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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Aug 27/2023 Lindsay Buziak Murder – Lying for the right reason.


Definition of snark

“The attempt to steal someone’s mojo, erase her cool, annihilate her effectiveness (with) the nasty, insidious, rug-pulling, teasing insult, which makes reference to some generally understood shared prejudice or distaste.”

David Denby, New Yorker critic.

“There is a reason that the weak are drawn to snark while the strong simply say what they mean. Snark makes the speaker feel a strength they know deep down they do not possess. It shields their insecurity and makes the writer feel like they are in control. Snark is the ideal intellectual position. It can criticize, but it cannot be criticized.”

Interestingly, ’somebody’ who goes by pseudonyms (no names mentioned) is posting in several places & appears to be interested in making the case that perhaps Jeff Buziak has told some lies. Similarly, we have seen examples of Shirley Zailo’s lies online and in the media. Nobody is disputing the fact that perhaps when people are desperate, they will seek creative ways to try to accomplish a goal. This is true in sales and in life – ie real estate, high-end car sales, drug dealing (actually mass murder these days), money laundering, human trafficking and the con artists that carry out these trades.

Jeff Buziak may be guilty of telling a few lies over the years,

but can the man be faulted for doing everything humanly possible to find the people who planned & orchestrated the heinous murder of his daughter Lindsay? Should he be dragged into the courts and sued for voicing his opinion on who he believes is responsible? In the last Brainscratch podcast Jeff did, he made it quite clear that some of his tactics had been taken right out of the Saanich Police handbook. Cops often put out false information to see where it ends up in order to draw out the perpetrators of a crime. Well, if the cops can do it, why can’t he? After all, his daughter his dead, and here we are 15 years later and the police still haven’t solved the crime.

What lengths would anyone of us go to find justice for a loved one? I don’t believe anyone of us knows what we are capable of until we ourselves are put into that situation. Lindsay’s case is still an active investigation, or at least that’s what the Saanich Police have led us to believe. Would it still be an active case, if Lindsay’s father hadn’t done some of the crazy things he’s done? Yes, he’s made enemies along the way, but he still has a strong group of supporters, who no matter what will never give up on a man who’s had the courage to fight for justice.

The world is full of liars, we are all liars, we’ve all done things we are not proud of. Should we be crucified for our actions, hung up high in the local square for all to see? Should we rush to file a court action against every person out there who has ever wronged us? This sue me, before I sue you crap is caustic and serves absolutely no purpose in solving Lindsay Buziak’s murder. How is suing Jeff Buziak and two women who dared to express their thoughts going to help solve this murder.

Perhaps the people who should be sued are the ones who have knowingly lied about the facts of this case, lies that can be proven in a court of law. Unfortunately, you can’t sue someone for lying, if that were possible, we’d all be standing before a judge at some time in our lives. The ones who have spent the last 15 years lying to the police, lying to their friends & family and lying to themselves are the ones who should be sued. If it wasn’t for the silence of “the few” and the lies told by “the few” this case would have been solved years ago.


In fact, there are whole books written about the strategies used to deceive people since the early days of radio and newspapers and even more so since the internet emerged. It is well known that one should never believe anything they learn on the internet…it is up to the individual to do their own research before they come to any firm conclusions about what they have heard or read.  After all, these truly are the days of ‘fake news’!! The question is ‘what is the goal’ of the deception?

In sales it is usually to promote an item and sometimes reality doesn’t sell. To understand this concept better read the book by Ryan Holiday entitled, ’Trust Me I’m Lying – Confessions of a Master Manipulator’. He explains the world we live in this way: “Today blogs are our representatives in these degradation ceremonies. They level the accusations on the behalf of the “outraged public.” How dare you hold yourself up in front of us as a human being instead of a as a caricature, they seem to say. If you don’t feel shame, then we will make you feel shame. The onlookers delight in the destruction and pain. Blogs lock onto targets for whatever frivolous reason which makes sense since they often played a role in creating the victim’s celebrity in the first place, usually under equally frivolous pretenses.  

You used to have to be a national hero before you got the privilege of the media and the public turning on you.

You had to be a president or a millionaire or an artist. Now we tear people down just as we’ve begun to build them up. We do this to our fame balls. Our viral video stars. Our favourite new companies. Even random citizens who pop into the news because they did something interesting, unusual or stupid. First, we celebrate them, then we turn to snark, and then, finally, to merciless decimation.


