The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

Sept 16 2022 Notice: Poll – Who do you believe conspired to have Lindsay Buziak murdered?

14 years have now gone by since Lindsay Buziak was brutally murdered on that fateful evening of February 2, 2008, in Saanich B.C. Here we are 14 years later, and her murder remains unsolved.

It is heartbreaking and often difficult to understand but sometimes it is not ours to reason why.

We must never lose sight of what is most important, and that is holding onto those special memories of Lindsay Buziak. A beautiful young woman, so full of life, and that smile and warm heart that will never be forgotten.

The one thing we can do to honor Lindsay is to keep her memory alive, every minute of every day until someone is arrested, charged and brought to justice. That will be the day we can all sit back at finally feel at peace. May justice prevail.

If you would like to express your thoughts on who you believe conspired to murder Lindsay & what the motive may have been, please comment below. Keeping your comment short and to the point would be appreciated.


“Numerous tips are being worked on.  We need more engagement in this process.  Progress on both the ongoing civil suit and initial review of the Murder is encouraging but much more assistance is required.

Lawrence Skwarek C.E.O

The Zonta Group is a professional private investigation firm located in Vancouver. A group of highly skilled investigators with very diverse backgrounds who are now actively investigating the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. If anyone out there has information they would like to share with Zonta Investigation you will find an anonymous tip line on their website. If you wish to speak to someone personally you can contact the CEO of Zonta Research Group at  778-995-2860

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5 thoughts on “Sept 16 2022 Notice: Poll – Who do you believe conspired to have Lindsay Buziak murdered?”

  1. As we have learned through the local media in the past few months it has been noted multiple corruption issues within Saanich Police Detective Division. Could such a criminal issue also have been involved in the Murder Investigation related to Lindsay Buziak?? 14 PLUS years is a long time for an investigating unit that has all the best of everything, tools, manpower, education and unlimited access to funding, if needed. As a citizen of Saanich and have been reading all available info related to this murder case through the many years since it happened, my final comment: IT REALLY STINKS BAD FROM SAANICH POLICE DETECTIVE DIVISION and its MANAGEMENT!

  2. A retired RCMP officer has this to say in his blog (

    “What I can say about Lindsay’s case is she was a totally innocent victim of an elaborate conspiracy to frame her as a police agent. That was to cover up and protect a real police informant who double-crossed an arm of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in a multi-million dollar cocaine loss. Yes, the story is that involved and complicated. I will also say, with probable certainty, the two people directly involved in stabbing Lindsay to death are a Mexican brother and sister pair who are now long gone from Canada. However, the co-conspirators who fed Lindsay to the killers are still active in the Victoria area. One of them checks my blog daily.

    One prime person-of-interest laid a criminal harassment complaint against me as a ruse to get me off her back. The cops said it was a civil matter, and I told her to sue me as I’d love to get her under oath and on the witness stand.”

    I won’t identify any names, but I don’t believe it’s hard to connect the dots and identify with probable certainty who the “she” person of interest is. The retired RCMP officer’s narrative also ties in with the content of this blog.

    1. Interesting that you found that cops old post Darryl. That guy shut his blog about Lindsay’s murder down years ago. He probably doesn’t even realize that what you found is still out there. Never heard why he disappeared. It would be interesting to know if he still has the same theory.

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