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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Apr 24/2022 Lindsay Buziak Murder The main informant may hold the clue to the murder but by virtue of their immunity….

The main informant may hold the clue to the murder but by virtue of their immunity, that key piece of the puzzle cannot be considered.

With the main informant having secured an immunity agreement with the RCMP years ago, this homicide investigation may soon come to a close if the police are not able to get enough solid evidence to take to Crown Counsel. Without a doubt the main informant holds that key piece of the puzzle that is required to solve Lindsay’s murder, but as long as they refuse to co-operate the police may have no other option but to call this a cold case. Be assured the Saanich Police and the RCMP are still actively pursuing leads in a desperate attempt to find key information that will help them solve this case without the need for the main informant coming clean.

The lead investigators on this case have recently been “interrogating” certain people who they believe may be withholding information that is critical to their case.

The Saanich Police, RCMP and other agencies are desperately trying to figure out who Lindsay went to see when she was visiting her father in mid December 2007. It’s always been known that Lindsay met up with her old high school friend Mitch Hawthorn one evening, but as to who she went to see the 2nd night she went out remains a mystery. And just why is this so important anyway? Seemingly the police are out to prove that Lindsay met up with Erickson Delalcazar while she was in Calgary.

If law enforcement can prove that Lindsay did in fact meet with him, they will then be able to justify their actions when they make a public statement insisting that Lindsay was targeted because of something she saw when she was in Calgary, and that the guys who lost the $8 million believed that Lindsay was the one that ratted them out. The police do not care one iota about tarnishing the name of the victim, it’s all about being able to close their case no matter what it takes. If they can accomplish their mission it takes the heat off the “real main informant”, the person who really did the dirty deed in late November 2007.

Let’s not forget that the Delalcazars were waking up Victoria women out of their beds after the drug bust.

This strongly bolsters the notion that the cartel did not understand Lindsay to be the main informant at that moment right after the bust.  It would logically suggest that she was only falsely identified after that time period, when the main informant found out and was fearful that they were after a woman in Victoria. If Lindsay had independent knowledge about the drug bust from her visit to Calgary on night two, which the RCMP are now seeking evidence to support, wouldn’t the cartel have been after her immediately after the bust?  And wouldn’t she have been even more leery of the out of the blue showing to the “Mexicans”?

Clearly Lindsay was an innocent victim who had no idea about what was about to happen to her. The conspirators carefully planned Lindsay’s murder, then they set her up and lured her to the DeSousa home where she was then brutally murdered. The conspirators live in Victoria and they were very close to Lindsay.

After Lindsay’s murder the Saanich Police spent the first year of their investigation in Calgary, believing that the $8 million loss suffered in the January 2008 Calgary Drug Bust was the initial cause for Lindsay’s murder.

But it is also important to remember that Lindsay would still be alive today had it not been for the call that the main informant made to the Calgary Police in late November 2007, tipping them off about the Delalcazar’s drug shipment headed their way. Just what was it that lead the Saanich Police in that direction in the first place? Wasn’t it Jason Zailo who after Lindsay’s murder sent the Saanich Police in that direction? All he had to do was to tell the Saanich Police that Lindsay visited her father in Calgary in December 2007, show them Lindsay’s laptop where it showed she tried to connect with Erickson. What a perfect setup that would have been.

We also know that Lindsay’s Toshiba laptop was seized after the murder, so it could have been that the police were also able to see that Lindsay had tried to reach out to a member of the Delalcazar family while she was in Calgary, once through facebook and once by phone. What they were never able to prove was whether or not Lindsay ever made contact. Clearly, whoever Lindsay reached out to did not respond or the police would have been a record of the response. At one time the Saanich Police made a public statement saying that Lindsay had tried to make contact with Erickson Delalcazar.

A few years later Detective Sgt. Chris Horsley made a public statement saying that Lindsay had tried to contact a “relative” of Erickson Delalcazar. Well, which is it Detective Sgt. Chris Horsley? If you were unable to prove that Lindsay made contact with these people perhaps you should have said nothing rather than confusing the public allowing them to believe that Lindsay met up with Erickson.

It’s very possible that Lindsay was just reaching out to say hello and she had no intentions of meeting up with Erickson. Of course she knew Erickson because he was friends were her ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff. Even if she had met up with Erickson for a drink, it simply means she was meeting up with an old friend to say hello. It’s time for the police to stop trying to discredit the victim in order to save the “main informant”. All the evidence points to the main informant pointing the finger at Lindsay in order to save themselves, and the police need to focus on gathering the evidence needed to prove it.

Sgt. Chris Horsley has pretty much lead this investigation from the start

And clearly he has been one of Jason Zailo’s biggest supporters. Chris Horsley says that Jason successfully took part in all the police interviews and therefore he was cleared as a suspect. However, how can those interviews be considered successful when later it was discovered that Jason had lied about so many things?

“We locked down the house immediately. Mr. Zailo and his friend were both taken into custody. Mr. Zailo and his friend were under intense scrutiny and Mr. Zailo was co-operative with police”.

Based on forensic evidence, timeline of communications, witness testimony, video surveillance, we know Jason is not the killer. Was he perhaps somehow involved in the planning? Well he successfully passed a polygraph and he successfully took part in all these interviews with us. So at this time he is not considered a suspect. The evidence supports Jason’s version of events” said Sgt. Chris Horsley. While some reports indicated Buziak asked her boyfriend, real estate agent Jason Zailo to check on her at the house Sgt. Chris Horsley said Zailo went to the house because he had real estate documents for Buziak to sign. (This statement turned out to be just one of many lies Jason told)


There have been a lot of mistakes made in this investigation, both by the Saanich Police and by the RCMP. Currently the police are looking for a way out of the predicament they have found themselves in. The “main informant” is protected by an immunity agreement and there is no getting around that. And this means, if the main informant or a member of that family had anything to do with the conspiracy to murder Lindsay Buziak, they may never be able to be prosecuted for the crime.

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