The Murder of Lindsay Buziak


delalcazar crime family


This country has a revolving door court system for those who commit these heinous acts of violence and drug trafficking offences. Lawyers work in the grey area, looking for any loophole they can find to get their client off. Judges don’t give a damn, it’s just another day on the bench dealing with incorrigibles who have no respect for the law. It’s a big business, and the only winners here are the lawyers and the criminals. Some of these high priced lawyers will take cash under the table because it helps pay the mooring fees for their boats docked in Sidney harbor.

Why is it that the police and the courts go easy on the Delalcazar brothers? Is there no policing appetite, resources or ability to bring them down for serious charges? The brothers have sexually assaulted several young women over the years. Their victims were young, innocent and vulnerable so after the assaults the girls stayed silent out of fear of retribution. Our justice system does not take seriously the rape and sexual abuse of women therefore only about 10% of victims ever come forward to report the crime.

The system was designed to protect the offender – and that needs to change.

Assault/Threatening K files. These are domestic abuse cases where woman have been assaulted/beaten and left to suffer the trauma of their assault, where the men walk away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist which is basically sending a message that it is okay to abuse women.

I use the Delalcazar brothers as an example only because they are vile violent offenders who have preyed on innocent victims in our community for years. The Delalcazar brothers formed the Esquimalt Crip gang, and in the mid/late 90’s, early 2000’s this group of violent young people preyed on anyone who dared to get in their way. In 2001, young Nicholas Chow Johnson was attacked by members of the Crips gang while innocently walking the streets of Esquimalt. Nicholas suffered a fractured skull, was blinded in one eye, paralyzed on one side, brain damaged, and left in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. Harry Hiscock, Eldriegson Delalcazar, Cory Patterson and Cody Robinson were charged in that vicious senseless attack and just 10 days earlier Eldreigson Delalcazar and Harry Hiscock were charged with another senseless violent attack. Both were arrested, charged, and convicted.

[16] I note that Justice Newbury’s comment about specific deterrence was perhaps more relevant to the co-accused, Eldreigson Delalcazar, and not to Mr. Hiscock, since this was Mr. Hiscock’s second adult offence, the first being for theft under.  Justice Newbury continued:

2002 BCSC 1772 (CanLII) | R. v. Hiscock | CanLII

Today Cody Robinson is still friends of the Delalcazars and still very active in criminal activity.

In 2001 Harry Hiscock and Jefferson Delalcazar were denied access to a house party. They returned a few hours later, pushed their way in and beat two people with a chain and a metal pipe. Jason Wasney’s arm was broken by the metal pipe smashing onto it, and Paul Synott had his ear sliced open when Delalcazar brought the pipe down on this head.

There are members of this Delalcazar family that work in the school system in our communities. How is it possible that with their criminal history they could get a job working in our schools? How is it possible that even one of them could find employment on this island?

The costS of the criminal justice process is a TREMENDOUS burden on the justice system. From the initial police investigation, to the policing process, charge process and then court trial proceedings, the costs are unimaginable. Homicides impose by far the heaviest economic burden on the justice system, while sexual assaults and aggravated assaults follow. Society pays for crime when individuals decide to pursue a criminal career rather than participate in the legitimate marketplace as productive citizens.

THE DELALCAZAR BROTHERS HAVE COST THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND SOCIETY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. The brothers live in our communities and are a threat to our communities. They continue to traffic narcotics, they continue to assault people and this puts the lives of anyone around them at risk. They have violent tempers, a short fuse and can lose it when something doesn’t go their way. The justice system has not imposed penalties that reflect the seriousness of their crimes and the impact is felt by all their victims.

WHO MURDERED SHANE WILSON? The Delalcazars brothers and their good friend Vid Acevedo had a strong motive to want Shane gone. But remember boys, whatever information Shane already shared with the police is still admissible in a court of law. By murdering Shane you may have scared others into silence but regardless your days are likely numbered.

If the Delalcazar brothers & Vid were not involved in Lindsay’s murder then we are definitely looking at the HA. And that would mean that Jason Zailo and Zachary Matheson were involved.

ARE THE DELALCAZARS AND VID RESPONSIBLE FOR LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDER? What was their connection to the Zailo family in 2007/2008?

