The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

June 1/2022 Lindsay Buziak Murder – The killer’s escape exit.

The killers left through the rear patio doors

The conspirators who planned Lindsay Buziak’s murder

The conspirators are sitting back believing that they have gotten away with the perfect murder, after all Lindsay’s murder has been 14 years unsolved. So, either we have the perfect murder or we have a sub-standard investigation. What happens in the first 48 hours after a murder can mean the difference between a closed case and a cold case. As the clock starts ticking, each second is as crucial as the next. There is a great deal of truth to the theory that chances of solving a homicide are cut in half if police don’t get their first viable lead in the first 48 hours. The Saanich Police have always said they found no DNA or forensic evidence at the scene of the crime. Hard to believe?

From the very start of this investigation Saanich Police Detective Sgt. Chris Horsley has been one of the lead investigators on the case.

Not only was he the lead investigator, he was the cop who almost always spoke to the press. What was most noticeable when he spoke publicly was how he always led the public to believe it was the players involved in the Calgary Drug bust who were responsible for Lindsay’s murder. He would say things like, “they were waking people up in their beds in the middle of the night asking who did you tell? Well if that’s the case why after all these years have there been no arrests? What if the Calgary Drug Bust was nothing more than a red herring and the SP have been on the wrong track all these years?


What if someone wanted us to believe that it was the guys involved in the Calgary Drug Bust who murdered Lindsay? Who could it be that went out of their way to deflect the investigation in that direction? Remember – right after Lindsay’s murder Zachary Matheson (Ziggy) called a meeting of his drug associates to figure out a way to protect the Zailo’s from Edgar Acevedo (Vid). Steef de Frel (Steve) was one of the people he called. Today Steef is a full patch member of the HA, and facebook friends with Shirley, Jason and Ryan Zailo.

Why would the Zailo’s need protecting? Was it because Vid found out that Lindsay was not the one who ratted them out – and that it was someone else in the Ziggy/Zailo camp? Or was Vid on the warpath knowing that him and the Delalcazar’s were being blamed for Lindsay’s murder, when in fact, they had no involvement whatsoever. Were they being targeted because Ziggy’s camp had pointed the finger in their direction?

How did Sgt. Chris Horsley come to the conclusion that the killers planned to exit through the front door? Does that make any sense?

The police always said that the killers would have been covered in blood when they left the house, so why in hell would they walk out the front door, down the driveway and onto the street covered in blood? It makes far more sense that the killers planned to exit through the back patio door, through the missing boards in the fence which would have taken them right out onto Torquay, the perfect get-away spot where a car would be waiting to pick them up. Leaving through the back of the house made for a clean get-away into the bushes (as the Capital Daily article recognizes).  This seemed pre-planned, just like how the choice of the house was deliberately preplanned. And don’t forget the cadaver dogs that were brought onto the scene were unable to follow the scent, which clearly indicates the couple did not leave on foot – they had a vehicle waiting.

Who chose the house? If the persons who were planning Lindsay’s murder worked in the Re/Max office they never in a million years would have chosen a house that was listed with their own office. Or would they? Dateline did say this murder was masterfully crafted and artfully designed so why not? And plausible deniability would quickly come into play. It’s a brilliant plan when you really stop to think about it. Who would know about the missing boards in the fence? The owner/builder, the trades, the neighbors, the listing agents. Apparently Joe DeSousa had asked Shirley Zailo to come by and give him an opinion of value before he listed it. Shirley declined to take the listing saying Joe was not realistic with his asking price.

If this is fact, then she too would have been in that house and may have seen the missing boards in the fence. The house was listed on January 9/2008. Someone had to be watching that property 24-48 hours prior to the murder. Maybe the Torquay neighbor was keeping watch – then again maybe not. What if it was none other than Joe DeSousa himself. After all, it was Joe who removed the missing boards in the fence, and it was Joe who gave the Saanich Police the unbelievable story about why he had removed the boards. Let’s remember too, Joe was good friends with Shirley’s live-in boyfriend Paul Bergshoeff, and it was Joe who only a few weeks after Lindsay was murdered told someone, “the little bitch got what she deserved”. And let’s not forget it was Joe’s wife who had cleaned the entire house the afternoon of the murder.