“SOCIOLOGIST GERALD CROMER ONCE NOTED that the decline of the public executions coincided almost exactly with the rise of the mass newspaper.

Oscar Wilde said it better:

“In the old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press.” If only they knew what was coming next: Online lynch mobs. Attack blogs. Smear campaigns. Snark. Cyberbullying. Distributed denial of service attempts. Internet meltdowns. Anonymous tipsters. Blog wars. Trolls. Trial by comment section. It is clear to me that the online media cycle is not a process for developing truth but for performing a kind of cultural catharsis. Blogs, I understood from Wilde and Cromer, served the hidden function of dispensing public punishments.

Think of the Salem witch trials:

They weren’t court proceedings but ceremonies. In that light, the events three hundred years ago suddenly feel very real and current: Oh, they were doing with trumped-up evidence and the gallows what we do with speculation and sensationalism. Ours is just a more civilized way to tear someone to pieces.” Yes, ’fake news’ and lies on the internet abound! The question remains, not ‘is this a lie?’ but ‘what is the purpose of the lie’? Are you selling something? (we all know, ‘CAVEAT EMPTOR’, right?) or

Are you protecting yourself or somebody else? or are you determined to weed out anybody who might drop a name/information/confession in regard to the brutal murder of your daughter? And to that end would you even disregard inflammatory comments as long as they attracted attention to your cause? After 15 years would you become desperate enough that you might arbitrarily target anyone who could be a suspect, doesn’t show compassion, has little empathy and only thinks of themselves along with others you have singled out over the years who are known criminals/drug dealers/women beaters, etc. – after all, somebody out there knows who, where, when and why and the goal is to find a way to get them to talk.

in regard to the lies that are told to protect one’s own skin, as one blogger put it, there are other burning questions that must be asked:  

tris is the post I refer to that I found on utube (brainscratch), I thought it was so well said that I had to bring it over here for all to see.

My spirit to yours says:

“I’m a complete stranger that has been touched by and followed this case for years.

I see thousands of other strangers like me on various social media and news reporting Praying to God for answers and justice. But I’ve never seen anything from the Zailo family. I just don’t understand that. Removing any allegation or speculations etc. if all they know is that this beautiful girl went to show a house representing their company and was butchered by attackers where are their posts and outcries to the public to solve this? Where is the fund by their family or firm, memoriam page, scholarship set up in her name, billboards, annual memories, hotline information, anything. A girl that was “family,” literally slept with the bosses son, literally lived in the bosses house; ate together, walked together, holidays, life, worked together Ugh.

I would expect this family and this company to be front runners in some kind of training or safety program in her memory, to do something that kept her memory alive. The amount of reward money they could have raised in a year or more with donating even 1/2 pt of commissions or something would be amazing. An extended member of your family that slept in your bed and worked in your office chair was murdered, someone you loved… and nothing over the past 15 years?

The lack of care and devotion from the Zailo’s that were close and loved her doesn’t seem natural at all.

The father has been very vocal because his daughter’s death is a problem, the Zailos’ silence from day one comes across that her death was a solution. Maybe they have done things that I am not aware of but I’m confused why I wouldn’t have seen any of those things in any public forum, including forums that are sympathetic to them.

The lack of natural instinct is unnerving. This vibrant tenacious beautiful girl deserves so much more than that. The cold hearts are as confusing to me as this “cold case”. I Pray this genetic DNA is a break-through. I hope the laws on time limitations and case stipulations are changed to allow families to request and deem a “cold case” so loved ones can obtain files and seek specialized focused investigators and bureaus to help them.

I pray that someone’s heart is softened, someone out there gets a moral obligation that compels them to speak up, someone knows something (that they may not even know they know)…but something nudges and awakens them to speak.”  


So we have the lies and the smear campaigns based on conjecture flying around everywhere and we also have these same questions….   Oh, and given the reality of the world of the internet and the fact that nothing you read can be assumed to be the truth…where and how would you begin to try to sue somebody for something that is so normal these days?

Oh right, as the old joke goes, “How can you tell a lawyer is lying?” answer: “Their lips are moving”.   

EMAIL ADDRESS: murderondesousa@gmail.com 

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