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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak


Keep off social media for 2 years': Allahabad HC grants bail to man who  made objectionable remarks against UP CM - Hindustan Times

Survivors/victims of sexual assault have been fighting hard these last few years in order to see the government make changes in the way victims of sexual abuse/assault are treated, and in the way their cases are handled by local police departments. The actions of these strong outspoken women are finally beginning to make a difference. These are changes that will affect us all and it has been a long time coming.

UPDATE: JULY 25/2023


B.C. government announces new sex assault programs | CTV News

The British Columbia government is updating policing standards in response to sexual assaults to ensure more effective investigations and improved outcomes for survivors. The province also says it’s committing to providing stable annual funding to 68 sexual assault programs across B.C., while it sets new standards for police to collaborate with victims’ services workers during investigations.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says survivors deserve to be treated fairly after going through trauma and shielded from further harm, and the new standards and programs will “empower” those people. The province says the funding for the new programs kicks in this month, while new policing standards coupling investigators with victims services workers will begin next year, applying to all B.C. police officers. The RCMP began a review of its sexual assault complaints after a Globe and Mail investigation in 2017 reported police classify an average one in five sexual assaults as unfounded, and since then it has reopened hundreds of files and laid dozens of charges.

Farnworth says the new B.C. policing standards includes a review of closed cases and will involve “supervisory oversight” of investigations to make sure officers are impartial and “trauma informed.” The B.C. government says it now kicks in $54 million a year for crime victim support services and programs, more than 470 of which deal with violence against women and sexual assault victims. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth makes an announcement during a press conference at the legislature in Victoria, B.C., on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. The British Columbia government is updated policing standards in response to sexual assaults to ensure more effective investigations and improved outcomes for survivors.  

B.C. government announces new sex assault programs | CTV News

Andy Rogers & Bowman Rutledge sued their former broker “The Agency” for defamation and breach of contract. Now the Agency has filed a counterclaim against Bowman Rutledge and Andy Rogers. See below. *****


We are now living in a world where there is no justiCE IN a court of law – where people are turning to social media to seek some kind of justice.

Murder, rape, sexual assault, drug trafficking, and money-laundering runs rampant in our society. What is the psycho-social explanation for this epidemic of criminal behavior? The legal system in this country is not working, and there seems to be no justice for the victims of crime. Murderers and rapists are a menace to our society and until we find a way to stop them nothing will ever change. Media coverage can raise the visibility of important issues, facilitate dialogue and serve as a catalyst for change, but still sadly femicide is increasingly being recognized as a global, widespread and persistent human rights’ violation.

One woman or girl is killed every other day, somewhere in our country, and once a week, a woman is killed by her male partner. Between 2002-2013 there were 290 unsolved murders in the lower mainland. 14% of the cases were women. In 2015, the most recent year for official data – 29% of victims of homicide were women. 48% of all solved homicides were committed by a spouse or an intimate partner.

Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful young 24-year old woman who was brutally murdered while showing a vacant home in Saanich on February 2nd 2008. HERE WE ARE 13 years later and her murder STILL REMAINS UNSOLVED.

The Saanich Police know who is responsible for Lindsay’s murder but of course they are not able to release that information. Crown Counsel will not approve charges when there is not enough evidence to support going to trial. The Crown has to be certain that there is a substantial likelihood of conviction and that it is in the public’s best interest or they will not move forward. So Lindsay’s killers carry on with their lives while her family is left with no answers. I am sure we would all agree that this is WRONG on so many levels.

The police gather evidence, but they do not have the authority to make arrests without Crown approval. In some form or another the Crown is responsible for the lack of arrests in this homicide. If the police do not have the power to release the names of the people who conspired to murder Lindsay just who does? Someone on the inside needs to leak the name of the people involved. Let social media put the perpetrators on trial, with probable certainty they would be found guilty and their lives would be short lived on the streets of Victoria. That would indeed be poetic justice.

It seems there is a ME TOO movement going on in Victoria right now with 4 realtors recently fired because of allegations of rape/sexual ASSAULT.


Two real estate agents sue their former brokerage firm for defamation

Notice of civil claim filed against Norstar Alliance Real Estate Services, doing business as The Agency

Louise Dickson

Two Victoria real estate agents sue their former brokerage – Victoria Times Colonist

Andy Rogers and Bowman Rutledge were working for “Engel & Volkers” in 2018 at the time the rapes occurred.

They left that firm shortly after, both have been working for “The Agency” the past two years. The good news is, The Agency asked both realtors to leave the minutes the allegations were made public. It is misleading when we hear they were fired, because technically realtors cannot be fired as they are not employees of the company they work for.


the company they work at is not their employer. Realtors pay a desk fee for the privilege of using space in an office and for hanging their license there. Therefore a company can ask the realtor to leave but they cannot fire someone who is actually not an employee.

