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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

July 11/2022 Lindsay Buziak murder – The Lynchpin Connection



Joe DeSousa’s home was listed on November 7th 2007 for $949,000. The listing was cancelled over the Xmas holidays then re-listed on Jan 9/2008 for $964,900. The property had been on the market for several months in 2007 and did not sell, so why increase the price by $15,000? The new listing was signed on Wednesday January 9th, and did not hit the Multiple Listing System (MLS) until Monday. How may people would know about this new listing? The two listing agents who worked in the Re/Max Camosun office, other realtors and staff that worked there, and anyone else that Joe might have told. The Re/Max sign was in the front lawn, so anyone who lived in the DeSousa neighborhood would be aware.

The DeSousa property was chosen as the murder house for good reason,

Lindsay’s murder had been in the planning stage for some time, which means the conspirators had their sights on the DeSousa home all along. The conspirators needed to ensure that Joe DeSousa re-listed the home and that’s exactly what they did. Was Joe DeSousa involved in the planning of Lindsay’s murder, or was he simply a chess piece that the planners needed to move around in order to accomplish their mission? Convenient that Joe’s principal residence was just 1.7 kilos – a 4-minute drive to the DeSousa home he was building.


Everything appeared as if Jason had orchestrated the perfect alibi. He made sure there was footage of himself getting into his Range Rover in the SHC parking lot – even making a point of first walking to the passenger side of the vehicle, then back around to the driver’s side. He made sure he would be at the location of the murder with someone, it was as if the plan was deliberately designed to make sure he was with someone else during the exact time of the actual attack.

Jason leaves SHC at 5:30 and he has just hung up the phone from talking to Lindsay.

He needed directions to get to the DeSousa house. He didn’t have the MLS listing with him, otherwise he would have seen the instructions to realtors – take Kenmore to Torquay. Lindsay is now texting Jason the directions from inside the house. Does this make sense? Lindsay is inside with the killers and they are allowing her to text? The killers would allow Lindsay to do this is if they knew exactly who was on the other end. If Jason could not communicate with the killers by phone, he could send them a message through Lindsay.

Who chose the house, who knew exactly which house would give the easiest exit points for the attackers and had the most difficult visibility from the road? Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac – with only 4 new homes being built, 3 still in the construction stage. At 5:30 on a Saturday the trades would have been packed up and gone. Joe DeSousa had left the cul-de-sac just before 5:00, then returned to the house after the trades were gone to lock up. How many people could have known Joe DeSousa’s schedule?

What if Joe had decided to hang around the house for another half hour, that could have so easily have happened if a neighbor or someone had stopped to chat with him? So many things could have gone wrong but they didn’t. The killers didn’t need to touch anything in the house. Lindsay would have opened all the internal and external doors. The attackers just had to wander around and wait until Lindsay was upstairs in the most private place that could not been seen from the road. No physical evidence of them ever being there.

Jason just happens to arrive at the DeSousa house at the exact time the killers are about to make their escape.

On Dateline Jason said that when he turned into the cul-de-sac that he saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door. A few years later Sgt. Chris Horsley tells the press that Jason actually saw the couple standing outside the front door, and when they saw Jason turn into the cul-de-sac they turned around and went back inside.  Which story are we to believe? Jason had parked his Range Rover in a spot where he has a clear view of Torquay Drive and the DeSousa house. If Jason was the lookout, it was the perfect setup because he had positioned himself where he could see the killers walk away, or get into a waiting parked vehicle. Ten minutes later Jason moves his vehicle out onto Torquay, possibly where the get-away vehicle had been parked.  At 6:05 Jason goes to the front door and finds it locked, he then panics and calls 911. He didn’t panic when Lindsay did not respond to his texts from outside the house so why now?

There is nothing unusual about a realtor being in a home with clients for a 1/2 hour. There are often times when a client will spend 1-2 hours viewing a home. The Saanich Police said that Lindsay had showed the lower level of the home prior to going upstairs. Lindsay accessed the locbox at 5:29, then greeted the couple in the driveway. They would have introduced themselves and chatted for a few minutes? Let’s say Lindsay enters the home at 5:31/5:32, then proceeds to show the main level of the home before going upstairs. The coroner’s report indicates that Lindsay was murdered between 5:38 and 5:41. This allowed only 6 minutes to show her clients the main floor?

Did the Saanich Police ask Joe DeSousa the important questions?

Joe, why did you decide to re-list your property on January 9th? Did you have different realtors come into your home before listing? Did a friend or someone you know encourage you to put your house back on the market? What was the urgency Joe and why did you decide to increase the price by $15,000 when you were unable to sell the house at the lower price in 2007? Joe, had any realtors from the Re/Max Camosun office other than the two listing realtors been through your home in the weeks leading up to the murder?

Joe, was it routine for your wife to clean the house every Saturday, or did someone ask you to do that? Joe, there is someone who heard you say, “the little bitch got what she deserved”. Did you know Lindsay personally Joe? If not, why would you make such a damning statement about a young woman who was slaughtered in your own home? The guy you said this to Joe is very credible, so you need to come clean.

If these questions were not presented to Joe DeSousa or his wife right after the murder then key evidence may have been left behind.

