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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

May 21/2023 Updated timeline & clues to who murdered Lindsay Buziak


ALL THE EXPERTS AGREED, LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDER HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS. all agreed that Lindsay was targeted in a scheme well thought out and artfully designed. 


Remember what Inspector Rob McColl said ON Dateline.

“It’s very possible that the mAstermind was one of the two people that went into the house.”

Perhaps Inspector Rob McColl should have said,

“It’s very possible that the mastermind was already inside the home when the two people with Lindsay went into the house.”

While Dateline’s theory makes the most sense, the Saanich Police have always led the public to believe that it was the persons involved in the late January 2008 Calgary Drug Bust who conspired to have Lindsay murdered. Why is it then, that all the evidence points in a totally different direction?

***** Pay close attention to the FALL OF 2018 and what follows.


Lindsay dated Matt MacDuff for 5 years. Though their relationship was said to be tumultuous at times, all Lindsay’s friends said that they were meant to be together and that Lindsay never really got over Matt. Lindsay received her real estate license in June 2006. She moved to Vancouver for awhile and worked with the Omni Group, then returned to the island. She worked for Maverick Real Estate Group, marketing the “Lookout” a new home project up in the hills of Colwood. In late August 2007 Lindsay began her career with the Re/Max Camosun Westshore office. She was extremely well-liked, doing well in her business, and destined to be a huge success.


Paul Bergshoeff, Shirley Zailo’s ex-boyfriend, was engaged to a lovely lady in Victoria, and had even bought her a home. Allegedly, Shirley had set her eyes on Paul and had declared to everyone that Paul belonged to her, and she was going to do anything to get him. It was said that she stalked Paul’s girlfriend, showed up at her workplace, followed after her in her vehicle, and terrorized her until she couldn’t take it anymore. She went to visit family out of the country for a few weeks, when she returned she quickly learned that nothing had changed. Supposedly, the police had been called a few times but nothing ever came of it. Fearing for her life the woman broke off her engagement with Paul, hoping this would put an end to Shirley’s harrassment. It wasn’t long after that Paul and Shirley were together.

This woman also insisted that she had never heard of Joe DeSousa prior to Lindsay’s murder. This would suggest that Paul Bergshoeff met Joe after entering into a relationship with Shirley in 2003.


Jason Zailo sells Cohen Oatman a house at 3177 Monnington Place.

June 2007

Shortly after Lindsay and Jason started dating in late 2006, their relationship became serious and they decided to move in together. They moved into Shirley Zailo’s recreational waterfront property at 1965 Pillow Road Shawnigan Lake, a property Shirley had purchased one month earlier. At the end of August Lindsay was very unhappy living at the lake so she and Jason packed up and moved back to the city so Lindsay could be closer to downtown and to her friends. They moved into the condo at #218 68 Songhees Road. The title was registered in Ryan Zailo’s name although Shirley Zailo claimed that she was the actual owner of the property.

August 2007

During the month of August, Lindsay’s dad came from Calgary to spend time with Lindsay at the lake house. For whatever reason, Jason’s mother Shirley chose to be extremely rude to him during that visit, which resulted in a nasty confrontation in the kitchen. No way to treat a guest visiting your home.

OCTOBER 7 2007

Jason sells a home to Joe Semren at 59 Lotus Street Victoria. Joe is the owner of SHC Autographx.

Good friend to Ryan & Jason Zailo

Zachary Matheson (Ziggy), was a man with a lengthy criminal history, who lived in a rental property owned by Shirley Zailo. Chris Schwartz, was a guy who lived in the same 68 Songhees condo building as Jason and Lindsay. Both men had lengthy criminal records for drug trafficking, assaults & break and entering.

Jason and his brother Ryan played hockey with Ziggy Matheson, but they also chummed with him outside of hockey.  Ziggy Matheson was a tenant at 2768 Claude Road and the Zailo boys often hung out there with him.   It is unclear how Ziggy paid his rent, but since his only job was breeding Pitbulls & selling narcotics, we can safely say it was likely paid in cash.  Unless of course Ziggy actually owned the home even though Shirley Zailo’s name was on the title. Though Shirley told the Capital Daily News that Jason & Ryan were not good friends the picture below says otherwise.

Ryan – left – Ziggy – right

November 2007

At the time of Lindsay’s murder Jason Zailo, worked at The Mortgage Centre Pacific Properties. He joined the company November 2007, the same time as Cohen Oatman. Jason’s friend Greg Martel had been with the Mortgage Centre since the spring of 2007. Greg Martel was the best man at Cohen Oatman’s wedding in 2005. He was described by many who knew him, as a narcissist, unethical, and not someone you should consider doing business with. If you choose to invest your money with this guy, don’t plan on ever seeing it again. Picture below taken November 2007.