These men are alleged tag team rapists, who premediated the sexual assaults against their victims, lured them to their office, then drugged them before assaulting them. Not only that, they told the girls that they were nobody’s and if they ever told anyone no one would believe them. After all they said, “we have status you are nothing and by the way next time don’t cry”. Who are the real nobody’s here? “Andy Rogers & Bowman Rutledge.”

Andy and Bowman targeted vulnerable young women knowing they would be less likely to report the crime. Two very successful realtors destroyed their careers, their families and for what? Was the adrenaline rush so high the first time around that they couldn’t resist going back for more? Did they ever stop to think that the drugs they gave the women could have killed them or at the very least caused serious brain damage.

Andy and Bowman were junior hockey players who had dreams and aspirations of making it to the NHL. But they didn’t make it to the big leagues, they got the boot instead. That had to be hard on the ego, they were already special in their own minds and probably felt that sense of entitlement that so many young men feel when thinking that they are NHL material. Once they got the boot they were not “special” anymore, they were just regular guys who needed to find their way in life. Bowman came to Victoria at the age of 17, and Andy not long after.

They chose a career in real estate and both did well. Andy married in 2018, right around the time him and Bowman were luring these women to their offices and sexually assaulting them. Andy and Bowman may now have to give up their high end vehicles and the life-style they have been enjoying these past few years. Giving up their social life and golf at the prestigious golf course their friends all belong to will be the most difficult.


***** The Agency’s Counterclaim to Bowman Rutledge and Andy Rogers

Between October 2020 and March 2021, the Plaintiffs’ engaged in behaviour detrimental to the goodwill and reputation of the Defendant particulars of which are not yet fully known to the Defendant but which include: a. Having cocaine delivered to the Defendants business premises; 

b. Using cocaine at the Defendants business premises;

c. Using the Defendants business premises for unapproved gatherings;

d. Inappropriate behaviour towards female members of the Agency team; and

e. Such further and other particulars as counsel may advise. 

The First SSP Post appeared on or about March 24, 2021, and came to the attention of the defendant at or about 6:30 p.m. 

4 On the evening of March 24, 2021, verbally advised the Plaintiff Rutledge that he and Rogers were suspended and that written notice of the suspension would follow. 

9. At approximately noon on March 25, 2021, the Defendant formally suspended the Agreements.

10. After having advised the Plaintiffs that their Agreements would be suspended, the Defendant became aware of the Second SSP

11. The Defendant next learned that the complainants had agreed to be interviewed by mainstream media including CTV News, Glacier Media, CBC News.

12. CBC News Clients and members of the public also contacted the Defendants to voice their displeasure with the Defendant continuing to engage in business with the Plaintiffs. These included clients requesting cancellation of listing agreements. The Defendant then terminated the Agreements. 

13. A civil suit has been filed by the alleged victim who authored the First SSP Post. In that civil suit the Plaintiffs have brought a counterclaim alleging that the First SSP Post has defamed them. 

14. Following the Plaintiffs termination additional allegations of cocaine use, and unacceptable behaviors have surfaced which also entitle the Defendants to terminate the Agreements, particulars of which are not yet fully known to the Defendant but which include: a. 

3 additional SSP Posts; b. A report of Rogers supplying cocaine to others; c. A report of the Plaintiff Rogers arranging to meet escorts during the office.

Chelsea is a young woman who went to the Saanich Police in 2016 and reported that she had been raped.

She was unfairly treated by the officers who interviewed here and over time her case was dismissed, ruled UNFOUNDED. Now here we are five years later and the Saanich Police are finally admitting they made a mistake. Chelsea’s case was “not unfounded.” The man she claimed raped her was “Jason Craveiro” and at the time of the assault he was working as a realtor with Royal LePage.

**What is not included in Saanich Pd’s statement or press articles and releases regarding Chelsea’s case, is that the father of the accused was a veteran of Saanich PD, who had since retired at the time of Chelsea’s report.** (Taken from the Instagram Survivors Project Page)

The realtor’s name is Jason Craveiro. At the time of Chelsea’s assault in 2016 Jason was a realtor with Royal LePage. it does not appear that Jason is licensed at this time but he is working with his brother at Pemberton Homes. Yes, their father was a retired Saanich Police officer at the time of Chelsea’s assault in 2016.



Saanich police apologize for inadequate handling of sexual assault survivor’s report. The Officers’ 2016 choices left survivor without justice. The Saanich Police Board has apologized for the department’s treatment of a sexual assault survivor’s report after she shared their missteps and her degrading experience with officers in a Black Press Media article last month.

