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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

August 14/2023 Did Cirilo Bautista Lopez call the hit on realtor Lindsay Buziak?

Cirilo Bautista Lopez in the black LAX shirt. Spending time at his brother’s
home on Bear Mountain shortly after his release from jail. Crime families always
stand united.

If you want to find Cirilo Lopez, just go to his brother’s Facebook friend’s list and look for
Tony Santos.


Salem Cora
How are you cousin Cirilo? This is cousin Cora. Child of mother Naty. Don’t get mad if I took your name. To Ikeng. Take care always there. God bless you always.

There has been much speculation on who called the hit on realtor Lindsay Buziak.

The name Cirilo Bautista Lopez has surfaced many times, and probably for a very good reason. Cirilo just happens to be the uncle of the Delalcazar Brothers, and the brother to Susan Delalcazar,/Lopez the boy’s mother. Cirilo Bautista Lopez arrived in Canada from the Philippines in the mid 80’s. and soon after, in 1993, Susan Delalcazar came to Canada with her family. Cirilo came to this country for one purpose only, and that was to of commit crimes. He succeeded, and within a few years he was heavy involved in the trafficking of narcotics and well-connected to organized crime.

The Saanich Police always believed that Lindsay Buziak’s murder had connections to the 2008 Calgary Drug Bust and they were probably right.

The investigation – dubbed Operation High Noon began in late 2007, shortly after an informant made a call to the Calgary Police Department to tell them that there was a shipment of cocaine headed their way. The first two busts took place on January 19 & 22 2008, the first a block away from a home on Hawthorn Drive in Calgary. The 2nd bust at that home on Hawthorn Drive.

Only two men were arrested at that time, one of those men was Erickson Lopez Delalcazar, a local drug dealer from Esquimalt. Erickson was arrested and held without bail, later charged with trafficking in cocaine, sentenced to 4 years, then released after serving only 2 years of his sentence. On his return to Victoria, he picked up where he left off, selling drugs and pimping out women. A stellar member of the community indeed.

It would be naive of us to believe that the Delalcazar Group & Edgar Acevedo (Vid) were capable of pulling off a large cocaine operation such as this one. This group of misfits had big mouths, big egos, no common sense and had trouble putting an entire sentence together. Seemingly, Vid was the one in charge of the shipment headed to Calgary, and it’s hard to imagine that he wasn’t drunk or stoned during that entire time.

The mastermind behind this operation was more likely to have been Cirilo Bautista Lopez.

A court judge once said, Cirilo Bautista is an incorrigible who has no will or desire to change.”

Lopez, a man who had the connections to organized crime, the ability to make it all happen, and who likely had a large amount of his own money in the game. He used his nephews and Vid Acevedo to do his dirty work, believing that they were capable of getting the job done. Millions of dollars lost, an enraged mastermind/financier who now had to pay back the cartel for the cocaine lost. Of course, they would also have to prove to the cartel that they had taken care of business, so the pressure was on to find the informant, the person who had ratted them out.

People were being woken up in their beds in the middle of the night, the terrorizers demanding to know who ratted them out. Clearly one of those terrified people sent them in the right direction. Seemingly, the informant was someone within the Ziggy Matheson/Zailo camp, so now they needed to find out who exactly that was. It’s important to remember that the informant who made the call to the Calgary Police in late November 2007, knew a hell of a lot about the operation, because they had the audacity to make a 2nd call to the Calgary Police after the first bust to say, “you missed the mother-load, it’s in the safe”.

Just what did Lindsay see that she shouldn’t have seen, and was she alone when she witnessed what she saw? Could she have perhaps been with a close girlfriend at the time?

What if Lindsay and her friend were in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if they were at Vid’s house and saw something they shouldn’t have? If Vid was in charge of the cocaine shipment, God only knows what they might have seen that day! False compartments in a vehicle, a safe loaded with cocaine? Innocent young girls just hanging around in the wrong place at the wrong time, having no idea of the danger they could be in.