Jason Zailo Greg Martel

November 2007

Someone picked up the phone and contacted the Calgary Police to tell them about a shipment of cocaine headed their way from Victoria.  (the informant)

November 2007

Joe DeSousa, the owner of the murder house listed his 1702 DeSousa property.

December 2007

Joe DeSousa took his 1702 DeSousa property off the market over the Xmas holidays.

December 2007

On the 14th of December, Lindsay flew to Calgary to visit her father, she was there for three nights.  During that time, she told her dad that she had seen something she shouldn’t have seen.    According to her dad, he never pressured Lindsay for further information, and she promised him she would tell someone soon. It appears Lindsay never told anyone else what she told her dad.

December 2007

One evening in mid December, after a girl’s evening out Lindsay and her friend Nikki Burrows returned to Lindsay’s condo. Thinking Jason was asleep they started talking, Lindsay told Nikki that she was planning on leaving Jason in the new year. Suddenly they were startled by a noise and quickly turned to see Jason standing behind the bedroom doorway.  The girls jumped up and ran from the condo.  Jason tried to call Lindsay several times – she did not answer. Lindsay returned to the condo several hours later, and it remains unclear why the girls felt they had to run from the condo that night.

December 2007

Shirley took her family, including Lindsay, on a Xmas New Years vacation to Whistler and Ziggy Matheson was included on that family vacation. Shirley was also close friends with Ziggy’s mother Deborah Matheson. It certainly sounds like he was a close family friend. Sources confirmed that Ziggy would stop by the Re/Max office for coffee, but perhaps Ziggy was just stopping by to pay his rent.

January 9 2008

Joe DeSousa relisted his 1702 DeSousa property with the same two realtors from Shirley Zailo’s Re/Max Camosun office. It was said that Joe DeSousa was good friends with Shirley’s boyfriend Paul Bergshoeff. However, since Joe only met Paul Bergshoeff through Shirley in 2003, they could not have been that close.

How many people could have known that the owner/builder Joe DeSousa had relisted his property on January 9th?

How many people could have known that the owner/builder Joe DeSousa would lock up & leave the property at 5:00?

How many people could have known that Joe’s tradespeople would be leaving the site at 4:30?

How many people could have known that Lindsay Buziak would be arriving at the DeSousa property at 5:30?

How could the conspirators be certain that no other realtor would be showing the property at the very time that Lindsay was scheduled to arrive?

5:00 – 5:30 pm A 30-MINUTE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY where anything could have gone wrong!

Whoever helped to plan Lindsay’s murder had to be someone very close to her. Someone who would know her every move in the days leading up to her murder. Someone who knew the builder’s schedule, and someone who had the means to communicate with the killers inside the home.

January 16 2008

Calgary Drug Bust, Erickson Delalcazar and Graham Scott Taylor were arrested, the rest of the group were not arrested until months later.  Erickson Delalcazar was denied bail, given a 5-year sentence but released after two. The Delalcazar brothers were a dangerous gang of misfits who had terrorized Victoria for years, and high-profile well-known drug traffickers in Victoria. If it turns out they were involved in Lindsay’s murder, it would only be because someone told them that Lindsay was the informant.



Jason sells John & Joe Semren’s condo at #102 2710 Grosvenor Road. Joe Semren is the owner of SHC Autographx. The deal completed January 27.

February 2 2008

At the time of Lindsay’s murder, Shirley Zailo was living with her boyfriend Paul Bergshoeff at Shirley’s home on Haida Drive in Colwood.  Paul & Shirley had been a couple since late 2003, two years after Paul immigrated from the Netherlands with his wife Jacquie and two children in 2001. Shirley & Paul’s relationship ended in/about 2011.

 January 31 2008

Lindsay’s best friend Rianne Gracia was talking to Lindsay on her home phone at appx 8:00 pm.  Lindsay’s cell phone rang.  Lindsay said, “Rianne, I’ve got to take this call, the Mexicans are calling.  I’ll call you back.” That was the last time Rianne ever spoke to Lindsay. Rianne worked as a part-time receptionist in the Re/Max office, a job Lindsay had helped her get a few months earlier. 

