4th floor condo at 68 Songhees the night he was released from the Saanich Police Station?

Why was Jason friends with this drug trafficker to begin with? Did Chris have something to do with Lindsay’s murder? Did Jason and Chris need to talk about what happened the night before? Did they need to get their stories straight? A source said that Jason went to Chris’s place to ask him if the boys from Van (HA) could have murdered Lindsay, but Jason had a different story as to why he went there that night. There was only two people in that conversation

Jason and Chris. Both have been known to lie, so neither can be believed. If Jason wanted to know whether the Hells Angels were involved all he had to do was pick up the phone and ask his good friend Ziggy Matheson, who was an associate of the HA. Did you know that the realtor scuttlebutt in Victoria was that Jason owed a lot of money to drug dealers? is this why Jason was in such a hurry to see Chris Schwartz. Did Jason know it was the HA who murdered Lindsay? Is that why he did everything he could to stay away from DeSousa and then NOT to go in when in got there?

Was it your idea for Jason to lie to the Saanich Police about him and Lindsay working on a deal together the night she was murdered or did he come up with that idea all on his own?

If you are the main informant, did you not suspect that when Lindsay got the call from a woman with a Spanish sounding accent that something was very wrong? A call to show a vacant home, on a quiet cul-de-sac, after dark on a Saturday evening – and Lindsay never got their name? You were a seasoned realtor and should have known that things like this just do not happen. Rather than discourage Lindsay from going, you did everything you could to make sure she went to that showing.

In police files obtained by the Capital Daily news Jason told the police that he had reminded Lindsay that she had received a similar call about a month earlier which had resulted in a sale. He claims he did this in order to ease her worries about the showing. This is not true because that client did not exist.


Zailo reminded Buziak that she had received a similar call from a woman about a month earlier, and that the client’s $900,000 budget had been almost identical, But in that case, the mysterious call had ultimately yielded a sale. There’s no indication the two calls are connected, and Zailo appears to have brought it up only to reassure Buziak.

After Lindsay was murdered on February 2/2008, someone sent the police in the direction of the Calgary Drug bust. It makes perfect sense that the main informant would be the one who would do that. Shirley, did you tell the police that Lindsay had been to Calgary to visit her dad in mid December 2007. Did you tell the police that Lindsay knew the Delalcazars, and did you suggest to them that Lindsay might have visited Erickson while she was in Calgary? You knew Lindsay and Rianne were best friends forever and that Rianne was a friend of Vids.

If you are the main informant, then you not only ratted out the Delalcazar’s drug shipment – you pointed the finger at them as being the conspirators who had Lindsay murdered. You set everybody up to save yourself. After the drug bust went down in January 2008 did you go to Rianne and tell her that Lindsay was the informant – hoping that Rianne would run with that information to her friend Vid? What did Lindsay’s friend Rianne ever do to you Shirley to warrant the hell that you have perpetrated upon her life?

The Mexican couple called Lindsay to view the 1702 DeSousa property but weren’t you and Jason the ones that were luring Lindsay to the house?

Why have you made no attempt to sue Jeff Buziak? After all he has been trashing you for years. And with good reason by the looks of it.

Why did Jason say on Dateline that everything was fine between him and Lindsay? You know, and everyone knows, that is a lie.

Why did Jason tell the police that realtors do not lock doors?

That is what Sgt. Chris Horsley told the press. As a realtor for many years I sure as hell locked doors. If I was entering a vacant home after dark, or any home for that matter, I would lock the front door, then take my time turning on lights and familiarizing myself with the surroundings. And after my client left I would lock the doors again prior to turning out all the lights and checking to make sure all the exterior doors were locked. Now maybe guys do not do that, but I guarantee you it is is a common practice among female realtors.

Why did you tell CHEK News that you and your family had no association to the man who lived in your rental property at 2768 Claude Road?

