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The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

April 7/2021 Westshore RCMP threatened me with criminal harassment charges

West Shore RCMP arrest alleged drug dealer | CTV News





APRIL 6/2021


Yesterday at approximately 1:30 pm I was contacted by Cpl. David Ryzuk of the Westshore RCMP (Serious Crimes Division). This is the conversation as I remember it. He asked if I was the owner of the Murder on Desousa website. As I had no intentions of lying I answered yes. Cpl. Ryzuk went on to tell me that the Westshore police had been monitoring my blog for sometime now and noticed that I would often make changes and he wondered why I would do that. He asked why I was targeting the Zailo family and was I not concerned that I might be putting their life in danger.

Cpl. Ryzuk then went on to tell me he knew that I was a regular poster on another blog and that I was posting under numerous aliases. According to him the Westshore Police had been tracking me for a long time. Cpl. Ryzuk was lying and I knew it. For one thing I rarely even look at this blog he speaks of, and another thing, in order to be tracking my IP the police would need a warrant/court order. In order to get a court order you need evidence and there was none. NONE! Shouldn’t police officers working in Westshore RCMP Serious Crimes Division be hunting down real criminals, solving real crimes?

OMG Cpl. Ryzuk, just who do you think you are talking to? Do you think I am that stupid that I do not know the law, that I do not know my legal rights? You claim that the Westshore Police are considering charging me with criminal harassment but those are idle threats sir. You are a bully and your intimidation tactics are not working on me. You speak with forked tongue and I knew there was not a word of truth to what you were saying. Perhaps you should have read the “OWNER PROFILE” page on my site prior to calling me.

It clearly states that I hate LIARS, and once you have lied to me once you are never to be trusted again. Excuse me sir, I am not affiliated in any way with the blog you are referring to. I am NOT a regular poster on that site. If my memory serves me correctly I have posted on that site maybe 3-4 times in the last four years. You are sadly misinformed and a very misguided soul. You could not possibly have tracked my IP to that site because I rarely even look at it.

In fact I rarely post on any site other than my own. It was so very obvious that you did not believe a word I said, yet I was telling the truth. Unfortunately you are not a good judge of character so you believed what you wanted to believe. It seems a member of the Zailo family had filed a complaint against me and that was the reason for your call. I understand that a person must file a complaint in the jurisdiction in which they reside and as the Zailos live on the Westshore that was where they needed to go to file a complaint. Clearly Cpl. Ryzuk you believed everything Shirley Zailo told you, and without a doubt she was the one who convinced you that I was a regular poster on this other site. If you had done your homework sir, you would know that Shirley Zailo is not always truthful. Just who are you protecting here and why? No other police department has ever suggested that there is a problem with my site.


Well, Cpl. Ryzuk you are just one more police officer who got played by Shirley Zailo so I will add you to the list (which you can see elsewhere on my blog) of well meaning and highly experienced officers that have fallen into the black widow’s web. You accepted her statement and accused me accordingly. You do not have the evidence to bring criminal harassment charges against me sir. You can not go to Crown Counsel with an empty file folder, you need real evidence to get Crown approval and you clearly have nothing. You were manipulated sir! You did not have the correct facts prior to contacting me, therefore you fell short in your fishing expedition. You have made numerous false accusations against me sir, and I do not take this lightly. Next time be sure to do your research before you call someone and threaten them.

For your information Cpl. Ryzuk my website contains lots of factual information which I will have no trouble backing up if I am ever called upon to do so. As for making changes on certain pages, yes indeed I do that on occasion. If someone contacts me with fresh information and I can verify its accuracy then I will add it to my site where applicable. Notice I use the words alleged, if, perhaps, maybe and I take great care not to point the finger in any one direction.

My lawyer will often take a look at my site to make sure I am staying within the guidelines, and so far I have been assured there are no red flags or legal issues that I need to be concerned about. I suggest you get out your Westshore Police manual sir and look up the definition of “criminal harrassment” and you will see that what I am doing here does not fall under the category of criminal harassment.


more commonly known as stalking, can be defined as harassing behaviour including repeatedly following, communicating with or watching over one’s dwelling home. This sort of behaviour is against the law. It is not a sign of love; it is about power and abuse.

Criminal Harassment.PDF (crcvc.ca)

GO CATCH SOME REAL CRIMINALS CPL. RYZUK and leave bloggers who are trying to bring attention to real crime in their communities alone.

First, if you haven’t already done so, why don’t you go and have a talk with Jason Zailo. He should not be hard to find. You might find him hanging out with his drug dealer friend Ziggy Matheson – I hear he is still lurking around town. If he is not there perhaps you can find him golfing up at Bear Mountain or at the Victoria Golf Club. If he’s not there check out “Jacks Places” the local Bear Mountain hangout. Jason usually golfs with Andy Rogers and Bowman Rutledge.

You recognize those names don’t you sir? Those are two of the four “alleged” rapists that seem to be running around Victoria right now. Why is it that the men who rape women are rarely charged? Why is it that women who are raped are left to suffer the ever lasting trauma and victimization of what happened to them? It is time to take sexual assault seriously sir because the victims need to be heard and they deserve justice.

As you do not seem to have the capacity/intelligence to find evidence in the light of day perhaps you can get on the nightshift and search for evidence in the dark. Pack yourself an overnight bag, take your night goggles, and whatever other equipment you feel you might need and head up to Metchosin. That is in your jurisdiction isn’t it Cpl. Ryzuk? If you aren’t sure where you are going punch in Sooke Road and Badger Place into your pickup truck’s GPS system, that is where gangster Shane Wilson was shot dead in a hail of gun fire one Friday night a few weeks ago. (March 5 2021) You remember Shane Wilson don’t you?

Maybe you can find some real evidence, some DNA, a piece of clothing, maybe a ring.

If you can figure out who shot Shane Wilson and why he was murdered then maybe you will be able to figure out who is responsible for Lindsay Buziak’s murder. There just might be a connection there sir. Finding conspirators, murderers and rapists is so much more productive than hunting down bloggers.

EMAIL ADDRESS: murderondesousa@gmail.com

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