Oh my god, wait just a minute. I’ve got this all wrong. I am so sorry. I forgot that the Saanich Police cleared Jason Zailo in late 2009 and then cleared his entire family in 2010.

The police have always led the public to believe it was the people who were involved in the Calgary Drug bust that had Lindsay murdered. So let’s look at this differently. Jason is a good guy and everything he did that night is all circumstantial. It doesn’t matter that he lied to the police and said he was going to DeSousa because he had documents for Lindsay to sign. It doesn’t matter than he said he saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door then changed his story a few years later. It doesn’t matter that he arrived at the house fifteen minutes late – that he was drinking beers with the guys at SHC and just lost track of time. It doesn’t matter that he raced up the stairs to the master bedroom after entering through the front door.

It doesn’t matter that he was seen on the security cameras at SHC, that was just circumstance. It doesn’t matter that he took his friend Cohen along with him to the house. It doesn’t matter that Jason’s friend Zachary Matheson was charged with murder, was a drug trafficker and beat his girlfriend’s face in with the butt end of a gun. It doesn’t matter that Ziggy had friends who had stabbed people to death. It doesn’t matter that Jason’s mother rented a home to the guy. I hear Ziggy is very likeable so I’m thinking I might like to get to know him myself. Don’t we all need a guy like that in our family. Isn’t he the perfect guy to take care of business when business needs taking care of?

What matters now is that we place Vid Acevedo or one of his partners at the crime scene.

How would any member of Vid’s group have known about the DeSousa property being on the market? Did any of them know Joe DeSousa personally? No! If they didn’t know Joe how would they know about the missing boards in the fence and know Joe’s work schedule? Did they know any of Joe’s trades? No! Were they planning Lindsay’s murder months earlier? No!

Where were the Delalcazar brothers the night of the murder? Where was Vid?

Someone in their circle would have to have been the lookout, was Vid hiding out in the bushes on Torquay? If Vid didn’t know Joe DeSousa’s schedule, he’d have to be there to see when Joe left the property? Didn’t Jason spot Vid hiding in the bushes that night, after all he was parked so he could see everything that was going on on DeSousa? No! Vid would have been gone, he only needed to skulk around until Joe DeSousa left the area at 5:00. That half-wit group of no minds would never have gone to such great lengths to arrange a murder in a vacant house listed by someone in Shirley Zailo’s Re/Max office. They would have shot Lindsay in a drive-by shooting and have been done with it. Vid is a small town drug dealer and pimp, he sure as heck was not connected to the Mexican Cartel.

Speaking of Shirley Zailo, her tires must have been burning up when she went racing over to the DeSousa house.

If she was at home on Haida Drive as she claims, how did she end up at the DeSousa property within 20 minutes of Jason’s call asking for the garage door code? Why have the Saanich Police refused to say where Shirley was at the time of the murder? Shirley must have missed Vid on her way over, he may have gone in the other direction when he left DeSousa, knowing that Shirley would be coming in from the opposite direction. The police say that the crime phone pinged off cell towers at Cook and Finlayson the Friday night before the murder Feb 1st and that the phone was transported over from the mainland that night. We heard that Vid was responsible for picking up the crime phone because Vid lived very close to that particular cell tower. But wait!

february 1 – friday NIGHT

Jason Zailo played for the stingers, AND had an 8:30 hockey GAME at norden Arena

Jason did not arrive home until just before midnight. Could he have taken a detour on the way home, picking up the phone at the ferry terminal? Remember, Shirley stopped by Lindsay’s condo on the Friday night at approximately 7:15 – Jason claims he left to play hockey at 7:30, shortly after his mother arrived. Shirley says while at Lindsay’s condo she heard Lindsay talking to the buyer’s and insists that Lindsay gave them the DeSousa address. Shirley claims she and Lindsay went for a walk, had dinner then spent the rest of the evening together. Shirley claims while at Lindsay’s condo she heard Lindsay talking to the buyer’s and insists that Lindsay gave them the DeSousa address. No one believes the long walk and the entire evening together story. It’s in the police notes though.

Jason arrives home from his hockey game just before midnight- seeing how nervous Lindsay is about the upcoming showing he reminds her about the mystery client she had a month earlier and how that call had resulted in a sale. Lindsay DID NOT have a mystery client that yielded a sale a month earlier. It’s in the police notes though! Lindsay is dead and we only have Jason and Shirley’s word for what happened. It’s Jason’s illogical or inconsistent explanations of events, the tangled web of lies that has led to his own demise, his own entrapment.

Whatever possessed the Saanich Police to deliberately and publicly clear Jason of the crime without having arrested anyone? Now, politically, how are they ever going to admit that there is considerable circumstantial evidence against him and no one else? Understandably the police were overwhelmed by the lack of physical and real evidence at the crime scene but that hardly excuses 14 years of turning a blind eye to what’s really going on here.

OH MY GOD, I got carried away again. So sorry. I forgot that it’s Vid and the Delalcazar brothers that had Lindsay murdered, and that the Zailo’s are innocent. (according to the Saanich Police)

Could Erickson have murdered Lindsay? Oh wait, it couldn’t be him, he was denied bail after his arrest. It sure as hell couldn’t have been his goof brothers or his dumb drug dealing friend Vid Acevedo. Who in that group had the capability to mastermind this murder for hire? No one!


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