The July 28 article, Police missteps leave Greater Victoria sexual assault survivor without justice, details how officers mis-recorded part of a 2016 interview with the survivor – identified as Chelsea – and took steps that made incriminating aspects of the accused’s interview inadmissible in court.

Officers ultimately chose not to recommend charges against the accused and incorrectly classified Chelsea’s report as “unfounded,” a label exposed by a 20-month Globe and Mail investigation as proof of police bias and mishandling of sexual assault reports in Canada.

Saanich police apologize for inadequate handling of sexual assault survivor’s report – Victoria News (vicnews.com


Saanich Police missteps leave Greater Victoria sexual assault survivor without justice. The Saanich Police didn’t recommended charges against a local real estate agent, instead deemed the case ‘unfounded’.

Chelsea said she was raped by a local real estate agent on Oct. 15, 2016. She requested Black Press Media use only her first name, to protect her identity. In the years that followed, Saanich police made several mistakes in the handling of Chelsea’s report, including failing to read the agent his rights before questioning him – making any incriminating aspects of what he said inadmissible in court – and mislabeling Chelsea’s file as “unfounded.” The department has ultimately acknowledged this.

Between 2011 and May 25, 2021, the Saanich Police Department received 858 sexual assault reports.

Of those, charge consideration reports were sent to Crown on 173 instances, and 153 of those went to court. That means that Saanich Police sent forward about 20 per cent of sexual assault reports.

Yet a 2016 meta-analysis published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found 95 per cent of reported sexual assaults are true.


Police missteps leave Greater Victoria sexual assault survivor without justice – Saanich News


These civil actions appeared on Court Services Online (CSO) on September 29th/2021. However, the files are no longer online to be viewed as they have now been sealed pursuant to a court order. It is important to save court documents when they first appear.

Supreme Civil (General)
Vancouver Law Courts21852729Sep202129Sep2021
Last Name, First Name
Style of Cause
of File
Court LocationFile NumberDate File OpenedDate Last
RUTLEDGE, BowmanSupreme
Supreme Civil (General)
Vancouver Law Courts21852729Sep202129Sep2021
Supreme Civil (General)
Vancouver Law Courts21852729Sep202129Sep2021View File Details

*****UPDATE: August 25/2021 Andy Roger’s Birthday

Andy Rogers did not get as many Birthday wishes on his facebook as he had hoped for this year but he did get a few. So disappointing to see 2 well-established realtors that chose to wish Andy a Happy Birthday. It is clear that these two ladies do not support the victims of sexual abuse (survivors) in our community. It is good to know the names of those who are not behind the movement to protect women.


Bowman Rutledge’s real estate license is no longer active.



A few weeks ago the Real Estate Council of British Columbia re-instated the licenses of Bowman Rutledge, Kyle Kerr and Andy Rogers under strict conditions. Currently Andy Rogers license is hung at Royal Pro Realty in Surrey. There is no office, no services and a minimal fee to hang his real estate license there. The office is meant for realtors not intending to do a lot of deals and for realtors nearing retirement or fully retired. Bowman Rutledge is no longer listed on the Real Estate Council’s website, so clearly something caused him to change his mind. Public pressure? It looks like Kyle Kerr has been hired on by Burr Properties in Victoria. Obviously not a reputable company.


Jason Zailo hung his license at Royal Pro Real Estate during the time he was under suspicious in his girlfriend’s murder. After the Saanich Police cleared him in late 2009, Jason took his license back to Re/Max Camosun where it stayed until late 2011. Prior to 2011 Jason was both a mortgage broker and a licensed realtor. Jason told his good friends Bowman and Andy about Royal Pro Real Estate and evidently they took their friends advice. Clearly no reputable firm in Victoria would touch these alleged drug rapists.



Andrew Rogers (“Mr. Rogers”) licence will be restricted to Royal Pro Real Estate or another brokerage acceptable to the Council (the “Brokerage”) for a period of not less than one year following the issuance of his license (the “Conditional License Period”).

During the Conditional License Period, Mr. Rogers must remain under the direct supervision of a managing broker of the Brokerage who is acceptable to the Council, and who has confirmed in writing to the Council that he/she has read these conditions, is aware of his/her duties under these conditions and agrees to accept these duties (the “Managing Broker”).

These conditions are in addition to Mr. Rogers’ and the Managing Broker’s obligations under the Real Estate Services Act (“RESA”), and the Regulations, Rules and Bylaws made under the RESA (together, the “Legislation”). The Managing Broker may impose his/her own additional conditions to ensure that Mr. Rogers meets his obligations under the Legislation.