February 1 2008

Lindsay spent the day with her girlfriend C. They spent a short time at Lindsay’s condo during which time Lindsay received a call from the Mexican woman. Then they left Lindsay’s place, went for lunch, had manicures, went through the car wash, and made a few other stops on the way back.   Lindsay arrived back at her condo at about 4:00 pmC was in a relationship with Ming Tsang at the time, a guy who had served time for trafficking in narcotics. Ming was also friends with Cirilo Bautista Lopez, the crime boss and uncle of the Delalcazar brothers.

February 1 2008

Friday evening, shortly after 7:00 pm Shirley Zailo arrived at Lindsay’s condo.  According to Shirley, Lindsay called her and asked her to go for dinner. When entering the condo at 7:15 pm Shirley said Lindsay was on the phone talking to her Mexican client,  and during that time Shirley claims she heard Lindsay give the caller the 1702 DeSousa address. After Lindsay got off the phone Shirley says that her and Lindsay went downtown and dined at a sushi restaurant. Then they took a long walk together at which time Shirley said Lindsay confided in that she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff

February 1 2008

Jason played hockey at Pearke’s Arena that evening, and claimed he did not leave the condo until 7:30. He told the police he did not remember whether Lindsay was talking on their land-line or her cell. Jason arrived home from his hockey game shortly after midnight.  Lindsay was still awake and Jason told the police that she was very nervous about her appointment with clients the following evening. Jason assured Lindsay that everything would be okay.

According to police files, Jason even reminded Lindsay about a mysterious call she had received from a woman about a month earlier, a woman looking to buy in the 800K range, the same price range as the buyer Lindsay was currently dealing with. According to Jason that call resulted in a sale. However, the only client Lindsay sold a home to during that time period was a woman by the name of Louise Comeau, and according to Louise, she had met Lindsay at an Open house several months earlier. Louise purchased a home from Lindsay in December for 600K, so she was no mystery caller looking to buy in the million dollar range. There is a big difference between someone who cold calls you on the phone versus someone you met personally at an Open House.

February 2 2008

On the Saturday morning a woman called Lindsay on her home phone. Lindsay was not home, so Jason told the woman that Lindsay was out and offered to give her Lindsay’s cell number. Jason claimed the woman was speaking with a broken Spanish accent. Lindsay had talked to the Mexican lady a few times on her cell phone, never once did we hear that Lindsay have given the woman her home phone number.

February 2 2008

Prior to meeting Jason for lunch, Lindsay stopped by the Re/Max Chatterton office shortly after 2:00. According to the receptionist DD Lindsay was nervous & freaked out about the 5:30 showing at DeSousa. Lindsay expressed her concerns to DD and to a few realtors that were working upstairs in the office that afternoon. One realtor, Cal Faber, told Lindsay that she should not be going to the house alone and he offered to go to the DeSousa property with her. Lindsay thanked Cal but said that Jason had promised to be there for her.

February 2 2008

Lindsay and Jason met for a late lunch at Sauce Restaurant in downtown Victoria. 

It was shortly after 3:00 when they walked through the door. Jason claimed Lindsay was in a hurry to eat as she wanted to go home and change prior to meeting the clients at the DeSousa property.  They paid the bill at 4:24, then left the restaurant, Lindsay to go home and change and Jason to go to SHC Autographx to present an offer. According to police files, Jason told the police that he was presenting an offer for Lindsay’s buyers who were making an offer on one of the SHC owners properties, then he had to take the signed contract over to Lindsay as it would need to be signed by her buyers.

Records showed that one of the owners, John Semren, sold his property in October 2007, and the other brother Joe Semren sold his property in January 2008. There does not appear to be anything that needed Lindsay’s signature that night and any realtor working in Lindsay’s office could have checked out Jason’s story and quickly realized there were no real estate deals in the works that night.

On top of that, Lindsay had a few homes to show her buyers, then afterwards she was headed to her girlfriend Andrea’s birthday party. There is nothing whatsoever to suggest that Lindsay was going to meet a client on a deal her and Jason had been working on that night. It was likely a concocted story Jason gave to the police, and one the Saanich Police never investigated. After all, the lead investigator on the case said he had never heard of the Zailo’s prior to being assigned to the file.

Jason had asked Cohen Oatman to go out for dinner with him that night. Seemingly, that is the reason Cohen met Jason at SHC Autographx at 5:30 pm. After dinner, Cohen and Jason had a scheduled hockey 10:10 game at Pearkes Arena. It makes no sense that Jason would eat dinner at 4:00 pm at Sauce with Lindsay, then go out for another dinner with Cohen Oatman two hours later.

