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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

British Columbia’s Justice System is not working. CRIME PAYS.

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MAY 2018


Charges: Assault – Uttering threats to cause bodily harm – Extortion


As soon as Judge Roberts appeared the lawyers quickly scrambled to take their places in the courtroom – all there waiting to represent their clients. A few of the lawyers nodded and smiled in Vid’s direction, so we were quickly made aware that Vid had friends within the system. These were preliminary hearings and unfortunately the victim that Vid assaulted and threatened passed away before there could be a trial. Of course the charges against Vid were dropped and the case disappeared from the public court records.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, can you please explain to the courts what happened the night in question.

MR. ACEVEDO: Well your honor, this guy was my friend so I did not expect that he would screw me over you know. I supplied him with pure blow, nothing but the best shit for my friend your honor. And what does he do, he tells me he can’t pay me right away.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, how much time did you give your clients to pay up?

MR. ACEVEDO: I expected payment on delivery your honor. Wayne didn’t have the cash at the time so I gave him a 30-day extension. When he didn’t pay up after 30 days I was left with no choice but to deal with the situation in an expedient manner.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, I thought you said Wayne was your friend. Why didn’t you just give him another 30-day extension?

MR ACEVEDO: Your honor, if I let one of my clients off the hook, I would lose respect, the word would spread quickly and other clients would try to fuck me over too. Do you understand what I am up against here your honor?

JUDGE: Yes, Mr. Acevedo, you make a valid point. It is important for people to show responsibility and pay their debts. On the other hand Mr. Acevedo the courts cannot allow drug dealers to inflict violence on citizens in our community. It is the responsibility of the courts to impose penalties that reflect the seriousness of the crime.

MR. ACEVEDO: I hear you your honor I understand. Just please do not send me to jail because I can’t handle tight spaces and I wouldn’t get along with the people in there. That bunch in there are real criminals your honor. All I do is sell drugs and beat people up that don’t pay their debt.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, do you have any other means of employment other than selling drugs? Do you have an employer who might be able to speak on your behalf?

MR. ACEVEDO: Well no your honor I have no time to work a 2nd job. I have a client data base of over 200. I have to make trips to Vancouver to pick up my supplies, (if you know what I mean.) Then I have to spend hours on my laptop taking orders & arranging the deliveries. I need protection too and that doesn’t come cheap. Do you realize your honor that I can bring in 10K in a good week, 5K if things are slow. I mean life is good your honor.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, if you have 200 clients why would business ever slow down for you?

MR. ACEVEDO: Well judge, sometimes the heat is on and the cops are on my back. It’s not that easy to give those guys the slip you know – especially those stupid bike cops that come up behind you when you least expect it. Sometimes they sit outside my house trying to intimidate me. Sometimes I have to call a taxi, go down the back lane, and get picked up a block away. I get so sick of it your honor.

JUDGE: I am sorry Mr. Acevedo I see your drug trafficking business is being impacted by the actions of the police. But you must remember, the police are trying to maintain law and order in our community.

MR. ACEVEDO: Your honor, you know as well as I do there is no law & order in this country never mind in our community. Drug dealers like me run this city and judges like you give us light sentences so that we can get back on the streets. I have some very high ranking officials as clients your honor, not to mention a few high-priced lawyers, and court judges that love to snort the good stuff. They expect me to fill their orders on time and if I can’t fulfil their needs they will take their business elsewhere. I can’t let that happen your honor.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, may I ask – with 200 clients how do possibly find time to take holidays?

MR. ACEVEDO: Well it’s not easy your honor, because in this business there are not a lot of people you can trust. Having said that, I do trust my good friends the Delalcazar brothers. I would trust them with my life so of course I would trust them to take over my drug business while I am away. Like me, they know the system and how to beat it – and they have their lawyer on speed dial at all times. Like me, these guys have been trafficking in narcotics for years and other than 12 month probations and $500. fines we are back on the streets in no time. And thanks to judges like you your honor who love to snort or inject our product we will always be in business. It is all about supply and demand your honor and as long as the business community demands we will supply.

The Delalcazar Brothers used to be members of the Esquimalt Crips gang you know and nobody messed with them then and nobody messes with them now. The Delalcazar boys will always have my back. One of the brothers even landed a job with the school board after his release from jail a few years back. His father and uncles work in the school system too. They are trying to get Uncle Cirilo a job with the school board too your honor. Their Uncle Cirilo is trying to go straight after his last 2 1/2 year visit to the slammer, but it’s not easy for him. He’s a good guy and a hard worker your honor.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, are you married, do you have children. Are you not concerned about how your drug business is affecting your family?

MR. ACEVEDO: I was in a live-in arrangement years ago your honor and my girlfriend and I had a child together. Unfortunately she didn’t listen well. In 2008 I beat her up, broke her nose and put her in the hospital. I was in jail for two months your honor, but I got released because my wife knew better then to mess with me. I even missed my sister’s wedding your honor – and that’s just not right. The charges were dropped because my common-law wife would not agree to cooperate with the police. I don’t see my kid any more but that’s okay. My drug business takes up most of my time, and when I am not working I like to party. No time for kids your honor.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, how is your relationship with your parents and siblings? Are they supportive of your career as a drug trafficker?

MR. ACEVEDO: Oh yes your honor, I am very close to my family. My mother and sister adore me, not so much my dad though. My mom use to hide my drugs in her garden in the backyard and when our house got raided a few times the stupid cops never thought to look there. “Love you mom.” I am so proud of my sister too, she lives in Saskatchewan now and last year she landed a good job as a prison guard at the local penitentiary. Guess they didn’t do a good background check on her family. Her and I speak often and me and her family often vacation together. Yes we are very close your honor.