How could Horsley know the killers intentions?

On Dateline Jason said he saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door, then years later Sgt. Chris Horsley tells the press that Jason actually saw the couple coming out the front door then turn around and go back in. Jason tells the police that he thought the showing was just starting and that’s why he waited in the car. Horsley tells the press they were in the process of leaving. Wasn’t the timing premature for a buyer to be leaving the showing if that’s what Horsley was basing this understanding on?  None of what Horsley says makes any sense.

In order for the killers to have have a clean exit that evening in the dark of night someone had to have thoroughly cased the house and neighborhood in advance. Did the police investigate every person who had been in that house in the days leading up to the murder? Wouldn’t it be awfully convenient that Jason thwarted the killers leaving out the front, that three fence boards just happened to be out that particular day, making for an extremely clean exit to Torquay? He’s 15 minutes late, then sits in his car for another 20 minutes, then when entering the house goes straight up the stairs to the master bedroom.

The story told by Sgt. Chris Horsley:

Joe DeSousa, the owner of the home had removed the fence boards so that the painters could go through and get their paint which was sitting on the patio steps. Who the heck leaves paint outside in the cold nights of January/February and who the heck has their painters crawling through a hole in the fence to get to the paint? Why not store the paint in the garage and allow the trades access to the garage? Exterior paint cannot dry properly in February.  It makes no sense that it would either be left outside or used on the exterior. It’s rare that painters would ever agree to sneak through a hole in a fence to get to their paint. If neighbors were to see this happening they likely would have suspected a break-in and called the police.

Did the Saanich Police just accept Joe DeSousa’s explanation about the fence and move on?

Seriously, the fence/paint story makes no sense and to think that the Saanich Police would not do a deep dive into this ridiculous story makes no sense. What was the basis of the allegation that Joe said, “the little bitch got what she deserved”? This statement would clearly be probative information in light of the fact the house was literally staged to facilitate an easy escape for the killers.

It makes no sense whatsoever that Joe De Sousa would leave that open gap on the fence for workers to go through.  Were the workers/painters interviewed about how long the fence was like that? How could the killers know that it wouldn’t be boarded back up again before that fateful night?  Someone was watching that house very closely in the days leading up to the murder.

The optics are not looking good for Joe DeSousa, and if Joe is not involved, he needs to come up with a logical explanation as to why he said that Lindsay got what she deserved. He also needs to tell the police the real reason he removed the boards from the fence. This entire fence/paint story stinks to high hell.

Did Detective Sgt. Chris Horsley believe every story line that Jason gave him?

It turns out that many statements Horsley gave the press were false/or deliberately misdirected. Horsley said that Jason was going to the DeSousa house because he had real estate documents for Lindsay to sign. Upon investigation there were no real estate documents to sign. In fact, there was nothing Lindsay needed to sign that night. Had Horsley not asked to see the contract of Purchase and Sale? Had he not taken the time to speak with both the buyers and sellers to confirm what Jason had told him? Why did he go out to the press and tell that story if he could not back up what he was saying?

Why did Chris Horsley tell the press that when Jason turned into the cul-de-sac he saw the killers exiting the house?

He made it sound like it was always the killers intention to leave out the front door. This cop seems to have mislead the public about many aspects of this investigation. Not only that, but every time he opened his mouth in the press he was defending Jason Zailo! As the years pass by it’s become crystal clear to everyone who’s been paying attention to this case that something is very wrong in Dixieland.

A new group of investigators were brought on board two years ago yet still nothing. Imagine, the Saanich Police, the RCMP, the FBI, and VIICU are all actively involved in this murder investigation yet still no arrests —- and the silence is deafening. The only explanation for this – they haven’t a clue what they are doing and perhaps they are still chasing the ghosts of Calgary when in fact the ghosts are right here under their noses in Victoria. It’s time for the Saanich Police to call a press conference and let everyone know where they stand in this investigation. The public has the right to know just what is going on.

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