Cohen Oatman worked for Greg Martel until 2016, but then quit due to conflict with Martel. After leaving Martel’s office he went to work at Jason Zailo’s Modern Mortgage Group office at Uptown Center. In 2019 Oatman was hired as the General Manager at Chances Casino in Squamish. He continued on with his mortgage business too. What was odd is that he kept his mortgage broker’s license hung in Jason Zailo’s office even after moving 3 hours away out of town. His license is still hung at Zailo’s office today. Now does that make any sense.

Something is very off with the relationship between Martel, Zailo & Oatman. Is it possible that Cohen Oatman is not an innocent victim of circumstance? Lindsay knew too much and someone wanted her dead. If her murder had nothing to do with the Calgary Drug Bust then perhaps we are looking at an entirely different group of people. A group of people involved in mortgages, money laundering, and other criminal activities that interlink with that type of crime. Maybe it was right under Lindsay’s nose like we have heard so many times. Dateline said, “someone very close to her, and very possibly someone in the same business.” Money is a strong motive for murder, and that would indeed be very personal.

February 2 2008

The Saanich Police said that the 1702 DeSousa Place home was professional cleaned on the Saturday afternoon, just before the showing at 5:30. It was actually cleaned by Shelagh DeSousa, the wife of the builder Joe DeSousa. Joe told the police that prior to locking up and leaving around 5:00 he checked the master bedroom & ensuite and saw nothing out of order. I wonder if Joe DeSousa made a habit of checking the master bedroom every time he locked up.

February 2 2008

The Saanich Police have never disclosed Jason’s arrival time at SHC, however security camera footage shows that Jason Zailo & his friend Cohen Oatman left the SHC property in Jason’s 2005 Range Rover at 5:29. Supposedly, their plan was to go out for dinner, then onto their 10:00 pm hockey game. As Jason was driving, he talked to Lindsay asked her for directions to the DeSousa house- at the exact same time that Lindsay was taking the key from the loc-box which was attached to the gas meter at the garage side of the house. She told Jason, “I have to go, the Mexicans are here”.

Jason then called his brother Ryan asking for directions.  Ryan was at AL’s house when he got the call. A’s parents were witness to Ryan’s presence.  Apparently, the L’s & Ryan were taken by surprise by Jason’s call. This was the first time Ryan Zailo had ever asked AL out on a date. Lindsay finally texted the directions to Jason while she was inside the DeSousa house. It must have been very distracting for her to have to be sending a text in the middle of the showing.. It might also have been a clue to whomever she was with that someone was on their way.

February 2 2008

Jason & Cohen arrived at the DeSousa house at 5:30.  Jason parked his 2005 Range Rover across from the house, then waited for ten minutes. He then moved his vehicle out onto Torquay, and parked in a pull in spot right beside the DeSousa house, his view of the home was now blocked by hedge trees.    At 6:05 Jason & Cohen left the vehicle and went to the front door.  Jason tried the door and found it locked, he then rung the doorbell several times but no one answered.  Jason tried the door at the garage side of the house but that door was locked too. Jason then called his mother to get the code for the garage door, then tried the code but it did not work.

At 6:10 Jason called 911, (welfare check) and told them his girlfriend was inside the house with her buyers and she was not answering the door.

At 6:15 Jason made a 2nd call to 911, after he found Lindsay’s body lying in a pool of blood in the master bedroom. He yelled at them and told them to hurry.

On the Dateline show in 2010, Jason told host Josh Mankiewicz that as he turns into the cul-de-sac from Torquay, he saw shadows through the frosted glass in the front door. However, in a police interview shortly after the murder Jason told police that as he turned off Torquay into DeSousa he saw a man enter the front door of the residence, then close the door. He described the man’s jacket as classy, below the man’s waste and being brown in color and not one solid color of brown.

When Zander Sherman questions Jason on this statement in 2023 Jason says he no longer recalls the citing

February 2 2008

Cohen Oatman spotted an open door at the patio side of the home and called for Jason.  Jason lifted Cohen over the fence, then ran back to the front door to wait for Cohen to open it.  Cohen entered through the French doors on the patio, then raced to the front door to let Jason in. Jason entered through the front door, then raced up the stairs to the upper level.  He found Lindsay lying in a pool of blood just outside the ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom.  Jason leaned over Lindsay’s body and attempted to give her CPR.  He stopped as it wasn’t working and he heard air coming from Lindsay’s chest, and saw that her throat has been slashed.   Jason was covered in Lindsay’s blood.  The police arrived and took Jason and Cohen to the Saanich police station in separate vehicles.  Jason was questioned all night and released the next morning. 


The coroner’s report shows Lindsay’s time of death between 5:38 – 5:42.