You have been close friends with Zachary Matheson and his mother Deborah for years. Your boys played hockey with Zachary, and years prior to Lindsay’s murder in 2008, Jason and Ryan used to go over to Ziggy’s house on Friday nights to watch hockey on TV. Ziggy’s girlfriend was often home and would bring the boys their beer while they watched the game. Isn’t this the same Zachary Matheson that would drop by your Re/Max Camosun Westshore office to have coffee with you? You remember Zachary’s mom Deb don’t you Shirley, you often chat on Facebook with her now that she is living back in Ontario. And Shirley, why is it that you often take Zachary Matheson on family vacations with you?

Deborah Matheson Very lovely say hello to the boys (Men) for me💝😊

Shirley Zailo Thanks Deb and will do

Deborah Matheson Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Did you own the home at 2768 Claude Road in Langford or did Zachary Matheson actually own the property?

Did you put yourself on the title to help him out. Zachary had no legitimate source of income – no T’4’s so he would never qualify for a mortgage. Don’t most landlords need to see proof of employment and income prior to renting to a tenant? Either you helped a known drug trafficker buy a home or you rented to a known drug trafficker. If you purchased that home in your name on behalf of Zachary Matheson because he could not get financing this could be considered illegal.

Zachary Matheson installed a $5,000 chain link fence around the perimeter of his 2768 Claude Road property in 2011. A chain link fence he installed so that his pitbulls would not get out. I do not believe he needed your permission to install the fence because most likely he was the “real” owner of the property. Clearly you and Ziggy had some kind of business arrangement. Did you and Zachary Matheson split the proceeds of the sale of the Claude Road house when you sold it in 2016? Did you know that Zachary used to hide his guns inside the wall in the detached garage behind the Claude Road house? Apparently the police never looked there when they did their raids.

The #218 68 Songhees condo that Lindsay and Jason lived in was owned by you.

At least that is what you told people. But it was purchased in your son Ryan’s name in 2007 and was still in Ryan’s name when it sold in 2017. Ryan was a 1st time buyer in 2007 so this made him exempt from having to pay the Property Purchase Tax (PPT) and he would have paid a reduced rate on the GST. That saved you a few grand didn’t it Shirley. In April, just two months after Lindsay’s murder you registered a PRIVATE MORTGAGE against Ryan’s condo. Were you looking to protect your investment, knowing that the condo was in Ryan’s name and that he could borrow against the equity at any time?

Were you concerned that the “HA” might go looking for Ryan to collect on Jason’s drug debt? After all Jason did not own anything in his own name. Just why was it that you put the condo in Ryan’s name and not Jason’s? Did you trust Ryan but not your eldest son Jason? If you were the “real” owner of that property, did you and Ryan split the proceeds of the sale in 2017 like you did with Zachary Matheson when the 2768 Claude Road property sold in 2016?

Why did you associate for years with a known drug trafficker?

Did you not consider that Zachary Matheson (Ziggy) was someone to stay clear of when you learned that he beat his girlfriend Shannon Spruyt black and blue with the butt end of a gun until she was unrecognizable? The coroner’s report shows that Shannon died of an overdose, but I am more apt to think Ziggy hot-dosed her so she would not be able to testify against him at his upcoming trial. That is what her parents believed and so do many others. It is very difficult to prove a hot-dose.

Even after Ziggy was arrested in 2013, you still invited him to your Shawnigan Lake property for barbeques? This was a guy with several convictions for drug-trafficking and assaults. It is clear that you and Zachary Matheson were business partners, and neither of you were up to any good.

Why do you and your sons have so many known criminals and members of criminal organizations on your social media sites? Is this the type of people you do business with? Just to name a few.

Alycia Faithful Lebrun (Calgary Drug Bust), Aaron Perez, Ziggy Matheson (Zac Nonya) Shane Wilson – murdered 2021, Ross Addicott – deceased 2021 Chris Biros, Jeremy Sauve

Charbel Hage, Eldreigson Delalcazar, Alfred Kong, Wayne Kalnciems, deceased 2019,

Mike Hamer (currently doing time and now labelled a dangerous offender), Rhys Bolton, STEEF DE FREL (Full Patch HA Member)

Steef Hamc de Frel

Jason Zailo

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From where I sit there are people out there who need to be protected from you.

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