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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

May 10/2022 Lindsay Buziak Murder Shirley Zailo sues the victim’s father Jeff Buziak

78836 Daffodil Circle Palm Desert California

Current Owners

Greg Parsons and Shirley Zailo


$390,000  US (2020)

It has recently come to our attention that Shirley Zailo is suing Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak.

Not only is she suing Lindsay’s father, she is suing two of the people that post on the Lindsay Buziak website. Shirley Zailo’s Victoria lawyer Michael Scherr is is a prominent litigation lawyer who works for the law firm Pearlman Lindholm, the law firm who filed a “Notice of Claim” in BC Supreme Court on April 25/2022. The plaintiff Shirley Zailo is claiming she has suffered loss and damage to her reputation, loss of income, and stress, anxiety, and other mental suffering.

Shirley Zailo’s business certainly did not suffer after Lindsay’s murder, it prospered.

If her business has suffered in the last few years, it’s likely because she has not been working full time what with spending so much time in California since 2020. She owns a luxury home on Haida Drive, a waterfront property on Shawnigan Lake and in 2020 bought a property in Palm Desert California. When people suffer financially they usually sell properties not buy them. Taking up residence in the US six months of the year can be a costly venture, and it’s usually done by people who are financially comfortable. New furniture, new vehicles and more taxes to be paid. Certainly the California sunshine will relieve some of that stress Shirley claims to be suffering from. I sure hope so. So many people suffer from stress and anxiety especially during the damp rainy & cloudy winter months in Victoria.

Tort law surrounding defamation law does not directly curb your right to free expression; it is not illegal per se.

Defamation is generally about paying damages to people that have been harmed by your speech. You can still say whatever you want, but you may have to pay for it. If you are suing for libel in Canada, you do not need to prove that you suffered damages—you only need to prove that a false statement with a permanent record was made about you to a third party, and the court will presume that damages were suffered. However, the defendant has a number of defenses he/she can use, and those defenses just might be very successful.

Why would Ms. Zailo go to such great lengths to target Jeff Buziak?

After all, there are several other websites out there where posters make derogatory statements about Ms. Zailo. Go to UTube and look at Crime Watch Daily, Brainscratch, Case 28, just to name a few. I agree wholeheartedly that it is wrong for posters to call Shirley Zailo a murderer, a psychopath, a narcissist etc., but Lindsay’s murder is 15 years unsolved now. People are angry, frustrated and perhaps expressing themselves in inappropriate ways. The frustration level is high for everyone including Shirley Zailo. If only the Saanich Police, the RCMP, VIIMCU, and other agencies involved in this case could solve this murder it would put an end to all the speculation.

While Jeff Buziak’s methods may be seen as unorthodox, he is still a parent who lost a child to murder. Not just murder, but a brutal murder. and That is something very few parents ever fully recover from. Remember back to February 2008 when Lindsay was murdered. Jeff Buziak reached out to Shirley and Jason, asking for their help in figuring out who was responsible for Lindsay’s murder. Hardly an unreasonable request from a father of a murder victim.

Especially since Jason Zailo and Lindsay were living together at the time. You’d thing that Jason may have had some insight into who had motive to want Lindsay dead. Not one of the Zailo’s came forward to offer their assistance. By all accounts, Jason would not even take Jeff’s calls when he tried to reach out to him. Yes, at that time Jeff was very angry, and did not hold back when saying that he believed it was either boyfriend #1 or boyfriend #2.

Interesting that Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend (boyfriend #2) was the one who came forward to help Jeff while boyfriend Jason (boyfriend #1) ran for cover. Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff has been a strong advocate for justice for Lindsay all these years while Jason has not.

The optics do not look good for Shirley Zailo.

Suing the father of a young girl who was brutally murdered will not fair well with public opinion. It’s so sad that it’s had to come to this and that this conflict could not have been resolved years ago. Shirley Zailo was Lindsay’s manager at Re/Max Camosun – if only she had stepped forward and offered to help right after the murder. Unfortunately she chose not to do that and this is the outcome. This civil court case will give Jeff Buziak the opportunity to cross-examine Shirley Zailo on the stand. And he will have evidence in hand to prove that Shirley Zailo is connected to some very nefarious characters.

Ms. Zailo owned a rental property at 2678 Claude Road in Victoria. For many years she rented the property to Zachary Matheson, a drug trafficker. A man who, in 2017, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for trafficking in narcotics. Will Shirley be able to produce rental receipts to show that Ziggy was actually making rent payments on the property?

Lindsay’s father also has evidence to show that right after Lindsay’s murder Ziggy Matheson called a meeting of his drugs pals.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how they could protect Shirley Zailo from Vid Acevedo. Why did Shirley need protecting? Vid was a local drug dealer with a violent temper who was friends with Erickson Delalcazar. Erickson was the man arrested, and held without bail in the January 2008 Calgary Drug Bust. Shirley might be asked to explain why Jason went to visit the drug dealer Christopher Schwartz the day he was released from the police station right after Lindsay’s murder. Chris lived in the same condo building that Jason and Lindsay lived in.

Of course Lindsay’s father is angry and suspects the Zailo family of knowing more than they are willing to say about Lindsay’s murder. Why wouldn’t he, after all their suspicious behavior surrounding the time of Lindsay’s murder? The Zailo’s are connected to drug dealers and other nefarious sorts and this has everyone questioning their involvement. This court case will give Lindsay’s father the opportunity to produce evidence which he has never been able to do before, evidence that Shirley Zailo may not even know that he has had in his possession all these years.

It’s sad that it has had to come to this.

Imagine, the boyfriend’s mother who never lifted a finger to help is now suing Lindsay Buziak’s grieving father. Lindsay Buziak, his daughter, brutally murdered on that fateful evening of February 2nd 2008. It is unfortunate that the people who conspired to murder Lindsay Buziak have not been arrested and brought to justice. It’s heartbreaking to think that after 15 years, we are no closer to seeing justice for Lindsay than we were back in 2008.

EMAIL ADDRESS: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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