February 3 2008

The evening of the day Jason was released from the police station, he called his friend Chris Schwartz and asked if he could come over to talk. When Jason arrived at Chris’s 68 Songhees condo at 10:00 pm, the two went out onto the balcony where they spent 20 minutes talking in private. Chris said that Jason wanted to know if Chris thought it could be the boys from Van who murdered Lindsay. (referring to the HA)

Jason told people that it was Chris who called him to come over, He said Chris had told him on the phone that he thought he might know who murdered Lindsay. Well, if that were true you’d think Jason would have called the police, and not have raced over to his drug dealer friend’s house.

February 4 2008

In the late morning Lindsay’s friend Nikki received a phone call from a woman who spoke briefly then hung-up. Intuitively Nikki called the number back but no one answered. She continued calling until finally Shirley Zailo answered the phone. Shirley claimed she made the call in error, she meant to call the Nicki (different spelling) a girl that worked in her office. Apparently, prior to leaving the Saanich Police station the morning after the murder Jason had put some numbers from his phone into his mother’s phone. Odd that the police would allow him to do that prior to taking his cell phone away from him. It would make far more sense for Jason to have scribbled a few phone numbers on a notepad, rather than putting them into his mother’s phone. As for anyone who questioned whether Shirley really called Nikki, of course she did. A record of the calls were on Nikki’s phone.


Realtor Jasmine Parsons got a phone call from a woman with an accent. She asks Jasmine if she can come over and list her house. She then hangs up. Jasmine was unable to trace the call back, however the police would certainly have been able to trace the call back if they had wanted to.

February 6 2008

The Reenactment

Jason Zailo returned to the crime scene with his lawyer Brad Hickford. As police videotaped him, he walked officers through the home and answered their questions.

February 2008

A few days after Lindsay’s murder, Lindsay’s best friend Rianne Gracia, on her own accord, went to the Saanich Police to tell them about her conversation with Lindsay on the Thursday evening. Rianne was not treated well by the Saanich Police and she regretted ever going to see them.  She did not trust them and refused to take a polygraph.

The Saanich Police always considered Rianne a “person of interest” because she had once been dating “Edgar Ovidio Acevedo (Vid) the guy who had some involvement with persons involved in the Calgary Drug Bust.

Rianne told friends that Shirley Zailo was pure evil but would not elaborate on why she thought that.  She said that when she got the call to tell her that Lindsay was dead, she just knew that the Zailos had killed her before she was even told how Lindsay died.  At the time of Lindsay’s murder Rianne had been working at the Re/Max Westshore Camosun Office, she quit the day after Lindsay was murdered and never went back.

APRIL 2008

Greg Martel opened his own Dominion Lending franchise “Harbourview Mortgages” on Goldstream Ave on the Westshore. Jason & Cohen left the Mortgage Centre and went to work for Martel at his new office. Jason & Cohen were business associates, but not close friends. Some people say that Jason didn’t even like Cohen Oatman and wonder why he asked Cohen & not Greg Martel to go to the DeSousa home with him the night of the murder. A few years after Lindsay’s murder Jason was in a live-in relationship with the sister of Greg Martel’s wife. The relationship lasted only a few years.

January 30 2009

Times Colonist

Inspector Rob McColl, head of the Detective Division, revealed some of what police have done in the last year. Interviews with 1471 people, followed up 752 tips and executed 30 search warrants. 5 senior detectives had been working on the file.


Saanich Police released a sketch of a Caucasian woman, 35-45 years old, with short blonde hair. Police said the male suspect was believed to be Caucasian, six-feet tall with dark hair. Both were described as well-dressed, the man wearing a light to medium coloured jacket, and the woman possibly wearing a black designer skirt or dress patterned with thick white and red swirls.

Interesting, because that is exactly how Jason Zailo described the man to the Saanich Police after the murder. Is Jason the actual witness? If he is the only witness, then the description of the witness is worthless.

Asked why they had waited a year to go public with this information, Sgt. John Price said police wanted to take advantage of the resurgence of interest in the case, referring to media coverage about the anniversary of Buziak’s death.

February 4 2009


Saanich Police announced they had cleared Buziak’s live-in boyfriend as a suspect. “Zailo continues to cooperate with police”, Price said.


While some reports indicated Buziak asked her boyfriend Jason Zailo to check on her at the house, Sgt. Chris Horsley said Zailo went to the house because he had real estate documents for Buziak to sign. Turns out that was false.

September 23 2010

Times Colonist

The Saanich Police called a press conference to announce that investigators were satisfied that the mother and brother of Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo had nothing to do with the February 2 2008 slaying, and say that “no member of the Zailo family is considered a person if interest in this investigation.” Police hoped to end finger pointing, speculation, rumor, innuendos, by clearing the Zailo family.