What if, in November 2007, Lindsay told Jason about what she saw. She might not have thought anything of it, as Jason himself hung out with drug dealers such as Ziggy Matheson and Chris Schwartz. Likely the reason Lindsay was trying to extricate herself from Jason and that group entirely. What if Jason decided to tell his mother what Lindsay had witnessed that day? What if the Delalcazars were considered Ziggy’s competition? What if the informant, who we know was a woman, decided that this was the perfect opportunity to take down the Delalcazars, so she picks up the phone and calls the Calgary Police to rat out that shipment headed to Calgary? What if one of the terrified women they woke up in their beds told the terrorizers that Lindsay told Jason what she saw?


What if Jason learns that he had been identified as the informant? What if his mother learns of this too? They don’t want to die so they do what needs to be done, they point the finger at Lindsay, saying she made the call to the Calgary Police – she is the informant. The hit is called, and Lindsay became the scapegoat for those looking to save their own hides. You can be damn sure that Cirilo Lopez or his nephews did not have a hand in setting up the showing at 1702 DeSousa Place. That took someone who knew the ins and outs of how real estate works, someone who could guarantee that there would be no other showings happening at the same time. Someone who would know which one of Lindsay’s clients was out of town at that time. Someone who had the brains to put the plan together, at the same time create the perfect alibi.


Let’s not forget what one of Lindsay’s close friends once said, “The Zailos are pure evil. I knew the minute I heard that Lindsay was dead that the Zailo’s had killed her.” Strange thing for a young girl to say, but just maybe she knew exactly what she was talking about.

Is this why, right after Lindsay’s murder Ziggy was setting up a meeting to figure out a way to protect the Zailo’s from Vid Acevedo? Did the Delalcazars and Vid figure out that Lindsay was not the informant and that they had targeting the wrong person? Lindsay was an innocent victim of a heinous crime, and someone set her up to take the fall.

Did Zachary Scott Matheson’s business prosper after Lindsay Buziak’s murder? Where did the proceeds of Ziggy’s drug trafficking operation end up. He was bringing in 100’s of 1000’s of dollars. Who was laundering his dirty money? After all, it had to go somewhere. Perhaps sent offshore to the Grand Cayman Islands where every street houses ten banks.

Cirilo was a major player with ties to some very dangerous people.

In 1997, Cirilo Lopez, Ming Tsang, and 3 others, were busted and charged with conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. In 1998, Cirilo was sentenced to 4 years, his friend Jong Ming Tsang 2 years. Cirilo was released in March 2000, but while on release he was charged with assault causing bodily harm and returned to William Head. Upon his release the second time, he went straight back to the streets selling drugs. There is no finer example of how the Catch & Release system works in B.C. than the criminal history of Cirilo Lopez and his nephews the Delalcazar brothers. 

In a 1998 drug trafficking bust, where Cirilo was not charged, his name appeared in court transcripts.

Cirilo Lopez calls Araujo. Araujo had just been introduced to two men in Vancouver. They knew about Grandmaison and Lopez, and Lopez’s child. Lopez is fearful of them. One is Caucasian and one is dark of indeterminate race. Lopez says, “you’ve just met Victor’s dealer”.


In the early 2000’s in the world of drug trafficking, Cirilo was known as the “Mr. Big” on the island and one to be reckoned with.

In 2010, he was back at it again, busted for trafficking in narcotics in Winnipeg Manitoba. However, it would be a few years before a sentence was handed down. In 2014, the Manitoba judge handed down a 10-year sentence to Lopez, and in court transcripts referred to him as being at the top of the heap. In other words, he was considered one of the leaders of this criminal organization.


2012 MBQB 339 (CanLII) | R. v. Dritsas | CanLII

Court transcripts also state that Cirilo Lopez was a member of the ROCK MACHINE.

The Rock Machine was formed shortly after 8 members of the Bandidos were lured to a farm in the outskirts of Toronto, then shot in the head at close range. It was a power play – they were shot by members of their own organization. The group then splintered and Cirilo, once a member of the BANDIDOS hooked up with the ROCK MACHINE.

A court judge said, “Cirilo Bautista is an incorrigible who has no will or desire to change.” “Through the course of police surveillance, it was determined that Dritsas’s cocaine operation was substantially supplied by Cirilo Bautista Lopez who resided in British Columbia and was known to have many drug contacts and had conducted his operation on a long-term basis. Further, he was a member of the Rock Machine organization.”

Cirilo Lopez was released from prison in early 2017, after serving only 2 1/2 years of a 10-year sentence. He returned to BC, and as per his parole release conditions and was housed in a halfway house in downtown Vancouver. It was called The Vancouver Harbor Light Halfway House, located at 119 East Cordova and run by the Salvation Army.


