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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

What did Lindsay Buziak see that she shouldn’t have seen?

What did Lindsay see that she shouldn’t have seen has been a mystery SINCE THE DAY SHE WAS MURDERED

There are likely some who will tell you they don’t believe that Lindsay ever said such a thing, then there are the people who were very close to Lindsay that have never doubted for a moment what she told her father when she visited him in Calgary in December 2007. Whatever Lindsay saw/witnessed had to be during the time she was with Jason Zailo. They had been together since late 2006 and Lindsay had been apart from her old boyfriend Matt for a year prior to meeting Jason. Just who was it, or what was it that Lindsay feared? She wanted her dad to know that she saw something she shouldn’t have – but she didn’t have the courage at that time to take the conversation a step further? What was Lindsay so afraid of that she couldn’t share with her dad?

Could it have been as simple as Lindsay finding out that someone in her circle was involved in something shady? Was someone she knew having a fling and she had caught them in the act? Certainly that would not be cause for murder. What if Lindsay had witnessed a murder and was terrified that her own life could now be in danger. The fact is, Lindsay is dead, so we will never know the secret that Lindsay took to the hereafter – unless of course Lindsay confided in one of her close girlfriends before she was murdered. A young woman is far more apt to share her deepest secrets with a close girlfriend before she would ever share with her parents. Is what Lindsay heard or saw something she might have shared with her live-in boyfriend Jason Zailo? No, certainly not if it involved his own family.

Is it possible that what Lindsay saw that she shouldn’t have seen involved Jason?

Had Jason done something so terrible that his life could be in danger – and perhaps hers? Was Jason’s mother trying to protect her son? People don’t usually die because they saw a bunch of drugs, but they might just end up dead if they saw a murder. How is it that for the first few months of their relationship Lindsay was happy, then all of a sudden in the fall of 2007 everything changed and she is desperate to leave the relationship. The fact that she had told her girlfriends she was leaving Jason means that the relationship was in serious trouble. Is it possible that Lindsay found out about something Jason’s mother was involved in? What if Lindsay had accidentally been a witness to the “alleged” call that Shirley Zailo made to the Calgary Police in late November 2007? Could Lindsay had walked into the room and overheard Shirley telling the Calgary Police about the drug shipment that was headed their way? Or could Jason have told Lindsay what his mother had done thinking she would be cool with it? Can you imagine how worried Shirley would be if she found out that Lindsay knew what she had done? Shirley was smart enough to know that she could be killed if the Delalcazars’ were to ever find out that she had ratted them out to the cops.

Lindsay was getting ready to leave Jason so could shirley trust that Lindsay would keep her mouth shut?

Of course not. What was Lindsay to do with what she knew. Leave Jason and continue on like nothing had ever happened. Shirley had already contacted the Calgary Police to tell them about the drug shipment headed to Calgary so there would be no point in Lindsay going to the local police. I suspect that as much as Lindsay would have wanted to confide in someone she kept this deep dark secret to herself. There has been much speculation as to whether Lindsay spoke to Erickson Delalcazar when she visited her dad in Calgary, but even if she did it it would be highly unlikely she would ever tell him what she knew. I have to wonder if Jason or Shirley tried to discourage Lindsay from going to Calgary. They knew that Erickson lived there so surely to god they would be worried as hell about what Lindsay might do or say if she met up with him. But as everyone knows Lindsay had a mind of her own, and she would do what she felt was right.


For some unknown reason Lindsay softened and decided to give her relationship with Jason a second chance. Jason is treating Lindsay like a princess and ravishing her with expensive Christmas gifts. Then over New Years the Zailo’s and Lindsay head to Whistler for a family getaway. Don’t forget who they took with them, their close family friend the drug dealer Zachary Matheson and of course Shirley’s live-in boyfriend Paul Bergshoeff. Who knows how that family vacation went, but everyone came home and it was back to business as usual. Lindsay’s career was taking off and with her personality she was destined to be a success. She loved the business, she loved people and everyone loved her.


In late January the Calgary drug bust happens and just a week later Lindsay is murdered. Is there a connection? How is it that the Delalcazar crime group went looking for the informant inside the Ziggy Matheson/Zailo group. There is no way they went looking for Lindsay – but clearly someone sent them in that direction. It is very possible that they found out that Ziggy, Jason and Shirley were the ones who ratted them out and if that was the case they were the targets. But what if the Zailos got the word out that Lindsay was the informant and not them. What then? How would that work? Jason Zailo did not want to die nor did his mother. Did they feel they were left with no option but to point the finger at Lindsay in order to save themselves?

Only a woman could have set up this artfully designed murder and whoever that was was very familiar with the inside workings of the real estate business. Remember, the woman client said her husband was being transferred to Victoria and she told Lindsay that she had been recommended by a past client. Someone close to Lindsay knew that Lindsay needed money and they knew that setting up a showing on a million dollar property was sure to draw Lindsay’s attention. They skillfully lured Lindsay to the DeSousa house that night with the full intention of murdering her.


Jason Zailo assures Lindsay that he will be at the DeSousa house at 5:30.

He leaves SHC then calls his brother Ryan for directions – why didn’t he ask Lindsay for directions when having lunch at Sauce an hour earlier.

He arrives 15 minutes late, then sits outside for another 20 minutes.

Jason takes his friend Cohen Oatman with him. (alibi witness)

Prior to meeting Lindsay Jason goes to SHC Autographx where he says he is working on a real estate deal.

Jason made sure to park his car in full view of security cameras in a location where his arrival and departure would be picked up.

Jason didn’t need to go to SHC at all, and the story about Lindsay needing to sign papers was not true.

Jason claims that he saw a man standing outside the front door, then turn around and go back in.

He tells the police he thought that the showing was just starting and that’s why he didn’t go in right away.

Cohen Oatman says that when him and Jason turned into the cul-de-sac they saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door. He said there was no man standing outside.

On the Friday night before the murder Jason comes home from his hockey game and once again reassures Lindsay that everything will be okay. He reminds her about the out of town client she had a month earlier and how that had ended in a sale. This is not true because that client a month earlier did not exist. (Jason’s statement to the police after the murder – police files attained by the Capital Daily news)

Shirley Zailo claims she heard Lindsay give the buyer the DeSousa address when she was at Lindsay’s condo on the Friday night. That, of course, would mean that the buyers were not given the address by anyone other than Lindsay. How convenient. Remember Jason was playing hockey that night so Shirley was the only one present – there is no other witness to that conversation. (This was in the police files obtained by the Capital News.)


If Jason Zailo was not involved in the planning of Lindsay’s murder why did he do everything possible to stay away from the DeSousa property for as long as he could? Why all the lies and the discrepancies in his story? Is it possible that the Zailos were given no choice but to participate in the planning of Lindsay’s murder. Including the Zailos in the planning would ensure their silence, and who knows maybe there was a cash payment to the guys who lost their shirts because of the drug bust.

After the murder all Jason and Shirley had to do was tell the police about Lindsay’s visit to Calgary in December 2007. Convince the police that Lindsay visited with Erickson Delalcazar while she was there – oh and don’t forget to tell them about Lindsay’s closest and dearest friend Rianne, the friend that worked in the Re/Max Camosun Westshore office where Lindsay worked – and don’t forget to mention that Rianne’s old boyfriend was Vid, one of the men involved in the drug shipment headed to Calgary.


NO DNA, no forensic evidence and no murder weapon left at the CONTAMINATED crime scene.


THIS SCENARIO makes so much sense that it makes no sense at alL


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