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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Sept 12 2022 Lindsay Buziak Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea

Just when you think everything is going to be okay, you awake to a quick jolt of reality, where you learn that the hounds have just been let loose again, and there’s another windstorm headed your way.

It was April 25/2022 when plaintiff Shirley Zailo launched a defamation lawsuit against Lindsay Buziak’s father Jeff. Not only Jeff but two others, two women she claims had slandered her, tarnished her reputation, caused her to lose business and hurt her financially. Then on May 11 2022 Shirley Zailo’s high-profile media lawyer Michael Scherr makes a live appearance on CHEK NEWS in a bold display of arrogance and publicly exposes the defendants for their alleged actions of wrong-doing.

But wait a minute folks! This case has not yet been heard in the courts, and the defendants have not had the opportunity to defend themselves. Not only that, Scherr made certain that the women’s names were made public as you can see in the transcripts that accompany the CHEK NEWS video. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? And when was the last time you ever saw a lawyer appear on TV and launch an all-out attack on a man whose daughter was brutally murdered? It’s shocking all right! It just makes you shake your head and say, “what the heck is going on here?” In fairness to CHEK NEWS I will say they did give Mr. Buziak the professional courtesy of allowing him to speak in his own defense.

There was a Facebook media frenzy after the lawsuit was launched.

The websites “Vibrant Victoria,” “What the Hell happened in Victoria” and others were inundated with posts made by angry readers, the majority in support of Lindsay’s dad. And at that time, without a doubt Ms. Zailo did not come out the winner. Her ratings were 0. She started a war but in the end she lost the battle. After launching her lawsuit against Lindsay’s father everyone expected Lindsay’s father to be served with court papers but that never happened. For three months everything went quiet. First thought of course, Ms. Zailo has had a change of heart and is backing off on her lawsuit. However, as we all know, still waters run deep and often when the tide turns all hell breaks loose. Clearly Ms. Zailo did not have a change of heart, she was just sitting back in her rabbit hole waiting for the right time to make her next move.

Sept 6 2022 This time Shirley Zailo is using a new strategy. She has filed in the courts in full pursuit of Lindsay’s dad and the two women. Why did she sit and do nothing for three months – only to return again? It’s as if she loves the game, loves the pursuit and the challenge. She is hell bent on tormenting the man who’s daughter was brutally murdered. Who does that? I am confident that one day these two women will have the legal right to launch a lawsuit of their own. After all, if it is true that they made the posts so what! It was a public website where personal comments were welcomed. What should be posted and what shouldn’t? These women were only saying what hundreds of other posters have already said, and I don’t ever remember hearing that Ms. Zailo made any posts on the blog in her own defense. And that is odd in itself.

It’s been 14 long years since Lindsay Buziak was murdered

and we have heard nothing from anyone in the Saanich Police Department. At the time of Michael Scherr’s appearance on CHEK NEWS May 11 2022 the Saanich Police Dept. made a statement saying that there have been no new updates since the task force was launched in February 2021. Remember, it was Feb 2021 when the Saanich Police spokesperson Sgt. Markus Anastasiades assured us that new investigators were on the case, the FBI was involved and what with new DNA technology the Saanich Police Department felt confident that Lindsay’s murder would be solved fairly quickly. Well, that was 18 months ago now and the Saanich Police are no further ahead in this homicide investigation today than they back then. Praise the lord and god help us all!

Lawyer Michael Scherr:

“For the longest time Miss Zailo didn’t want to commence a defamation lawsuit against someone who lost their daughter but all efforts to say ‘stop accusing me of murder’ have just been rebuffed or ignored,” said Zailo’s lawyer Michael Scherr. “And she’s had people in her own community treat her differently because of these allegations and that’s terrible, people shouldn’t have to live with that,” Scherr said.

Well I sayeth unto you Mr. Scherr, “no parent, no sibling, no relatives and no friends should have to sit back for 14 years waiting to find out who murdered their child, their friend, their loved one. Perhaps you could speak with the Saanich Police and get back to us on how their investigation is coming along. And perhaps you could ask your client Ms. Zailo to come clean with what she knows about Lindsay’s murder. That would certainly help the investigation and perhaps end this on-going nightmare Mr. Scherr.

We are all well aware that in 2009 the Saanich Police cleared Jason Zailo of having any involvement in his girlfriend’s murder, then right after the Dateline show aired in 2010 they cleared his entire family. Well folks, that was 13 years ago now and still no arrests. The Saanich Police could only have cleared the Zailo family if, at that time, they had viable suspects – knew who conspired to murder Lindsay and knew who murdered her. Could it be they had no suspects at all, could it be they were targeting the wrong suspects? And just who were their suspects back then and who are their suspects today? Surely if it was the same suspects they had back in 2010 we would have seen arrests by now?


That was first stated by Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff and echoed by several other people over the years. However, it is common knowledge that someone who is considered a suspect early on in the investigation may be eliminated as a suspect as time goes by. And someone who is not considered a suspect in the beginning of an investigation may all of a sudden become a suspect as further evidence is found.

Have another listen to what media lawyer Michael Scherr had to say in this interview. Then read the transcripts that accompanied the video. It’s time to get this legal mess into a courtroom where it can be resolved once and for all. If justice prevails these women will be found innocent and then they may be in a position to launch their own lawsuit. And that would be sweet justice.

Father of slain realtor Lindsay Buziak sued for defamation over comments made on his website (cheknews.ca)


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