CIRILO LOPEZ NO LONGER LIVES IN A HALF-WAY HOUSE. In the summer of 2021 he relocated to Coquitlam.  

Evidenced by the photo at the top, one thing is crystal clear, the Lopez family and the Delalcazars welcomed Cirilo back into the family with open arms.  That is just what crime families too.  

Delalcazar Brothers

THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, Cirilo STAYED very close to his nephews, in fact, he taught them everything he knew about crime.

Before long, they too were trafficking in narcotics, pimping out young women, and beating the ones who didn’t follow orders. The Delalcazar brothers formed the Esquimalt Crip gang, and in the mid/late 90’s, early 2000’s this group of violent young people preyed on anyone who dared to get in their way. Beating anyone who dared to challenge them with chains and metal pipes. They would take young girls back to their home and drug rape them, then toss them out after they were done. Many of those young women were too scared to report what happened and still today are left severely traumatized.


Leopoldo Rojo Beltran was one of the last people to be arrested in the 2008 Calgary Drug Bust, December to be exact. He had connections to the Mexican Cartel and was friends with Erickson Delalcazar, Vid Acevedo, and Miguel Franco Rivas, another guy who was charged in the Calgary Bust. As many believe, Leo may be the killer who went into the DeSousa home, but it’s highly doubtful that he was the guy who called the hit. The guy with the motive is none other than Cirilo Bautista Lopez, and as for the conspirators I think the cops have been on to them for a long time. In my mind, the conspirators are just as guilty as the person who committed the murder itself.   Court heard that Beltran was one of several people arrested in Calgary on Dec. 3, 2008, as part of a sweep of arrests resulting from a year-long Calgary Police Service drug investigation dubbed Operation High Noon.


Drug importation, money laundering, drug trafficking, break-ins, assaults, and human trafficking is eating away at the very core of our society. These ongoing crimes have taken the lives of so many young people, and we are left with a huge problem that is way out of control. Human trafficking is the elephant in the room, and for those who don’t want to believe it exists, you’d better wake up, because it’s right under your nose in Victoria. Young girls are people pimped out all across this country every day and no one is paying any attention.  If no one wakes up and takes notice, our society will slowly continue to decay.

Erickson Lopez Delalcazar has been running an escort service in Victoria for years now. At least that’s what he calls it.

Let’s call it what it really is, pimping out prostitutes for personal gain and his good buddy Vid is right there by his side. Vid & Erickson are often charged with assault (K), and you can be guaranteed every time they go to court the charges are dropped or stayed. Why, because the women they beat to keep them in line are too afraid to testify against them. They have no respect for women, that is just who the Delalcazars & Vid Acevedo are, and the way they have always been.

185570-1-K106-Feb-2023CCC – 267(b) Assault causing bodily harmCommitACEVEDO, EDGAR OvidioSaanich BC
DocumentCountOffence DateStatuteNatureAccusedCity Of Offence
186427-1-K107-May-2023CCC – 810(1)(a) fear of injury/damage to person/propertyCommitDELALCAZAR, ERICKSON LopezSaanich BC

This country has a revolving door court system for those who commit these heinous acts of violence and drug trafficking offences. Lawyers work in the grey area, looking for any loophole they can find to get their client off. Judges don’t give a damn, it’s just another day on the bench dealing with incorrigibles who have no respect for the law. It’s a big business, and the only winners here are the lawyers and the criminals.


One thing is perfectly clear.

The conspirators who set Lindsay up to take the fall, made a fool out of Cirilo Bautista Lopez and his nephews. The Delalcazar brothers were stupid enough to take the word of someone in Ziggy Matheson’s camp when they were told that Lindsay was the informant. They jumped the gun and are now paying the price for their mistake. Ziggy’s “close friends” were looking to save their own asses and would have done anything to make that happen. The reality is, the informant & members of her group sucker-punched Cirilo and his nephews, which put all the power in the hands of the informant. Seemingly, she is still the top dog running the show, and steering the blame for Lindsay’s savage murder on the Delalcazar’s & their uncle Cirilo Lopez. The hands of the Delalcazar’s are tied, and they are powerless to do anything about it.

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