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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

March 2021 – Shirley Zailo reaches out to Jeff Buziak

Just this paST week it came to my attention that Shirley Zailo reached out to Jeff Buziak and that the two of them engaged in a 2 1/2 hour telephone conversation. At first I did not believe it and I am sure there were others who were skeptical too. But as time passed and more was said I realized that it was probably true. But it begs the question, why after 13 years of refusing to speak to Lindsay’s father would Shirley decide to pick up a phone and reach out to him. He has been attacking her for years – convinced that she was somehow responsible for his daughter’s murder. We have heard that Shirley had recently been interviewed by Saanich Police detectives and that she was frustrated and angry that the interviews had not gone well. Not only that but she did not like the way she had been treated by the police officer/investigator conducting the interview.

It seems to me that if a person is innocent of any wrong doing then they have nothing to fear, and even if the interviews gets a little intense at times it should not be a concern for an innocent person who has nothing to hide. I read posts that said Shirley Zailo wants to join forces with Jeff Buziak to do everything possible to get the Saanich Police removed from the case. This is bizarre and the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. This case will never be handed over to another agency so why not sit back, shut up and let the Saanich Police do their job.

FOR The past YEAR THE public HAS BEEN pleading with the Saanich police to step up their investigation AND SOLVE LINDSAY’S MURDER. and that is exactly what they have done. I understand that Sgt. Damian Kowalewich is now the lead investigator on the case. Sgt. Chris Horsley is still actively involved and two other full-time investigators have been brought on board. It just does not get any better than that. We know that they are conducting interviews and without a doubt there has to be lots going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to. The police cannot disclose critical information to the public – they have to keep what they know close to their chests in order to protect the integrity of the investigation. We damn well better hope that this new team will be the driving force that brings the truths to the surface and new information results in imminent arrests – because the police may never have another opportunity like this one they have now.

On February 1st of this year the Saanich Police made a public statement announcing they had a new team of investigators on the case and the assistance of the FBI. Is that not what everyone wanted, a fresh set of eyes and a total review of the case starting at Ground Zero? That is exactly what the Saanich Police are doing and interviews are part of the process. I am sure there are many others who have been called in for interviews, not just Shirley Zailo. To call Jeff Buziak after all these years is an act of desperation, and for her to think for one minute that between the two of them they can have the Saanich Police removed from the case is beyond belief. You just have to wonder what this woman has been smoking.

In 2009 the Zailo family was cleared of having any involvement in Lindsay’s murder so they should have no concerns about talking to the police. Yes it is sad that they have to keep reliving this nightmare over and over again but Lindsay’s murder needs to be solved and the only way to make that happen is for everyone to cooperate. If new information is brought forward, then of course the Saanich Police need to investigate to determine if the information is relevant to their investigation. There is no question that Jason and his mother lied about many things and as we all know once a lie has been told it can not be taken back. They may have lied to cover up what they themselves were involved in, things that may have had nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder.

Jason went straight to Chris Schwartz’s condo after being released from the police station, and his reason for doing so was to ask Chris Schwartz if he thought the boys from Van (Hells Angels) could have murdered Lindsay and if they could be coming for hIm next. Chris Schwartz was an associate of Ziggy Matheson and had connections to the HA. If Jason owed a debt to the HA or had wronged them in some way it would make sense why he felt an urgency to speak with Chris. What if it was the Hells Angels who murdered Lindsay? If the Saanich Police were not aware of Jason’s visit to Chris until recently they would have had no reason to ever think that the HA could be involved. But once Jason’s visit was brought to their attention they were obliged to follow through and investigate the allegation. If this theory can be ruled out then the Saanich Police are one step further ahead in their investigation.

SHIRLEY ZAILO LIED WHEN SHE TOLD THE PRESS THAT SHE HAD NO ASSOCIATION TO THE TENANT THAT LIVED IN HER CLAUDE ROAD RENTAL PROPERTY. That tenant was Zachary Scott Matheson, a high level drug trafficker on Vancouver Island, a man with connections to the Hells Angels criminal organization. Shirley had better have a damn good explanation as to why her and her sons have treated this drug trafficker Zachary Matheson like family for so many years and why they still associate with him today. Why does the name Hells Angels keep popping up when we look at the Zailo family connections? If they can explain this away to the Saanich Police then that will be one more step in the right direction.

If Jason thought that the Hells angels were after after him that night it would make perfect sense why he did everything he could to avoid being at the DeSousa property at 5:30 and why he made no attempt to go inside when he got there. Maybe he knew that Lindsay was the target – not him. Jason lied to the police when he said that he had to stop by SHC Autographx to pick up a contract, then take the contract to Lindsay to sign. Lindsay did not need to sign any contract that night. Jason’s lies only support that he had a reason to not want to be anywhere near the DeSousa property at 5:30, the set time that Lindsay had arranged to meet the couple. This of course does not mean that Jason had anything to do with Lindsay’s murder, it simply means that for some unknown reason he was fearful of what might be going to happen that night. If he had concerns, why in the world did he let Lindsay go to the DeSousa property on her own?

THE IDENTIFY OF THE MAIN INFORMANT HAS NEVER BEEN MADE CLEAR other than to say it was a woman who worked in the Re/Max office at the time of the murder and who still works there today. Not only did this person call the Calgary Police in late November 2007 to rat out the Delalcazars cocaine shipment headed to Calgary she also called them again after the January 2008 bust to tell them that they had missed the mother load and to check the safe. Was that call connected to Lindsay’s murder? What possible motive could this woman have had for making the call? The timing of the call is very suspicious because the purchase of the crime phone was right around the same time the first call to the Calgary Police was made. The reason for this call needs to be investigated and if it turns out that it had nothing to do with Lindsay murder that will be a blessing.

This website has never once suggested that Shirley Zailo or Jason were involved in Lindsay’s murder. It is far more likely that the Zailos had some shady dealings going on that were in no way connected to Lindsay’s murder. Once the police clear up all the discrepancies in both their statements things will become clearer. It becomes problematic when people lie to cover up their own wrongdoings. Remember what Inspector Rob McColl once said, “We don’t care about the secrets in your closet, we are only concerned about finding evidence that could help solve this murder”. If Shirley Zailo had nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder she should be more than willing to speak with the Saanich Police and clear up all questions that are a concern to them.


It has been said that Shane Wilson was once a paid informant in the Lindsay Buziak investigation – whether this is a fact or not we may never know. Sadly, Shane was ambushed and taken out by a hail of bullets in a targeted shooting in Metchosin last Friday night. It is not likely that his murder has anything to do with this investigation but you just never know. Shane Wilson was loved by many but he also had several enemies – and clearly someone wanted him dead. Unfortunately, with these gang related killings the shooter is rarely identified/caught. Only 37 years old, too young to die. RIP Shane Wilson.

The purpose of this website is to put out the facts as I know them and to point out discrepancies in statements that have been made by certain people. No rumors, just facts, and of course some speculation. It is not my intention to offend/disparage any one person or to point the finger at any one person. I firmly believe like many others do – that until arrests are made everyone is a suspect.

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