September 17 2010  

Dateline NBC Dreamhouse Mystery Show aired.

Shirley Zailo told the host Josh that her and Lindsay had gone for dinner/sushi the Friday night before the murder, then for a long walk. She said it was at that time Lindsay confided in her that she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend Matt. 

Lindsay’s friends all disputed that statement, saying knew that Lindsay loved Matt and she was not afraid of him.  

Jason told the host Josh that Lindsay was not leaving him, that their relationship was good. 

Everyone knew that Lindsay was planning to leave Jason, so that was a lie.

Saanich Police Inspector Rob McColl and Sgt. Chris Horsley spoke about the Calgary Drug Bust, and told the audience that bust was very possibly the motive for Lindsay’s murder. Rob McColl said, “it’s very possible that the mastermind is one of the people that went into the house that night.

September 21 2010

Lindsay’s friends, Sabrina, Dalyce, & Andrea appeared on CHEK News TV to talk about their dear friend Lindsay whom they said they will never forget. Andrea said, “Lindsay was supposed to be at my birthday party that night but she never showed up.” This statement clearly shows that Andrea believed that Lindsay was planning to attend her birthday party. That could mean that Lindsay had decided not to go to her girlfriend’s stag in Vancouver that night, or she was planned on making a last minute decision whether to go, depending on how much time it would take to show her clients the 4-5 homes she had planned to show.

MARCH 2011

Paul Bergshoeff had left Shirley Zailo and moved onto greener pastures. Paul continued on with his JJ Coffee House and he also started a business called Van Isle Posts, working exclusively for Jason Binab’s Re/Max office. He started a new business called “Van Isle Posts” installing real estate signs for the Binab Strasser Real Estate Group.

A comment by Paul October 2011 said,

“Need a place in Victoria? Go to Binab Strasser and all your worries will be over”



Thanks Paul Bergshoeff, owner of JJ’s Coffee House in Brentwood Bay and our very own “sign guy” of Van Isle Posts for sending us this beautiful view from the Malahat on his way up to Duncan yesterday.

JUNE 2013

Paul Bergshoeff sold JJ’s Coffee House in Brentwood Bay, and returned his Ford Truck to Glen Oak Ford. He told close friends he was leaving the country and returning to the Netherlands. Paul also told friends he feared for his life and that is why he had to leave. Perhaps he “saw something he shouldn’t have” too!

June 6 2013

A drug bust went down at 2768 Claude Road in Langford. The owner of that property was Shirley Zailo, a prominent realtor working with Re/Max Camosun. CHEK News contacted Shirley and asked her about her tenant. She said, “My family has no connection to the man that lives in that house.” In a 2023 interview, journalist Zander Sherman asked, “Shirley, in 2013 you claimed publicly that you nor your family had any connection to Ziggy Matheson.” Her response, , “well I did do that, except for the way it was said.” Shirley purchased the home at 2768 Claude Road May 2005.

Zander Sherman says:

Sometime after her tenant’s arrest Shirley distanced herself from Ziggy and the case file again mentions.  After some digging, I find an archived copy of a CHEK News article from 2016 that says Shirley denies knowing about Ziggy’s drug activity and says her family has no ties to Ziggy, though Shirley isn’t quoted directly.

Shirley says by her recollection the question that was asked of her suggested a level of closeness that she still denies, though she admits to knowing Ziggy and acknowledges that her sons do too.

Shirley forgot to mention that she was good friends with Ziggy’s mother Deborah Matheson.

Read facebook interaction below.

Deborah Matheson

 Very lovely say hello to the boys (Men) for me

Shirley Zailo

Thanks Deb, will do.

Deborah Matheson Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Shirley failed to mention that Ziggy Matheson had lived in her rental property at 2768 Claude Road for a few years, and that other than breeding Pitbulls, he never had a real paying job.  Did Shirley not question why this guy never worked?  In December 2007, Shirley took her family, including boyfriend Paul Bergshoeff, Ziggy Matheson and Lindsay on a Christmas/ew Year’s vacation to Whistler.  Why would the Zailos include Ziggy Matheson on their vacation if he wasn’t a close friend to Jason & Ryan?  It certainly sounds like he was a close family friend, doesn’t it.  Sources also confirm that Ziggy would stop by the Re/Max office for coffee, but in fairness, perhaps Ziggy was just stopping by to pay his rent.  