JUDGE: I am aware that you have had a few friends who died from a drug overdose. How do you feel about that?

MR. ACEVEDO: Yes your honor I have lost a few friends to drug overdoses but this is not on me sir. I had talks with the friends who were selling my product. I would tell them, sell but don’t use. Unfortunately, once they got that first high they couldn’t stop. The powder, coke, pure blow it’s addictive you know, and if a person injects the shit rather than snorts it – it’s going to do some serious brain damage. I don’t do drugs your honor, I choose to stick to alcohol. I heard rumors that people think I am stupid – well I am not stupid enough to use, I am making a whole shit load of money and I am surrounded by friends who will always have my back. Not so stupid eh your honor?

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, you must be aware that we have a serious drug problem on the streets of Victoria and people are dying. As a drug trafficker do you take any responsibility for what is happening here. Do you feel for the families that are losing their loved ones to drugs?

MR ACEVEDO: Hell no your honor. This is not my problem – that homeless bunch of losers living on the streets have the same opportunities that we all do. They need to get off their asses I say, get a job, drive a taxi. I do not sell to the lower class anyway your honor, though I am sure that some of the people that work for me do. Talk to them not me. You know damn well your honor – if I don’t sell this shit there will someone right behind me that will. I have spent years building my business and I am going to protect it. It is just that simple.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, I would really know what you think of our legal system in this country and if you have any suggestions how we can improve it.

MR. ACEVEDO: Oh no your honor I like the system just the way it is – the current system just proves that criminals like me and my friends run this country. Occassionally drug traffickers do some time, but the majority of us walk away with nothing more than 12 months probation, a few days in the slammer, and a $500. fine. So yes sir the legal system in this country works very well for me and my friends.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR HONOR. Let’s get real – the current legal system in this country is fucked – and it just proves that the lives of victims of crime don’t matter. Why else do we have publication bans your honor? It certainly does not protect the victims of crime – it’s set up to protect criminals like me and my friends the Delalcazars of course. The bans ensure that the public will never know about some of the crimes we have committed because we were protected by publication bans. It just doesn’t get any better than that your honor.

The federal government has spend millions of taxpayer dollars on studies to find a way to combat the importation of drugs in this county. It’s a fucking joke your honor, you know it and I know it. It’s done – the gangs rule, the cartel rules, and the government doesn’t give a rat’s ass. It is the sale of narcotics in this county that keeps the economy going. That is why I am still in business, and that is why you give me and my friends light sentences.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, I am sure that you have heard the name Lindsay Buziak. She was a young realtor who was murdered in Saanich on February 2/2008. It has been 13 years now and her murder still remains unsolved. As a seasoned life long criminal on the streets of Victoria, what are your thoughts?

MR. ACEVEDO: Sadly to say your honor, I do not see this case every being solved, because the people involved in Miss Buziak’s murder planned it very well. No DNA, no forensic evidence and not one person willing to talk. The conspirators are bound by a loyalty to each other and they will never rat so what are the police left with. A loyal group who won’t rat, no forensic evidence and a Crown Counsel that won’t even look at the file unless there is enough solid evidence to take the case to trial.

JUDGE: Thank you Mr. Acevedo. One other question if you don’t mind.

MR. ACEVEDO: Not at all your honor – ask away.

JUDGE: Mr. Acevedo, you are a life-long criminal on the streets of Victoria, and you are probably well-aware that Lindsay’s father has been seeking justice for his daughter’s murder for 13 years. What are your thoughts on this?

MR. ACEVEDO: Your honor, there is only one course of action. Mr. Buziak needs to take it to the streets because justice will never be served in a court of law.

JUDGE: Thank you Mr. Acevedo.

MR. ACEVEDO: You’re welcome your honor.

JUDGE: This hearing is now adjourned and a new date will be set by the courts.

MR. ACEVEDO: Your honor, me and my boys will be out at our favorite drinking hole in Sidney tonight – we are meeting up with our good friend the high-profile criminal lawyer Brad Hickford for drinks. Why don’t you join us.

JUDGE: Thank you, I appreciate the invitation and I will definitely be there. And please don’t forget my order Vid. It’s been a long hard day on the bench.

MR. ACEVEDO: You got it your honor. See you tonight

THE REALITY IS – THERE IS NO JUSTICE FOR THE VICTIMS OF CRIME There is only a revolving door court system for those who commit these heinous acts of violence. Lawyers work in the grey area, looking for any loopholes they can find to get their client off. It’s a big business, and the only winners here are the criminals. Some of these high priced lawyers will take cash under the table – it helps pay the mooring fees for their boats docked in Sidney harbor.


DocumentCountOffence DateStatuteNatureAccusedCity Of Offence
186172-1-K101-Jun-2022CCC – 267(b) Assault causing bodily harmCommitACEVEDO, EDGAR OvidioSaanich BC
186172-1-K204-Nov-2022CCC – 267(a) Assault with a weaponCommitACEVEDO, EDGAR OvidioSaanich BC
186172-1-K304-Nov-2022CCC – 267(b) Assault causing bodily harmCommitACEVEDO, EDGAR OvidioSaanich BC
a186172-1-K406-Feb-2023CCC – 266 AssaultCommitACEVEDO, EDGAR OvidioSa anich BC

CCC – 490(10) application for return of seized items

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