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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

PAID INFORMANTS on the Lindsay Buziak Murder Case

What Are the Rules for Being a Confidential Informant?

RIP – SHANE WILSON (1983-2021)

In 2020 Shane Wilson was sentenced to 3 years in jail and 2 years’ probation. Shane received a lesser sentence than the other two accused because the judge considered his aboriginal background and the significant abuse and physical violence which he endured as a child. This is called the gladue analysis. He had been held in custody since his arrest in 2018 and would have been released shortly after his sentencing last July because of credit for time served in pre-trial custody.

Man shot and killed in Metchosin, suspect remains at large (cheknews.ca)

UPDATED: One man shot dead in ‘targeted incident’ on Sooke Road – Oak Bay News

Three imprisoned for home invasion | Times Colonist

Jacine Jadreško Facebook comment

“You were mine before the world took you from me. And I don’t mean last night, but the world and life you chose all those years ago. You were my first love. You are the father of my child. I wore your ring on my hand. And now you’re gone. Gone forever. Your life finally caught up with you and someone decided to take it from you I always knew this day would come. You used to talk about how you would die young. I’m even a little shocked you made it this long. Yet, now that it’s happened, I can’t help but feel this range of emotions. Sadness. Loss. And mostly anger. I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m so fucking angry at you! How could you put me in this position? To have to tell our son this news? After everything, this is the last thing you leave me with? Fuck you!  Ugh I don’t even know why I’m saying any of this but I feel like I should say something. Rest In Peace Shane. I hope you are in a better place now” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xqF1gVxCao

UPDATED: One man shot dead in ‘targeted incident’ on Sooke Road – Oak Bay News

Rumors that the Saanich Police Department is no longer actively working this case are false.

Granted, the investigation has slowed, but it has by no means come to a halt. Paid police informants have always played an integral part in this investigation, with the hope that one day worthy information would lead to positive results. Concerned citizens, witnesses, and one-time contacts do not qualify as informants. Informants are often people at all levels of the drug world, from street level to organized crime.

An informer is a person who provides privileged information and in order for them to be paid, the police must believe the information is worth paying for.

 Classic narcotic informants will often give up their associates in order to cut a deal for themselves. Especially if they are up on charges and about to go away for a lengthy period of time. What is most important is 1) the amount of detail provided 2) the informant’s source of information 3) the informer’s prior reliability.   Mere rumor or gossip is not considered a credible tip. There are legal and ethical factors at play in handling an informant and their life must be protected at all costs. An officer who is an informant handler must maintain a separate notebook where the informant is only identified by a number. If someone is to find out who an informant is then that police handler has not done his/her job.

The SPD, VPD and RCMP Serious Crimes Unit have always been involved in this investigation.

The SAANICH POLICE and the RCMP SERIOUS CRIMES are definitely still actively working this case. In the summer of 2018, the RCMP Serious Crimes Unit cut 2 long term paid informants from their payroll because they were no longer bringing in worthy information. The two informers (guys) were close insiders to the suspects in Victoria, and it could be that the informant’s sources were no longer talking. One of the informants that was cut from the payroll went underground, while the other is still in Victoria. I can only imagine how many active informants are still on the payroll of the Saanich Police Department and the RCMP – and the “worthy” information that may still be coming in. It is apparent that the various police agencies are doing what they can to build a strong case that will stand up at trial when charges are finally laid.

There is not a doubt that Edgar Acevedo (Vid) and the Delalcazar brothers were involved in the Calgary drug bust, and they may also played a major role in the conspiracy to murder Lindsay Buziak.

After 15 years of freedom they are convinced that they will never be charged for that crime. They conspired to murder Lindsay Buziak in 2008 then continued on with their life of criminality. They have friends in their inner circle who have turned on them, and they are too stupid to have figured out who those friends are. It could be one of their closest friends who is just waiting for the right moment to take them down.

We know that Vid Acevedo was the guy who was in charge of the drug shipment headed to Calgary – and we know that he hated Lindsay. Erickson Delalcazar was arrested in the Calgary Drug Bust – then denied bail on February 1st 2008, so for sure he would have had a lot of hate going on too. Some friends in the Delalcazar/Acevedo circle are just as bad as they are, but there are also some friends who will accept their drug trafficking lifestyle, but hate the fact that their friends were possibly involved in a young woman’s murder. It has to especially hit home with the ones who have children of their own.

The Delalcazar’s and their friend Vid were nothing but low-life low-level drug dealers operating in Victoria who seized an opportunity to play in the sandbox with the big boys, the Mexican cartel. They were in way over their heads, thinking they were heroes, and clearly they made the mistake of telling the wrong person what they were up to. They were amateurs who did not know how to keep their mouths shut, and that mistake cost them big time. Medardo and Miguel Franco-Rivas were good friends with the Delalcazar brothers so the likelihood is that Medardo introduced the brothers to Leopoldo Beltran.

The boy’s dream of living the high life was crushed when they were taken down in 2008.

Edgar Acevedo and Erickson Delalcazar are still nothing but low-life drug thugs selling drugs on the streets of Victoria. On Sept 15/2020 in Vancouver Edgar Acevedo (Vid) was charged with uttering threats to cause bodily harm. He’s had numerous appearances to date on this charge, and is scheduled to appear in court again on December 14/2020. In June 2018 in Victoria Edgar Acevedo (Vid) was charged with another assault – uttering threats to cause bodily harm.

Edgar Acevedo does not play favorites because the guy he beat and threatened in 2018 was his drug dealer friend Wayne Kalnciems. Edgar Acevedo was Wayne’s supplier and this one time that Wayne could not pay for the drugs that Vid had supplied him Vid showed up at his home on Cedar Hill Cross Road, then threatened and beat him. Vid showed Wayne no mercy because as far as Vid is concerned, business is business, and if you do not pay up – you pay the price. Unfortunately Wayne Kalnciems died in 2019 so the charges against Vid were dropped.

Medardo Franco Rivas used to live in Calgary but he now lives in Victoria and keeps a very low profile. He was the guy Leopoldo Beltran sent down to California to deal with the cartel after the bust, and this just proves how involved he really is. Obviously Leo could not make the trip himself as he was in this country illegally. So he sent Medardo – his brother-in-law – his right hand man.

It is important to never forget about the MAIN INFORMANT who ratted out the Delalcazar group in November 2007. The question remains, why did that woman who still works in the RE/MAX office today make that call to the Calgary Police Department in November 2007? The Delalcazar brothers and Edgar Acevedo trusted someone they shouldn’t have and that mistake cost them millions. You would think that by now they would have figured out who they told that they shouldn’t have, and learned how that information ended up in the hands of someone who worked in the Re/Max offi

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