Virginia Marshall

  · Change.org  · 

Thank you for the invite to sign this very important issue. I hope enough other people get the chance to read Harry Armstrong’s Petition letter, so that we can finally put an end to the greed that has now become REAL ESTATE…..

A lot of people, Realtors & sellers, have gotten rich. I have a sister and 2 nephews in the business, and have sat back and watched them all become very rich indulging in this unbelievable misconduct. Please, everyone who reads this Petition, please sign it…..


                      DEFINITELTY CLOSE FRIENDS

Lindsay Buziak Murder – The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Fall 2018

A retired homicide detective/writer by the name of Garry started up a Lindsay Buziak murder blog. His plan was to garnish as much information about the case as he could so that he could write a book about Lindsay’s murder. His intentions were honorable and he put a great deal of work into his writing. When he started, he did not believe in the Zailo’s innocence but somewhere along the way he shifted course and became one of the Zailo’s biggest supporters. His blog was adorned with comments like “The Zailo’s are innocent” He reached out to the Zailo’s by email, then in time met up with Shirley Zailo in person, then with her entire family.

It’s hard to know what transpired during those visits but it was clear he believed the Zailo stories, and therefore believed in their innocence. He thought Shirley was just a wonderful lady. What could this man have learned that swayed him over? What did he learn from those visits that none of the rest were unaware of? This cop/writer was so sure that Lindsay’s friend Rianne was a person of interest in Lindsay’s murder, but after becoming friends with Shirley Zailo, he was convinced that Rianne was one of the conspirators. It isn’t hard to figure out who gave him that information, likely the same people that sent the Saanich Police chasing the Calgary Drug bust theory right after Lindsay was murdered. After that, this cop/writer Garry increased his threats to Rianne on his blog, telling her to come clean.

THIS IS ONE OF A FEW POSTS WHERE GARRY refers to Rianne as a conspirator.

However, the co-conspirators who fed Lindsay to the killers are still active in the Victoria area. One of them checks my blog daily. (referring to Rianne) Little did he know that Rianne did not take kindly to idle threats. She may have known more than what she told the police, but there is no way that girl was a conspirator or played any part in Lindsay’s murder. If anything, she was an innocent victim of circumstance.

MARCH 17 2019

This former cop/writer met for coffee with two friends, both retired RCMP officers like himself It turns out that one of those cops was the informant’s handler, the informant being the person who made the November 2007 call to the Calgary Police to tell them about the drug shipment heading their way.

The identity of the informant is still unclear but that day the former cop/writer Garry was told that the informant was a woman who worked in the same office as Jason at the time of Lindsay’s murder and still worked in the same office/business today. The handler also said that the informant was brazen enough to have made a 2nd call to the Calgary Police after the bust, which triggered the 2nd cocaine search at the Hawthorne stash house. What is most disturbing, is the fact that this cop/handler who disclosed highly confidential information currently works for the BC Government in their criminal investigations department.

The informant handler also made it clear that Rianne was not the informant.

So Garry thought that Rianne was a co-conspirator, but the RCMP friends told him she’s not the informant. That makes no sense whatsoever.

July 2019

Garry knew that Jason had both a real estate license & mortgage brokers’ license at the time of Lindsay’s murder, but it made far more sense to him that the cop handler was pointing to the main informant as being a woman who still worked in the Re/Max Westshore office. For whatever reason Garry chose not to go to the Saanich Police or the RCMP with what he had learned, and never thinking for a moment that his new friend Shirley could be the informant, he went straight to Shirley Zailo to tell her about what he had just learned. I am sure his cop coffee friends never suspected that he would betray their confidence like he did. Garry met with Shirley Zailo and told her that the main informant was likely working in her office. What in the hell was this guy thinking?

Shirley hesitated for a moment, then suggested that it could be Realtor X. The audacity, a red herring, a deflection, no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Realtor X was involved in anyway. The realtor Shirley named had no association to drug dealers, nor to any other persons who would have had inside information about the cocaine shipment headed from Victoria to Calgary. Re/Max Westshore was a small office with a limited number of female realtors.

One would think the first thing Shirley would have done after receiving such startling intel would have been to contact the Saanich Police. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what she did do. When you stop to think about it, the Saanich Police may not even have known who the informant was. Maybe it was only the RCMP who held that critical piece of information. If that was true, then she may have gone straight to the RCMP. After all, the RCMP certainly needed to know what they two retired officers were telling people.

This person had never met Shirley or spoken with her at any time. Garry wanted them to talk to Shirley and give her a chance to tell her side of the story. This person said “absolutely not, I wouldn’t believe a word that came out of that woman’s mouth.” This person cut off all communication with cop-writer Garry and they’ve never spoken since.