In 2013 the Saanich Police were seen parked out in front of the Delalcazar family home on Carrie Street in Esquimalt. Not just once but numerous times. The Delalcazar residence is in Esquimalt so why would the Saanich Police have the Carrie Street property under surveillance? It’s not their jurisdiction. Could it be that the Delalcazar brothers were considered suspects in Lindsay Buziak’s murder? What other possible reason could there be? This is not fiction, this is the truth. A person who lived just up the street used to watch from their upstairs bedroom window and would monitor the coming and goings of the Saanich Police vehicles. The police would sometimes stay for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Oh yes, they are definitely suspects in this heinous crime.

It is possible HOWEVER, THAT even though the Delalcazars were the main suspects back then, just maybe they are not the main suspects today.


OCTOBER 2001 Assault causing bodily harm,

Ordered to stand trial.

R. v. Hiscock,  2002 BCCA 647  –  2002/12/02
Court of AppealHighlighted

Sentences of six months’ incarceration upheld for two young men convicted of uttering a threat and mischief, respectively. They had already served seven and eight months in prison, respectively, making the terms equivalent to two years, after allowing double time for pre-trial custody. The circumstances of the incident were aggravated, involving a large group of youths who threatened a man and woman simply walking on the street at night. Sentencing judge was entitled to view this as serious and to consider recent events in local community.

OCT 2010 Assault causing bodily hard

10 day trial


JAN 1999 Assault (K FILE)

90 days conditional sentence, 18 months probation

MAR 2000 Aggravated Assault

18 months probation

FEB 2001 Possession of an unauthorized firearm.

$400. fine – lifetime firearm ban

OCT 2003 Mischief $5,000 & under

6 months probation, 6 months suspended sentence

NOV 2004 Assault causing bodily harm. Mischief $5,000 & under.

12 month probation 10 -year firearm ban

MAR 2005 Breach of Undertaking

7 days jail

JUNE 2006 Breach of Undertaking

$200. fine

OCT 2020 Assault, Mischief $5,00 & under, Intimidation using violence/threats

12 months probation. (K file)


MAR 1999 (KFILE) Assault

90 days condition sentence, 18 months probation

DEC 2001

Ban on Publication

JUNE 2002 Willfully resisting a police officer

6 months probation, 6 month suspended sentence

JULY 2003 Assault causing bodily harm

45 days conditional sentence, 9 months probation

JULY 2004 Breach of undertaking

$400. fine

NOV 2004 Breach of Conditional Sentence

6 months probation

APRIL 2007 Breach of probation order

$800. fine

JULY 2007 Breach of Probation Order

$500. fine, 6 days jail


4 – year sentence

MAY 2016 (K FILE) Assault

18 months probation

JAN 2017 Driving while license suspended

$500. fine, 1 year driving prohibition

MAY 2017 Possession for the purpose of trafficking

Charges stayed

FEB 2018 (K FILE) Breach of Undertaking

1 day jail

MAY 2018 (KFILE) Breach of Undertaking

1 day jail

MAY 2018 (K FILE) Assault


FEB 2021 (KFILE) Assault, uttering threats to cause death

Still pending


SEPT 2002 Breach of Probation

1 day jail

JUNE 2003 Causing a disturbance

$100. fine

FEB 2006 Breach of recognizance

$100. fine

JULY 2007 Possession for the purpose of trafficking


NOV 2007 Ban on Publication

DEC 2007 Driving while prohibited

6 month probation

APRIL 2008 Possession for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking in a controlled substance, breach of under tak.

6 months jail, 10 year weapon prohibition

OCT 2010 (KFILE) Assault causing bodily harm, criminal harassment

18 months jail

OCTOBER 2010 Assault causing bodily harm

2 years jail

JUNE 2014 Driving while prohibited

14 days jail 18 month driving prohibition

OCT 2014 Driving while prohibited

14 days jail, 18 month driving prohibition

MAY 2015 (KFILE) Unlawful confinement, assault, threats

Charges stayed.

MARCH 2015 Driving while prohibited

1 day jail, 2 year driving prohibition

JAN 2016 Driving while prohibited

90 days jail, 2-year probation

FEB 2000 Impaired driving, Refusal to give a sample




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