Search Results (bcfsa.ca)

JASON ZAILO, ANDY ROGERS, AND BOWMAN RUTLEDGE HAVE BEEN HANGING AROUND TOGETHER FOR YEARS so there is no way Jason could not know what Andy and Bowman were up to. Jason and Bowman were in Andy’s wedding party, a lavish wedding held at Bear Mountain Resort in 2018. With probable certainty Jason will stand behind and support his friends who have raped multiple women. These type of men will always stick together, because they think alike and no decent respectable man or woman would choose to associate with deviants like this.


Andy Rogers closed his Facebook Page shortly after the sexual assault allegations were made public. He has since re-opened it. Bold, cocky and arrogant I’d say. That is a good game Andy. Show your buddies how brave you are, get the dutiful wife to stand by your side and try to put the fear of god into your accusers. Make it look like you are a powerful man in town and one to be reckoned with.

Andy is allegedly a tag team rapist who has finally been exposed. he is a desperate man who is attempting to portray himself as the victim of false allegations. He has victimized and traumatized young women in Victoria for years and now he needs to be held accountable. His Facebook friends are his supporters so let’s be sure to remember their names after this is all over.


The “LOCALbar”/puB on Wharf Street is a great place to dine. It is good to know that the owners have cut all ties with their minor shareholder Andy Rogers. With a guy like Andy whom we know likes to drug women you just never know what he could have been slipping into those drinks he was mixing up.

Another victim of sexual assault has reported that she was sexually assaulted by realtor Callaghan O’Connor.

In this woman’s case she went to the hospital after the attack then reported the assault to the police. Whether or not the police will take her accusations seriously is yet to be known but hopefully, because she was brave enough to come forward and make a report, this realtor will be charged. Callaghan comes from a very powerful Victoria family so if he does get charged you can be sure he will be represented by the finest defense lawyer possible.

After reading the Survivor Stories Project it is clear that the people running the site are doing their due diligence in investigating the allegations that these women have made, and have determined that the women are telling the truth. I think that is why the local news media outlets are running with the stories and using the names of the alleged perpetrators.

If this is the only way that women can get justice for the wrongs done to them then so be it. These 4 realtors that have been named have tarnished the reputation of the real estate industry and they need to be held accountable for their actions. It is a good thing that these women have come forward, it is allowing the industry to clean house – what Victoria will be left with are the good reputable hard working realtors that we all know and respect


Kyle Kerr worked for Re/Max Island Properties. Knowing he would be fired he voluntarily turned in his license to his office. Kyle once served as President with the Victoria Real Estate Board. His office had this to say:

“We can confirm that he is no longer associated with our firm and had relinquished his listings at our request after the first allegation last week,” says brokerage co-owner Susan Froher, in a statement from Prime Real Estate Team and Remax Island Properties. “He also surrendered his licence to us.”

Home | Survivor Stories Project

CHEK News reached out to the Victoria Police Department and the Saanich Police Department to see if they are looking into the allegations.

“We can only confirm an investigation is being conducted when there’s an investigative purpose or a clear risk to the public,” a spokesperson for the Victoria Police Department told CHEK News in a statement.

Michael Mulligan, a criminal lawyer in Victoria,said there is a reason why police departments can’t disclose that kind of information. “It could have the effect of undermining the investigation or interfering with the quality of evidence they may obtain in the course of their investigation,” he said.

One of every 17 Canadian women is raped at some point in her life

70% of rapes are committed by a perpetrator who knows the victims (relative, friend, neighbour, colleague, or other acquaintance)

Neurobiology of Trauma and Sexual Assault – Key Points for Investigators – Jim Hopper, Ph.D. – YouTube

Sexual Assault Statistics – Rape Vicitm Support Network (assaultcare.ca)

Only 6% of rapes are ever reported to the police, and the cases that ARE reported are rarely taken seriously. Victims of rape need to be believed, and they need to be heard. If a rape case goes to trial it is often the woman who is put on trial and not her offender, and once a high-profile lawyer gets the woman on the stand he will rip her apart in every which way he can, as his only goal to humiliate and discredit the victim in order to make sure his client goes free.

This is the reason so few women dare to come forward with allegations of rape/sexual abuse. These have already been traumatized/victimized by the rape itself, if they are brave enough to to report the abuse they leave themselves wide open to re-victimization. If the offender wins in court it leaves the victim with no protection from further attacks by the same offender.

While most Canadian victims of rape, sexual assault know the offenders can be charged criminally, many are unaware they may also sue their assailants in civil court. Evidence in sexual assault cases include witness testimony, witness statements, forensic evidence, photographic evidence. Testimony from the victim is usually the most important weapon they have. Correspondence including email, messenger chat logs, Facebook and other social media messages are now being used more often in sexual assault cases.


The rape and murder of women in this country must come to an end, and it is obvious that the legal system in this country is not taking crimes against women seriously.

EMAIL ADDRESS: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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