August 4 2020

The person who knew about Garry’s coffee meet-up with the cops, wanted to know if any of what Garry was told was true. They had kept that information to themselves for a year, but finally decided it was time to tell someone. They contacted a Saanich police officer they knew and trusted, then met up for coffee. This person no longer had any contact with the cop/writer because the two no longer agreed on anything.

The meeting with this Saanich cop was to say the least, most disappointing. He appeared to be disinterested, displayed no reaction/emotion, and refused to take the hard evidence passed to him. It may have been that the officer was playing it cool, and not reacting because that was the smart thing for a cop to do. This person left thinking maybe it would have been better to keep one’s mouth shut about what you know, rather than trying to do the right thing.

October 2020 

To this person’s surprise they received a phone call from the lead investigator on Lindsay’s file, asking if they would be willing to sit down for an interview. The person was more than willing to talk about what they knew. A meeting was scheduled to take place in November.

November 2020

This person met with the lead investigator on Lindsay’s case and 2-hour interview took place. One hour of that interview was recorded. At the end, they were told the information they had was not to be shared with anyone, and that they should not be in possession of said information in the first place.

The investigator also said he would have to speak to retired cop Garry. Whether that ever happened is unknown, however a few months later Garry shut the Lindsay page on his blog down even though you can still see the odd remarks such as “The Zailos are innocent.” Why he chose to shut his Lindsay page down is unknown.

Here is another statement Garry/cop writer wrote on his blog prior to shutting it down. I wonder where that information came from?

“What I can say about Lindsay Buziak’s murder is that I may not be able to truthfully write the public story as the circumstances now sit. I have a lot of information about this awful mess, the motive for the crime and, with probable certainty, who the conspirators are. If I publish what I’ve learned and what people close to the story have candidly told me – to tell the truthful and accurate story – I might compromise an active police investigation and that can not happen.

On his blog Garry also said, “How they convincingly sold it to the Cartel upline and had Lindsay killed is the real mystery.”

Seemingly, Garry considered that to be the real mystery, but dismissed the possibility of Zailo involvement despite their known connections to the drug underworld and what surrounded that.  He also dismissed the real estate connection, saying it was just a coincidence.

that would be the first obvious lead for any competent investigation.

The other thing Garry dismissed by omission is the possibility that Lindsay Buziak’s murder was meant to send a message to the Zailos, even absent of any involvement on their part. So many people unable to simply follow the evidence without letting their own biases guide them.

February 1 2021

Saanich Police Media Relations Officer Markus Anastasiades

New technology allowed Saanich Police, FBI, RCMP to follow leads in Lindsay’s murder. Without specifying what those technologies are, Saanich Police note advancements in genealogy & DNA analysis have led to the resolution of many cases. “We believe people familiar with circumstances surrounding the case remain in our community. It is sometimes the case that people who may have knowledge initially do not come forward. Rest assured, we have the ability to filter out innocent people and those whose roles in events were inadvertent. It’s not to late to come forward.


So how would advancements in genealogy & DNA analysis be of any help in their investigation? Could it be mitochondrial DNA they were hoping to find? A familial match? If not maybe the media campaign was just a ploy to appease/calm the public.

April 25 2022 

Shirley Zailo filed a slander lawsuit against Jeff Buziak & blogger Jane Kavanagh for defamation of character.  The file was updated Jan 10/2023.

April 25 2022

 Shirley Zailo filed a slander lawsuit against blogger Leisa Munro. The file was updated March 2/2023.

January 30 2023

The Capital Daily ran another story on the Lindsay Buziak case.  It is called:  The case the Internet got wrong. Though Zander Sherman’s story dispelled misinformation that appeared on the internet over the years, it cannot dispute the fact that a lot of information out there on the internet was right. The attack on certain people in that story did nothing to help solve Lindsay’s murder. Instead, that story, combined with the lawsuit against Lindsay’s father have brought the attention to Lindsay’s murder to a stall. Of course, that would have been exactly what the Zailo family was hoping for. If they are innocent of having any involvement in Lindsay’s murder who can blame them. On the other hand, no one should be cleared until arrests have been made.

Let’s not forget about what the Internet got right.


MAY 17 2023

Mortgage broker Greg Martel is under investigation for mortgage fraud, and evidence is showing he may have been running a Ponzi scheme all these years. Over 1200 investors scammed out of 226M. Financial crimes destroy the lives of innocent people. Who really knows what’s involved here. Money laundering, drugs, and other crimes that are often interlinked.


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